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Jun 04 2010

It’s been a while since we started to accept various ideas using the “Have an idea?” form. We’ve already got quite a lot of them; too many to handle them all on our own, so today we are opening the ideabox – the place where everyone can see new monsters, artifacts and diary phrases submitted by others and vote for them. Votes are important – highly ranked items are more likely to be added. But that does not mean that all high-ranked items will be added (or that low-rank items will be rejected) automatically – we’re still going to review them, filtering out ones that don’t fit into the current setting. The Ideabox also has a section where you can see how your ideas were voted by others and if they’ve been accepted by us (highlighted with the blue color). A link to the idea box will appear in the menu once your hero reaches level 12.

There were some talks on forums about hero/user name/gender changes and today we are ready to present a procedure for changing account information. If you want to change your god’s name, hero’s name, gender or email – you need to submit a request using the special form in your profile. Once your request is submitted you have 24 hours to change or cancel it. After 24 hours have passed since the last change, your request will be sent to us, where it can be either accepted or rejected. If accepted, the new information will be applied automatically within a few hours. If rejected (because of offensive or inappropriate names), you can submit a new request with different names. Please note that account information can be changed only once.

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Keeping you informed

May 23 2010

The last couple weeks were really great for Godville. We’ve been busy working on new phrases and applying corrections that you guys sent. We feel that the game is getting better every single day and we can’t be happier about it. We really appreciate all your help, as this progress certainly wouldn’t be possible without it.

There is one thing worth mentioning: every god has its very own public page that can be accessed with a link like this: http://GodvilleGame.com/gods/Your_god_name_here You can send this link to your friends, so they can see how cool your hero is, and yes, they can see it without logging in. You can also write chronicles of your hero there and other players can vote for them once they reach level 12. There is no need to mention that one day there will be a pantheon for top-rated stories.

However, starting from today, personal pages are not the only way to show off your hero to others. Guys and gals, please welcome – Godville’s Informers! Unlike personal pages, informers can be easily embedded into any external site that allows you to use images. There are 3 types of informers, two are quite basic and the third one is totally customizable. Check them out on your profile page and tell us what you think.

While we’re working on some other features that we can’t wait to bring in here, here is a little bit more info on how this game is developed and extended. Several years ago, when we just started making the Russian version of Godville, we got some tremendous feedback from our community on what was good and bad, what was not working or hard to use, what can be improved, etc. Most of Godville’s in-game content, such as monsters, artifacts, quests and even phrases in hero’s diary are created by our users. That means you can suggest something that everyone in Godville will see and adore. We even have a very special place where everyone can see who helped us the most – the Pantheon of Gratitude.

To submit ideas to us, you can use the “Have an idea?” block on your hero’s page. Approved ideas that have already found their way into the game will also be displayed in this block. Every accepted idea will bring its author closer to the top of the Gratitude pantheon. We can’t guarantee that every single piece feedback will be easily accepted, but if you’ve got the idea and spirit of Godville and you have something to say, don’t keep it inside; send it to us or share it with others on our forums.

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May 10 2010

Greetings! Today is the day when we finally launch the private, invite-only beta of Godville – an unusually funny zero-player online game. The game hasn’t reached its final state yet and sometimes some things can be not funny or even worse – boring and lame. We highly appreciate a help from anyone who is interested, so if you like the idea and want to get a sneak preview, or even give us hand as an early adopter or beta-tester, please fill-in the invitation form on main page or drop us a line at support@godvillegame.com

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