Godville, Dec 20 2012

The End of The World is coming, but there is still some time left to update the game with something new and exciting.

Completely ignoring the upcoming doomsday, our champions have learned a new trick – crafting! It allows heroes to make new artifacts using whatever stuff they have in their backpacks. Heroes are too lazy to do that on their own, but a proper god voice, like “combine X and Y”, should give them a much required push. Keep in mind that according to the Godville’s twisted laws of physics, only the items that start with the same letter could be successfully combined into a new item, which will also start with the same letter. Not only it could be fun on its own, it also give a chance to craft a certain item that a god might want.

As the winter makes its way into the heroes’ quests and diaries, hordes of nomadic Satan Clauses with treasure bags are migrating into the Godville snowfields. Eager for presents heroes are hunting these creatures down and hopefully, even more heroes will find their gifts in the Christmas Eve.

By the way, do you want to see more winter phrases in the diary? Send your texts into the “awesome idea” Ideabox section (with “[winter]” prefix) and we’ll review them out of the common Ideabox/ER queue, over the next few days!

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The ANT 6 Dec 20 2012 23:04

First thought that pops into my head : could I craft a golden brick?

Second thought that pops into my head : YEAH! Satan Claus is coming to town!

Sniper404 6 Dec 20 2012 23:12

finally, thanks gv. gets crafting

Number 20 Dec 20 2012 23:13

17:11: Disassembled secret ingredient and scratch-proof lottery ticket hoping to create something new out of them. The result exceeded all expectations – I assembled everything back together and make a philosopher’s stone out of remaining parts!

Number 20 Dec 20 2012 23:14

Doesnt seem to follow the whole “starting with the same letter” deal but w/e lol

Xzzwxs 6 Dec 20 2012 23:28

Brilliant. Thanks Devs! I’m off to craft a Doomsday Machine!

Zyffyr the Apathetic 5 Dec 21 2012 00:53

don’t think of it as a “Philosopher’s Stone”. Think of it as a “Stone, Philosopher’s”

The Good Doctor Dec 21 2012 02:47

holds out candy cane Come here little Satan Claus~! Come here and suffer untold tortures be treated to plenty of ahem unadulterated milk and cookies… Now!

Ah, but I digress (not really). Great addition to the game! Happy Apocalypse and, provided we’re all still here, Merry Christmas!

…Oh, and a Happy New Year as well!

Xing Dec 21 2012 02:57

10:55: “Wow! I combined bottom of a barrel and broken promise and got bottle of beer from a wall and a christmas miracle! What a wonderful surprise!” The resultant item doesn’t seem to follow the same-letter rule too, but it’s still awesome. Thanks developers!

Artsonian 6 Dec 21 2012 03:58

Devs, you all rock! Thanks for making my most awesome game perpetually awesomer!

Fred Flintstone Dec 21 2012 03:59

Now I know what love is ♥

Exilee Dec 21 2012 04:38

11:36 I found a new recipe: take strip of bacon, merge it with stepping stone and you’ll get salt of the earth! 11:36 The most magnificent dove flew down to me and chirped: ‘combine “Strip of bacon” and “Stepping stone”.’

Audial Oblivion 4 Dec 21 2012 06:30

I’m going to have fun with this :)

Iduna Dec 21 2012 15:55


Kynalvarus 6 Dec 21 2012 19:16

Can you combine an equipment item with another equipment item, or an equipment item with an inventory item?

MollyD Dec 22 2012 01:33

02:32: Yes, Mighty One! Following your command I blindly made a pagan bible using the a preemptive strike, a packed punch and 14 coins as materials.

GV-Zeus Dec 22 2012 02:07

This CAN cost money. 06:06 Yes, Great One! Following your command I blindly made a box of fig neutrons using the a bonus track, a bottle of depressants and 25 gold coins as materials.

Dronak 6 Dec 22 2012 04:55

Creating sounds like a neat option. I would have tried it except I came here because of a duel notification and then lost because the great random apparently hates me, so I no longer have anything to try it with. You ever consider putting in a “skirmish on/off” toggle, so that we can not be forced to do player-vs-player if we don’t want to?

Erisei 4 Dec 22 2012 05:01

Love this! TY devs! Note* Don’t waste your godpower trying to combine a new item with a current one! “23:44: I tried to combine piece of falling sky and photo of a basilisk into something new and incredible, but it failed. Bad luck this time.” tear Oh well, back to questing!

Quetzcatlipoca Dec 22 2012 07:41

Amazing! My only question is this: Are the newly created items more valuable, or is the crafting just for fun? Regardless, this looks like a great edition to the game.

Loosiffir Dec 23 2012 00:30

Ah dang, I didn’t read the bit about submitting winter ideas under “awesome ideas” and now half of my winter ideas are in the ideabox. ;_;

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