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Pet Personalities

A few levels after a hero tames a pet, it gains a personality. That description appears near the pet's name. The personality of a pet changes every few levels as the pet becomes more useful to its owner.


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Famous Heroes

Punk Flamingo 93rd-level adventurer, member of the “The Forsakens Lament” guild, with the motto “Food is good.”, stands at the 59th position in the pantheon of Destruction under the vigilant supervision of the god Flamingod. Rumor has it that a local Sunday Driver has learned to show the hero proper respect for some reason.

Corlax 127th-level adventurer, member of the “Knights who say Ni” guild, with the motto “For the glory of my Lord!”, stands at the 145th position in the pantheon of Mastery under the vigilant supervision of the god Dronak. He was known to distribute counterfeit invites to Godville during his youth.


The Dragon-Sized Fly is wanted by the Godville Admins for evading the tax on trophies. Each carcass can be exchanged for 2200 gold coins.

Caught today: 238 pcs.

The heads of Battle Rattlesnake are wanted for the creation of counterfeit artifacts. Get 2800 gold coins as a reward.

Caught today: 263 pcs.

Guild Spotlight

wadhurst is a group of 29 brave adventurers, who have climbed to the 38th position in the pantheon of Duelery. They call themselves “hierophant”. Can you imagine that? The favorite monster of the guild is Unregistered Pet. Guild's admission tests include proficiency with the “fanned fingers” skill.

ArchAngel is a heroic horde of 24 heads located around the 68th place in the pantheon of Popularity. Trespassing is not forbidden, but the guild will not be held responsible for the loss of any health points.

Guild popularity in

22% — Ankh-Morpork City Watch

14% — Blue Feather

11% — Knights who say Ni

10% — Harvest Moon

4% — Guild Name

3% — The Sons of Anarchy

2% — The Forsakens Lament

2% — Nautilus

2% — GFY

30% — (other guilds)

Buy and Sell

Zinna is amassing Godville's largest continuum transfunctioner collection, and willing to pay a premium for yours. Head down to “Tool 🛠 Shoppe” today.

Found today: 268 pcs.

The fibre from a missing link can be used to make durable, high quality adventuring gear. Bearers of this valuable hide may exchange it for some cash at any local equipment store.

Found today: 151 pcs.


Fast, convenient and cheap transportation to the afterlife. The Beetle-killing monster.

The “Awesome” guild is looking for a supplier for a pot of gold paint.

'The Dwarven Armoury' in San Satanos — 'If it hurts, we've got it!' — announces its seasonal sale of blunt and spiked weapons.

Daily Forecast

• The moon in the seventh house means greatly increased chances of getting an unexpected epic quest.

• Daily News Analysts have foretold a new financial crisis, which has caused impressionable boss-monsters to carry more gold than usual today.

Godpower Cap


Ideabox News

• Got any ideas? Send them in — there were only 41 ideas suggested yesterday.

Cotzbalam says he loves the ER too much to go a single day without visiting. Sometimes he even visits twice a day.

• Looks like Freiyr has an idea for every occasion.

Forum News

09:08 Interesting coincidences

09:06 Side job observation

07:02 Dungeoning Time

03:15 Bugs and Glitches

03:10 Free Word Association Game

Broken News

• “This Nobodyguard is completely harmless!” These were the last words uttered by Cloud-0.

• Tragedy in the arena: the crowds in the left stand started a wave, causing three people to drown.

• Voting for renaming the “Lego My Argo” guild to “Lego My Argo Premium” is finally complete. Ballot-counting was delayed by the laziness of committee members from the “Black Swan” guild.

Market Quotes

1 bosscoin

19042 gold coins +5.3%

1 golden brick

3198 gold coins +1.2%

1 Godville invite

1089 gold coins +10.7%