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Temples are large places of worship where heroes can go to pray to their gods. These gods, though, must be appeased and therefore demand that their temples be built of gold, which makes the lives of heroes so much tougher.


not pla let pie
ect gra icke ell
cal ite ass ton

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Famous Heroes

Kwinto 58th-level adventurer, member of the “Miners” guild, with the motto “Nobody's perfect! ⛏[R]”, stands at the 46th position in the pantheon of duelers under the vigilant supervision of the god Heinrich Kwinto. He is deeply gratified by his place in the pantheon and is not planning to give it up any time soon.

FatFreddyFly 108th-level adventurer, member of the “Swifties” guild, with the motto “eat more lettuce! ”, stands at the 146th position in the pantheon of destruction under the vigilant supervision of the god ToughTony. Distinctive features: a reckless disregard for danger, and an incredibly high pain threshold caused by repeated exposure to blunt objects.


Sawed-off Shogun's heads are rumored to fetch an insane price in Godville's black market today. You didn't hear it from us.

Caught today: 92 pcs.

The Spice Worm is wanted for secretly switching the push and pull signs on every door in town.

Caught today: 68 pcs.

Guild Spotlight

Let it be known that the 30 members of Eternal are some pretty cool guys. Veterans in this guild call themselves “timekeeper”. Eternal Dalmatian declined to comment on its relation with this guild. If this guild were a settlement, then Deville would be its sister town.

Muskrat Militia is a heroic horde of 16 heads located around the 89th place in the pantheon of duelery. Infamous for eating cakes and leaving them whole.

Guild popularity in

16% — Blue Feather

14% — Harvest Moon

8% — The Forsakens Lament

6% — Knights who say Ni

4% — Knights of The Square Tab...

4% — Godslayers and other inte...

4% — Ankh-Morpork City Watch

3% — Godville’s Regiment

3% — Guild Name

38% — (other guilds)

Buy and Sell

Need money? We get it. Exclusively offered at BS Johnson's shop “Dibbler's Emporium”, but first, come by and part with your hazardous minerals map.

Found today: 63 pcs.

Metaphysicists wish to study the arcane properties of a gravity-defying apple. Suppliers of this artifact will be compensated fairly.

Found today: 50 pcs.


The “Three Bears Hotel” offers lodging, food and bears that will satisfy even the most sophisticated customers.

Are you afraid everyone is out to get you? You are not alone. Tune in to the Truth Hour, every Sunday on KGNF 105.5, Godville's only Text Based Talk Radio.

Manual laborers in Next Station are available to haul everything you need, and anything you don’t need as well. Quick, often reliable and occasionally sober.

Daily Forecast

• Unexpected noise levels in the upper layers of the atmosphere could decrease godvoice hearing conditions on the surface.

• Due to unknown effects of unusual temperatures on the internal structure of divine materials, all activatable items acquired today require half as much godpower for activation as usual.

Godpower Cap


Ideabox News

• 76 ideas entries were sent to the Ideabox yesterday. Does no one have a real life?

Omnitony has been busy in the ER. He doesn't care much about idea quality, but he does love to meddle with things.

• At this rate, Anciace will soon have enough ingenious pieces to make an entire ingenious.

Forum News


01:33 Interesting voices

00:49 King of the Hill

00:48 “The Evil Genie” game

00:43 [Game] The banning game

Broken News

• Traders of Trollbridge are offering huge discounts to heroes who can demonstrate some mastery of the “menacing glance” skill. Why? No one seems to know.

• Voting for renaming the “Obsidian Library” guild to “Obsidian Library Ultra” is finally complete. Ballot-counting was delayed by the laziness of committee members from the “Sweaty HandZ” guild.

• Bookies are taking bets on the number of daredevils who will die trying to see who's laughing now.

Market Quotes

1 bosscoin

16285 gold coins +4.8%

1 golden brick

3282 gold coins +5.2%

1 Godville invite

963 gold coins -11.3%