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Rocky Raccoon

Rocky Raccoons have a well-deserved reputation for being scavengers, emptying the inventory of many a hero when they're asleep or too inebriated to care. Despite their thieving nature, Rocky Raccoons make great company for any adventurer, even if some of them are 'a little' rabid.


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Famous Heroes

Djonniboy 92nd-level adventurer, member of the “The Forsakens Lament” guild, with the motto “In ƒor a penny! ✔”, stands at the 13th position in the pantheon of gratitude under the vigilant supervision of the god Djonni. The monsters of Godville now dream of him in their wildest nightmares.

Gavinrad Byrnison 123rd-level adventurer, member of the “OMGkittensMewMewMew” guild, with the motto “Hey! Listen!”, stands at the 199th position in the pantheon of catch under the vigilant supervision of the god Gunnar Gunnarson. Distinctive features: a reckless disregard for danger, and an incredibly high pain threshold caused by repeated exposure to blunt objects.


The Post-Mortem Artist, slowly boiled in its own juices, is one of the finest delicacies of this culinary season. The chef of the “Khaki-colored Dragon” restaurant is offering a worthy reward for each carcass delivered.

Caught today: 101 pcs.

Today, the head of the Gummy Wyrm can be exchanged for a worthy reward and a free pass to a public bathhouse.

Caught today: 101 pcs.

Guild Spotlight

Alpha and Omega is a bunch of heroes and heroines occupying 19th place in the pantheon of unity. Rumor says there are about 37 of them. Veterans in this guild call themselves “dovahkiin”. The members of this guild are only mildly rowdy while in public.

Eeden is a bunch of heroes and heroines occupying 69th place in the pantheon of unity. Rumor says there are about 38 of them. The highest rank here is “seraphim”. Guild's current favorite place to party is “The Rusty Goblin”.

Guild popularity in

13% — Ankh-Morpork City Watch

10% — Blue Feather

8% — Knights who say Ni

4% — Harvest Moon

1% — Guild Name

1% — Knights of the Coffee Tab...

1% — The Forsakens Lament

1% — wu tangy clan

1% — Sweaty HandZ

60% — (other guilds)

Buy and Sell

Buying a zen energy pouch at five times the normal cost! Godville's one and only “Super Duper Mart” shop. Just ask for Felipe Enormowang.

Found today: 43 pcs.

An urgent recall had been issued on any mana lotion sold since 1300 g.e. A reward for their return is being offered to prevent any further deaths.


Worship space for lease in a temple under construction. Inexpensive. Contact: gnomish guest-workers, temple of hero Spindlefiend.

“Mended Drum” Inn — our patrons are the best cannon fodder in Godville.

Trouble with your quests? Visit “Sack Exchange”, we're full of experts with answers to your questions.

Daily Forecast

• Report from Monster Keeping Services: due to the planned maintenance of usual monster resurrection spots, monsters could self-resurrect at the place of their deaths. Beware.

• Roadside traders are on strike. No one can ease the heroes' burden in the fields today.

Godpower Cap


Ideabox News

• Interesting fact: 41 ideas were submitted to the Ideabox in the last 24 hours and 40 ideas went into the ER.

• Let's celebrate Tlazolteteo and her devotion to helping our ideas be all they can be.

• The humble god Hedes set a good example for others by both submitting and voting for ideas.

Forum News

04:32 Acronym game

04:28 Fun word game!

04:27 Free Word Association Game

04:25 Wow


Broken News

• Tragedy in the arena: the crowds in the left stand started a wave, causing three people to drown.

• Interesting fact of the day: the craftsmen of Dogville have managed to tame and train a monster. Now this Moby Duck can dance, play the guitar and ride a bicycle, all simultaneously.

• “This Jaywalking Chicken is completely harmless!” These were the last words uttered by Ziledif.

Market Quotes

1 bosscoin

12873 gold coins -9.0%

1 golden brick

3280 gold coins +5.6%

1 Godville invite

1072 gold coins -1.0%