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Grayscaled Dragon

The Grayscaled Dragon has a muscular build and can carry objects and monsters twice its size as it soars through the air. Its scales are harder than steel, but when exposed, its skin is as soft as a baby's bottom.


end col nti rea era
len ary her sto ons
tick ove der ran stic

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Famous Heroes

Melina 144th-level adventurer, member of the “Guild Name” guild, with the motto “Keleios’s alt”, stands at the 9th position in the pantheon of might under the vigilant supervision of the god Stan The Man. She was known to distribute counterfeit invites to Godville during her youth.

Max Reynard 84th-level adventurer, member of the “Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster” guild, with the motto “Let there be light—and I!”, stands at the 186th position in the pantheon of survival under the vigilant supervision of the goddess Archontissa. His dream is to master the “selfish interest” skill and then offer lessons in exchange for gold bricks.


A sneaky Game Overlord crept into an elder’s home and ate all the cookies. Proof of punishment of this villain can be exchanged for 2200 gold coins.

Caught today: 428 pcs.

Chefs all over are quickly running out of Post-Mortem Artist meat due to the latest diet fad. They are offering heroes 2700 gold coins for any portions they come across.

Caught today: 635 pcs.

Guild Spotlight

Howling Moon — guild of 36 heroes, located at the 15th place in the pantheon of adventure. “precursor” — that's how elites of this guild like to call themselves. Their totem monster is the elegant Invisible Pink Unicorn. Guild's admission tests include proficiency with the “falcon punch” skill.

ELITES is a group of 26 brave adventurers, who have climbed to 91st position in the pantheon of adventure. Veterans in this guild call themselves “elitiest”. Infamous for eating cakes and leaving them whole.

Guild popularity in

18% — Blue Feather

14% — Harvest Moon

10% — Ankh-Morpork City Watch

10% — Knights who say Ni

9% — The Forsakens Lament

6% — Guild Name

3% — Mother North

3% — Nautilus

1% — BYOB

26% — (other guilds)

Buy and Sell

Can't close your bag because of a low-hanging loot? Thousand Things and Ug the smasher personally offers aid to all overloaded heroes.

Found today: 228 pcs.

Wanted: all sorts of monumental tusk. A long monumental tusk, a slightly reddish monumental tusk, or an illusory monumental tusk would be valued more. But the normal monumental tusk works too.

Found today: 227 pcs.


“Progress Bar” Inn — our patrons are the best cannon fodder in Godville.

Lying in a ditch? Can’t make it into town? Things would be different if only you had a pair of crutches. “Three Legs LLC.”

The “At the Dragon” tavern invites you to a party featuring a delicious dinner. Please leave your armor and weapon at the entrance.

Daily Forecast

• Today's forecast includes favorable tides and a full moon phase which should make for excellent fishing conditions.

• Disturbances in subtle materials caused an increase of paranormal abilities of traders. All heroes are advised to pay attention, as today they're more likely to be fooled during a sale.

Godpower Cap


Ideabox News

• According to rumor, the Ideabox will take almost any old submission these days. Yesterday, it took 59 ideas.

• An honored ER frequenter, Delta493, claims that improving ideas is not painful, really.

Moss13 is doing her part to make Godville even wackier. Everyone be grateful, and be warned.

Forum News

18:44 Crossword Hints, for those who can't quite get the last clue

18:23 Fun word game!

18:21 Free Word Association Game

17:26 Ideaboxing game - everybody is invited. Helps in the Ideabox, kind of scientifically proven.

17:12 Count as high as possible!

Broken News

• Mad scientists in Nothingham have proven that trying to squeeze some blood from a stone is physically impossible.

• Beerburgh — a paradise for travelers. Today's special: huge discounts on lunches.

• “Monsters these days are very talkative. They often tell jokes or try to establish their authority”, Ritor tells us.

Market Quotes

1 bosscoin

13906 gold coins +1.2%

1 golden brick

3147 gold coins -1.7%

1 Godville invite

969 gold coins -6.7%