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This influence is only available to a god whose hero has completed a temple for them. It requires 50% godpower to use. The number of miracles you can use in a certain time span is limited; the Godville Administrator does not look kindly on temple owners who overuse their newly found power.


por mat tri hor
icke abl ber ist
age ture pla ten

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Famous Heroes

Vinnie- 164th-level adventurer, member of the “Blue Feather” guild, with the motto “丯Do what you want 丯”, stands at the 16th position in the pantheon of Taming under the vigilant supervision of the god Vince-. His worst enemy — a Pirate Investigator. Favorite trophy — something that looks like some circumstantial evidence. He is also a huge fan of Newland’s pubs.

Flauplow 122nd-level adventurer, member of the “The Forsakens Lament” guild, with the motto “ Busy Dolƒin”, stands at the 126th position in the pantheon of Destruction under the vigilant supervision of the god Flau. He's asking someone to gather the ingredients for a perfect excuse and report the results via express mail.


Hell's Bell-Ringer teeth necklaces are the latest fashion. Exchange its remains for 2000 gold coins.

Caught today: 94 pcs.

Chefs all over are quickly running out of Hamburglar meat due to the latest diet fad. They are offering heroes 2100 gold coins for any portions they come across.

Caught today: 116 pcs.

Guild Spotlight

Knights who say Ni is a bunch of heroes and heroines occupying 3rd place in the pantheon of Unity. Rumor says there are about 247 of them. They've chosen the title of “elderni” for their most esteemed members. They are obsessed with Knight Who Says Ni. Initiates of this guild never know what they are getting into.

Tarot Club is a heroic horde of 20 heads located around the 87th place in the pantheon of Duelery. The members of this guild are only mildly rowdy while in public.

Guild popularity in

11% — Blue Feather

9% — Ankh-Morpork City Watch

8% — Harvest Moon

6% — Knights who say Ni

6% — The Forsakens Lament

5% — Guild Name

4% — Fairy Tail

4% — Nautilus

4% — Hilarious

43% — (other guilds)

Buy and Sell

“Thousand Things” promises to buy a hammer of realignment at several times the normal price. Talmage is that rich.

Found today: 43 pcs.

Exotic artifact collectors offer handsome monetary rewards to heroes who bring them an irresistible charm.

Found today: 45 pcs.


Worship space for lease in a temple under construction. Inexpensive. Contact: gnomish guest-workers, temple of heroine Jenny Linsky.

Reward offered for the capture of a “Godville Times” journalist.

“Here There Be Flagons” seeking a part-time bartender. Needs to resist beer, enjoy minimum wage and have an enthusiasm for lavatory sanitation.

Daily Forecast

• Guild doctors are on sick leave. No special treatment is provided to guild members today.

• Today's forecast includes favorable tides and a full moon phase which should make for excellent fishing conditions.

Godpower Cap


Ideabox News

• 31 ideas entries were sent to the Ideabox yesterday. Does no one have a real life?

Nemesid says he loves the ER too much to go a single day without visiting. Sometimes he even visits twice a day.

• It's a good thing people like Faemish write into the ideabox, or we'd be out of a job.

Forum News

02:18 Acronym game


02:15 Free Word Association Game

02:04 Dig / Digging Request for party

01:16 Quests with special endings

Broken News

• It has been calculated that if every hero were to follow by example, the ambient temperature of Godville would decrease by 7 kelvin.

• “I’m dreaming about a Rigorous Mortician... I see its blue eyes, red fur and giant club. We stand together by the river...” — Pannacotta Warrior writes to us.

• The authorities of Dessertown would like to kindly remind everyone to beware of special street magic.

Market Quotes

1 bosscoin

10143 gold coins -12.3%

1 golden brick

3287 gold coins -0.2%

1 Godville invite

948 gold coins -4.8%