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Pet Personalities

A few levels after a hero tames a pet, it gains a personality. That description appears near the pet's name. The personality of a pet changes every few levels as the pet becomes more useful to its owner.


ket tal art ure mon
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pen ack uid ber lic

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Famous Heroes

BS Johnson 126th-level adventurer, member of the “Ankh-Morpork City Watch” guild, with the motto “Gort! Klaatu Barata Nikto”, stands at the 34th position in the pantheon of survival under the vigilant supervision of the god DArgo Sun-Cohen. He is known for his disarming smile and ability to wake even the most exhausted comrades with his laughter.

Carroway 119th-level adventurer, member of the “Knights who say Ni” guild, with the motto “Fierce Mediocrity ”, stands at the 115th position in the pantheon of mastery under the vigilant supervision of the god Gatz22. Distinctive features: a reckless disregard for danger, and an incredibly high pain threshold caused by repeated exposure to blunt objects.


Undermaker coats are the hottest style right now. Tailors are currently paying top dollar for its skin.

Caught today: 51 pcs.

Speed Sloths are causing massive damage in the countryside. Rewards are being posted for anyone who can bring them in dead or alive. Preferably dead.

Caught today: 52 pcs.

Guild Spotlight

Raven Tail is in the 28th position in the pantheon of adventure, unlikely though it seems. Some of the guild members have been heard calling each other “corvus”. This guild specializes in how to sneak up on the periodic table and add the element of surprise.

Navigator Dragons is a guild ranked 80th in the pantheon of unity, consisting of 33 heroes and heroines. Infamous for eating cakes and leaving them whole.

Guild popularity in

13% — Ankh-Morpork City Watch

9% — Blue Feather

7% — Knights who say Ni

3% — Harvest Moon

2% — laughing skulls

2% — Everwatch

2% — 666

1% — The Dark Knights

1% — Usual Suspects

60% — (other guilds)

Buy and Sell

Will pay five times your trophy's value. Bring a chakra realigner to “Super Duper Mart” in Godville and ask for Felipe Enormowang.

Found today: 22 pcs.

Anyone finding a genuine monster repellent, please take it to your nearest Godville Defense Force outpost. Your patriotism will be rewarded.


The editorial board of the Quirkytown Times is seeking masters of the “tough tongue” skill for the job of sealing envelopes.

Tradeburg premiere! See the new Godville blockbuster, “Presidentist: First Blood”. Don't miss it!

Try a very special dish at the local franchise of “Boatmurdered” restaurant. We'll bet you've never tried a “Cucumbear on a stick” before!

Daily Forecast

• Researchers have found an ancient tome that references today as a vacation day for The Great Random. Based on these findings everything today will be as it should.

Godpower Cap


Ideabox News

• The Ideabox saw 58 ideas yesterday, almost all of which are printable.

• Sources report that Cotzbalam has been prettying up phrases in the ER for a brighter, funnier, happier Godville.

Goddess Greenwitch is doing her part to make Godville even wackier. Everyone be grateful, and be warned.

Forum News

01:37 Free Word Association Game

01:36 Fun word game!

00:42 [Game] The Person Above Me


00:38 3 word story.

Broken News

• According to survey results, the “spoon-bending” skill is much more popular than the “intimate tickling” skill. Scientists have yet to find the cause of this mysterious phenomenon.

• Did you know that smoking in a bamboo forest imposes a serious risk to your health?

• “Today, anyone who bothers can become a hero,” complains a Sabertooth Fairy in its letter. “Luckily, there are still plenty of lazy arses who don’t bother!”

Market Quotes

1 bosscoin

17692 gold coins -1.3%

1 golden brick

3260 gold coins -0.6%

1 Godville invite

913 gold coins -14.8%