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Voice of god

The words of the Almighty can sometimes echo in the hero's heart. Deities can encourage heroes to pray, to sacrifice, to speed up quests or return to a nearby town, to dig for treasure, and many other things which have yet to be discovered.


sta tri otio card
ati old ind ove
ile act tter ston
hor cti oke int

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Famous Heroes

Stevaloid 108th-level adventurer, member of the “Hug Central” guild, with the motto “♡Hug me!♡ - I ♡ ☥일ᾧ₳♞ & 丯”, stands at the 38th position in the pantheon of gratitude under the vigilant supervision of the god Brinjal. He is deeply gratified by his place in the pantheon and is not planning to give it up any time soon.

Kora 112th-level adventurer, member of the “Harvest Moon” guild, with the motto “I like pomegranates ;)”, stands at the 128th position in the pantheon of catch under the vigilant supervision of the goddess Persephassa. Her dream is to master the “clinical strike” skill and then offer lessons in exchange for gold bricks.


The Damsel Distresser has illegally gotten into the newspaper. The Godville Times offers a worthy reward in exchange for an interview with the vile creature.

Caught today: 128 pcs.

Cliff Hanger hunting season is now open. Today only, exchange proof of death for 2800 gold coins!

Caught today: 158 pcs.

Guild Spotlight

Groovy Church of Happy Happy Joy Joy is a guild ranked 36th in the pantheon of unity, consisting of 42 heroes and heroines. The highest rank here is “destroyer”. Almost every guild member finds it offensive to learn to walk in a straight line.

First Pantheon of Progress is a bunch of heroes and heroines occupying 90th place in the pantheon of unity. Rumor says there are about 33 of them. The highest rank here is “primacy”. Trespassing is not forbidden, but the guild will not be held responsible for the loss of any health points.

Guild popularity in

12% — Blue Feather

10% — Ankh-Morpork City Watch

9% — The Forsakens Lament

8% — Guild Name

8% — Harvest Moon

8% — Knights who say Ni

6% — Nautilus

3% — Evening Star Society

2% — Guild of the Demon King

34% — (other guilds)

Buy and Sell

Will pay five times your trophy's value. Bring a license to drill to “Royal Tea” in Godville and ask for Soxa.

Found today: 9 pcs.

Wanted: a non-stop watch! We're holding an exclusive one-time re-purchase of this artifact for our limitless reserves. Act now while this offer lasts! “Terrific Trades” shop.


Family estate for lease. Beautiful lake views, just a couple of milestones outside Monsterdam. Contact: Humpty Dumpling.

Want to catch that elusive Guitar Hero? 'Traps and Contraptions' boasts the largest selection of ambushing devices in Godville. Effective yet so simple that even heroes can safely handle them.

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Across: 1. Artifact. 6. Skill. 7. Skill. 8. Equipment. 9. Bold Artifact.
Down: 1. Strong Monster. 2. Artifact. 3. Monster. 4. Strong Monster. 5. Monster.

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Daily Forecast

• Minor fluctuations of fundamental constants resulted in a temporal change — today melting a golden brick with a god influence should be easier than usual.

• Strong interference in the higher layers of the atmosphere is negatively affecting temples’ abilities. Astrologers affirm that conversion of gold coins into experience is virtually impossible today.

Godpower Cap


Ideabox News

• Got any ideas? Send them in — there were only 75 ideas suggested yesterday.

• An honored ER frequenter, Tlazolteteo, claims that improving ideas is not painful, really.

• Some of the ideas under voting are there thanks to Lord Quintus. Applause!

Forum News

03:04 Count as high as possible!

03:00 [Game] The Person Above Me

02:58 Acronym game

02:49 Wow


Breaking News

• Did you know that “pay attention in small bills” is the most mysterious quest of the week?

• Despite the outrageous prices, Beerburgh was voted by heroes 'Best place to get blasted' for the second year in a row. Amazing!

• The “snipars” guild is considering creating a new version of its emblem, one depicting a Bitter Chocoholic beating its feet on its chest.

Market Quotes

1 golden brick

3201 gold coins 2.0%

1 Godville invite

920 gold coins 2.2%