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There are certain special monsters that may be tamed as a pet if your hero is able to defeat one. It's a good idea to watch the hero if they are battling one of these creatures, and help them win the battle. Then, the hero may randomly decide to spare that monster's life and tame it; the god can't influence the outcome.


oke nge nar oot
clo ket hin ish
str ted aper ona
nti lan cket lice

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Famous Heroes

Honeybeee 135th-level adventurer, member of the “Gods of Creation” guild, stands at the 40th position in the pantheon of Catch under the vigilant supervision of the goddess Wai Ying Soh. She is known for her disarming smile and ability to wake even the most exhausted comrades with her laughter.

Stepinac 108th-level adventurer, member of the “Nautilus” guild, with the motto “🐙 Don't panic! 🐙 ”, stands at the 119th position in the pantheon of Destruction under the vigilant supervision of the god Inertron. The monsters of Godville now dream of him in their wildest nightmares.


Bulletproof Pests are causing massive damage in the countryside. Rewards are being posted for anyone who can bring them in dead or alive. Preferably dead.

Caught today: 402 pcs.

The Hypnopotamus is on the verge of extinction. Merchants will offer 2800 gold coins for its rare hide.

Caught today: 482 pcs.

Guild Spotlight

Harvest Moon is a heroic horde of 297 heads located around the 2nd place in the pantheon of Unity. The highest rank here is “exterminator”. All time favorite of this guild is Harvester of Sorrow. Based on the Guild Council excerpts seen by the Godville Times Editor... nevermind.

Let it be known that the 30 members of Guildy Pleasures are some pretty cool guys. They call themselves “thrillseeker”. Can you imagine that? Guilty Plesiosaur holds the job of totem monster in this guild. This guild specializes in how to be late to a date with destiny.

Guild popularity in

17% — Blue Feather

7% — 42 - THE answer!

3% — Companions of the Nine

3% — 7 Deadly Sins

3% — Knights who say Ni

2% — Budget Meal

2% — The Immortals

2% — Pun Stars

2% — Grey Wardens

59% — (other guilds)

Buy and Sell

“Thousand Things” and Lunar Claw are personally buying up an alchemical transmuter in unlimited quantities. Hurry up.

Found today: 401 pcs.

If you find a frontstage pass, it's your lucky day! Contact any trader to quickly turn your luck into gold!

Found today: 246 pcs.


Looking for heroes able to supply required materials in sufficient quantities. The Club of Young Surgeons, “then” guild's hospital basement, San Satanos.

Does your god sound daffy when you duel? Drown you in demands to 'Ho! Ha ha! Guard! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin! Ha! Thrust!' like a demented duck? Divine intervention with a professional voice coach. Metatron: The Name You Can Trust.

Have no money? Can’t stop dreaming of new equipment? Come to the outskirts of Dogville — Godville's fattest monsters are at your service!

Daily Forecast

• Report from Monster Keeping Services: due to the planned maintenance of usual monster resurrection spots, monsters could self-resurrect at the place of their deaths. Beware.

• Due to lack of divine miracles, even simple feats could impress townsfolk and increase guild fame in towns today.

Godpower Cap


Ideabox News

• 73 ideas were submitted yesterday.

Artsonian says that she and her friends enjoy sitting in the air conditioned Enhancement Room. Oh yes, and improving ideas. That too.

• At this rate, Elantien will soon have enough ingenious pieces to make an entire ingenious.

Forum News

17:58 A Mental Health Forum.

17:26 Dungeoning Time

16:34 Interesting coincidences

16:25 King of the Hill

16:20 [Game] The Person Above Me

Broken News

• Anonymous sources report that demonstrations of the “epitaph writing” skill are amazing to watch at sunset.

• The mayor of Next Station is desperately seeking heroes who are willing to find out where all the old diary entries go.

• Did you know that for every lightning bolt thrown in the arena, Great Random kills a squirrel?

Market Quotes

1 bosscoin

6160 gold coins -15.4%

1 golden brick

3257 gold coins +0.4%

1 Godville invite

912 gold coins -7.9%