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Guilds in Godville are different from ones we've seen in other games. No one owns a guild in this game, not even the guild's founders. No guild has the power to induct or reject anyone. It is a place where gods gather with their peers.


end ain hin tur
gen oll ock not
ack stic ail ator

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Famous Heroes

Kurick 125th-level adventurer, member of the “Guild Name” guild, stands at the 33rd position in the pantheon of might under the vigilant supervision of the god Jessterbal. He's asking someone to hit the books until they don't hit back and report the results via express mail.

Markoth 111th-level adventurer, member of the “Guild Name” guild, with the motto “For the Glory of Rosu!”, stands at the 182nd position in the pantheon of catch under the vigilant supervision of the goddess Rosu. His dream is to master the “inept singing” skill and then offer lessons in exchange for gold bricks.


A local doctor is requesting that any Biowolf captured by a hero is brought to him for a dinner party.

Caught today: 103 pcs.

The Grounded Hog is wanted for having appeared in the “Wanted” section of the Godville Times too often. Earn a reward for its capture and help give other monsters a chance!

Caught today: 125 pcs.

Guild Spotlight

Legion of the Dead — guild of 38 heroes, located at the 28th place in the pantheon of popularity. Guild's admission tests include proficiency with the “full throttle” skill.

Sandwich Club is a guild ranked 86th in the pantheon of adventure, consisting of 32 heroes and heroines. “hoagie” — that's how elites of this guild like to call themselves. Based on the Guild Council excerpts seen by the Godville Times Editor... nevermind.

Guild popularity in

15% — the Way of Pathos

12% — Blue Feather

11% — The Forsakens Lament

11% — Harvest Moon

10% — Ankh-Morpork City Watch

8% — Knights who say Ni

4% — Goon Squad

2% — Hufflepuff

2% — Shadow Realms

25% — (other guilds)

Buy and Sell

Buying an aura-scope at five times the normal cost! Godville's one and only “Kagari” shop. Just ask for Forretrio.

Found today: 10 pcs.

Limited supply of a hive of activity and high level of demand are causing prices to soar. Sell now, sell high!


Reward offered for the capture of a “Godville Times” journalist.

Got an itch you can't scratch? Call the members of “Saturday Night Gamers” today, and we'll throw in a free back massage.

Suffer from hiccups? Has your favorite flower wilted? Sun obscured by clouds? We will quickly attract divine grace to your community. The Union of Good Heroes.


Across: 1. Equipment. 3. Strong Monster. 4. Artifact. 5. Equipment. 6. Bold Artifact. 7. Monster.
Down: 1. Monster. 2. Artifact.

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Daily Forecast

• Venus is in Taurus, which is a sign of good trading. All activatable artifacts are worth twice as much as usual.

• Guild doctors are on sick leave. No special treatment is provided to guild members today.

Godpower Cap


Ideabox News

• It's rumored that 109 ideas were submitted to the Ideabox and 105 ideas got into the ER. So how many ideas will get into the game?

• Eyewitnesses say that S624 was spotted working in the Enhancement Room. Woohoo!

• The god No king is said to have no end of new ideas. This is someone to keep an eye on, claim Godville police.

Forum News

03:02 Bugs and Glitches

02:55 Fractured Light | RP

02:38 Random Spam

02:37 Fun word game!

02:34 Haikus

Breaking News

• Guild myths and mysteries: rumor has it that the “Lego My Argo” guild has a secret closet full of skeletons.

• Mad scientists have discovered that those who keep digging for three days in a row may dig into the Russian Godville.

• Sacrificing a couple dozen golden bricks can quickly give a hero proficiency in the “contagious yawning” skill. However, no one seems to be interested.

Market Quotes

1 golden brick

3152 gold coins -1.5%

1 Godville invite

955 gold coins -11.8%