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Voice of god

The words of the Almighty can sometimes echo in the hero's heart. Deities can encourage heroes to pray, to sacrifice, to speed up quests or return to a nearby town, to dig for treasure, and many other things which have yet to be discovered.


lin rai men box
ape tabl cha ene
tab old igh for
red mag ted ens

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Famous Heroes

Neglios 154th-level adventurer, member of the “Asylum” guild, with the motto “Who gives a flying ☥☾இഗ®?”, stands at the 42nd position in the pantheon of Survival under the vigilant supervision of the god Apathanos. He asked us not to feature him in this issue, but we do what we want.

Nine-fingers 137th-level adventurer, member of the “Blue Feather” guild, with the motto “A man needs a name.”, stands at the 175th position in the pantheon of Arkeology under the vigilant supervision of the god TheBloodyNine. He's asking someone to do a thing before it’s cool and report the results via express mail.


The Card-Carrying Villain is wanted by the Godville Admins for evading the tax on trophies. Each carcass can be exchanged for a worthy reward.

Caught today: 319 pcs.

A Tempered Glass Dragon is wanted for hunting heroes without a license. Bring proof of this miscreant's defeat for 2400 gold coins from the authorities.

Caught today: 361 pcs.

Guild Spotlight

Godville’s Regiment is in the 9th position in the pantheon of Popularity, unlikely though it seems. The people muttering about “the good old days” in this guild are known as “commissioned”. The all-time favorite of this guild is the Sitcom Pilot. Being seen with guild members around the taverns of Last Resort is an excellent way to earn a regrettable reputation.

Angels of Anarchy is a group of 24 brave adventurers, who have climbed to the 60th position in the pantheon of Adventure. They've chosen the title of “archangel” for their most esteemed members. Trespassing is not forbidden, but the guild will not be held responsible for the loss of any health points.

Guild popularity in

12% — Blue Feather

9% — Knights who say Ni

8% — Ankh-Morpork City Watch

7% — Harvest Moon

6% — Church of the Flying Spag...

6% — The Forsakens Lament

6% — Guild Name

6% — Nautilus

4% — JollyBagels

36% — (other guilds)

Buy and Sell

“Thousand Things” promises to buy a hexcavator at several times the normal price. Full Pants is that rich.

Found today: 140 pcs.

Exchange your crème fatale for a substantial reward today! Reward includes a soothing balm for reasons not related to the strange rash you might be experiencing.

Found today: 155 pcs.


Wanted: testers for our new suicide booth. Full social package, insurance and a guarantee that your last wish will be granted.

Do you think your hero spends too much gold in casinos? We can help him! Homeless Tramps Society.

Lying in a ditch? Can’t make it into town? Things would be different if only you had a pair of crutches. “Three Legs LLC.”

Daily Forecast

• Today's unusual weather caused premature chakra openings among heroes, which is rumored to increase duration of all auras.

• Traders have proclaimed a rush sale day — heroes sell items much faster.

Godpower Cap


Ideabox News

• Interesting fact: 28 ideas were submitted to the Ideabox in the last 24 hours and 37 ideas went into the ER.

• According to reports, honored ER contributor Bibliophile makes everything better. Especially new ideas.

Jnzeil-Elzehi is responsible for many of today's Ideabox innovations.

Forum News

12:04 Crossword & KYM Hints

05:33 [Game] The banning game

05:25 [Game] The Person Above Me

04:07 Interesting coincidences

01:46 Acronym game

Broken News

• Traffic outrage: when will Godville authorities finally start issuing receipts for payments of their fines?

• The excellent nutrition of the “Anicetus Vis ₪” guild has made members of the “The Fallen DaDa Empire” guild extremely jealous.

• An Energizer Bunny was arrested and charged with battery. He is currently being held in a dura cell.

Market Quotes

1 bosscoin

17220 gold coins +5.0%

1 Godville invite

929 gold coins -4.7%