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Gold Bricks

Gold is considered the holiest of materials, though not the rarest, and has been since the beginning of civilization. It is very nonreactive (it's a noble metal) and as such can stand up to the might of the elements (nobody wants their temple to fall down).


sti hor tch ket oth
clo sto ish ast oke
col ght lic ten ight

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Famous Heroes

Sagiso 97th-level adventurer, member of the “Blue Feather” guild, with the motto “Not today”, stands at the 26th position in the pantheon of taming under the vigilant supervision of the god Cherim. She was known to distribute counterfeit invites to Godville during her youth.

Sitzpinkler 32nd-level adventurer, with the motto “Gotta take your time...”, stands at the 120th position in the pantheon of gratitude under the vigilant supervision of the god Lofty McLoud. His worst enemy — a Bearlock. Favorite trophy — something that looks like a “Will code HTML for food” tablet. He is also a huge fan of Herolympus’s pubs.


An intolerably rich tycoon from Dogville is offering a reward for every Cantankerous Chimaera anyone brings in. Indulge him before he changes his mind!

Caught today: 66 pcs.

The Hypnopotamus is on the verge of extinction. Merchants will offer 2800 gold coins for its rare hide.

Caught today: 67 pcs.

Guild Spotlight

The Forsakens Lament is a guild ranked 3rd in the pantheon of duelery, consisting of 163 heroes and heroines. The highest rank here is “wretch”. Silent Lamb is a totem of this guild and just a good monster. If this guild were a settlement, then Anville would be its sister town.

The Wild Hunt is a bunch of heroes and heroines occupying 63rd place in the pantheon of duelery. Rumor says there are about 35 of them. The members of this guild are mostly civil while in public.

Guild popularity in

14% — Blue Feather

10% — Harvest Moon

9% — Ankh-Morpork City Watch

9% — Guild Name

8% — Knights who say Ni

7% — The Forsakens Lament

4% — Howling Moon

3% — Nautilus

3% — Angels of Destruction

33% — (other guilds)

Buy and Sell

Will pay five times your trophy's value. Bring a box with a question mark to “Parth and Parcel” in Godville and ask for Nemesis -.

Found today: 17 pcs.

Special offer from the black markets of Godville — get an unusually good price upon presenting a pre-paid indulgence card to the first trader you meet. This offer won't last long!


Struggling to lose a few extra pounds? We can help! An anonymous group of leeches.

The annual March of Monsters has been postponed. See the bulletin board outside “Pirate Party” for more information.

Wanted: a young hero capable of doing a hard job without complaints. Payment in cash.


Across: 1. Artifact. 3. Equipment. 4. Monster. 6. Artifact. 7. Strong Monster. 8. Artifact.
Down: 1. Monster. 2. Town. 5. Monster.

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Daily Forecast

• Today points of interest are even more interesting. Unplanned side-jobs are possible.

• Today is windy and gloomy, so heroes will happily sleep a bit more.

Godpower Cap


Ideabox News

• 38 ideas were enhanced yesterday.

• Apparently, every entry that Cotzbalam simply looks at in the ER becomes three times better.

Zobb the shinypate thinks outside the box, inside Ideabox.

Forum News

01:08 Lithium (Run by Roahon) sign ups are closed unless you're willing to pay $50 ^-^

01:08 Fractured Light | RP

00:17 Fun word game!

00:17 Free Word Association Game

23:45 Spar a Friend (Coaching Achievement)

Breaking News

• Did you know that “go on a guilt trip and buy some souvenirs” is the most dangerous quest of the week?

• “So, we finally meet, Tweedle Doom!” — these were the last words of Dann The Demented, before he stepped on a rake.

• Heroes practicing the “bloody itch” skill can achieve quite unexpected results if they can figure out how to integrate a couple dozen gold coins into their usual routine.

Market Quotes

1 bosscoin

6572 gold coins +5.8%

1 golden brick

3150 gold coins -0.7%

1 Godville invite

970 gold coins +0.4%