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This influence is only available to a god whose hero has completed a temple for them. It requires 50% godpower to use. The number of miracles you can use in a certain time span is limited; the Godville Administrator does not look kindly on temple owners who overuse their newly found power.


pie box cha hol gene
tim car scr ons cle
ght ele fla eat che

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Famous Heroes

Bodega Bent 98th-level adventurer, member of the “Green Bottle's Cult” guild, with the motto “Bacon and beer!🍺”, stands at the 88th position in the pantheon of Survival under the vigilant supervision of the god Anders And. His worst enemy — a Rugskin Bear. Favorite trophy — something that looks like a miscalculator. He is also a huge fan of San Satanos’s pubs.

Thror 124th-level adventurer, member of the “Ankh-Morpork City Watch” guild, with the motto “☥ GNU Terry Pratchett ☥”, stands at the 161st position in the pantheon of Catch under the vigilant supervision of the god Thorbjoern. Rumor has it that a local Werebeaver has learned to show the hero proper respect for some reason.


A Ticking Crocodile hunting season is now open. Today only, exchange proof of death for a worthy reward.

Caught today: 126 pcs.

The Evil Twin, slowly boiled in its own juices, is one of the finest delicacies of this culinary season. The chef of the “The Battle Toad” restaurant is offering a worthy reward for each carcass delivered.

Caught today: 84 pcs.

Guild Spotlight

Alcoholics is in the 11th position in the pantheon of Adventure, unlikely though it seems. Favorite monster of the guild is Delirium Tremendous. Infamous for eating cakes and leaving them whole.

Let it be known that the 27 members of Caravan of Combustible Cynicals and Congressmans are some pretty cool guys. Trespassing is not forbidden, but the guild will not be held responsible for the loss of any health points.

Guild popularity in

5% — Team Ramrod

4% — Ankh-Morpork City Watch

4% — Blue Feather

4% — Sweaty HandZ

1% — Antisocial Socialites

1% — Alcoholics

1% — Ace

1% — Asylum

79% — (other guilds)

Buy and Sell

Will pay five times your trophy's value. Bring a box with a question mark to “Bricks and Mortar” in Godville and ask for Hebe.

Found today: 54 pcs.

Exotic artifact collectors offer handsome monetary rewards to heroes who bring them some fuzzy logic.

Found today: 40 pcs.


A Headless Chicken is wanted for replacing all the cheap beer in Trollbridge with high quality wine.

The “At the Dragon” tavern invites you to a party featuring a delicious dinner. Please leave your armor and weapon at the entrance.

Suffer from hiccups? Has your favorite flower wilted? Sun obscured by clouds? We will quickly attract divine grace to your community. The Union of Good Heroes.

Daily Forecast

• Meteorologists proclaimed a day of good hearing conditions. All heroes are a little more likely to hear and react to god voices today.

• Astrologists warn that the sun circling dangerously close to earth today may inflict lasting damage to vision and temporary loss of artifacts.

Godpower Cap


Ideabox News

• 46 ideas were enhanced yesterday.

• The ER is a brutal place where only those who bring their own sense of humour have a chance to survive. Or that's at least what Cowabungallow claims.

Arkhalis- is doing his part to make Godville even wackier. Everyone be grateful, and be warned.

Forum News

03:59 Count as high as possible!

03:40 [Game] The Person Above Me

03:38 Random Spam

03:26 Crossword Hints, for those who can't quite get the last clue

03:22 Interesting coincidences

Broken News

• Anonymous sources report that demonstrations of the “instant hairloss” skill are amazing to watch at sunset.

Lymn recently reported that the Rejected Monster isn't afraid of the “stifling embrace” skill. That was the last news heard from the heroine.

• A Hysteric Cleric and a Rolling Boulder were recently bred together by scientists. No one knows the results of the study as there has been no news from the laboratory or any of its staff.

Market Quotes

1 bosscoin

16765 gold coins -7.6%

1 golden brick

3113 gold coins -1.7%

1 Godville invite

1020 gold coins +10.8%