Trick and Treats

Oct 28 2023

Dear deities, we’re back again! This time with a few tricks and a whole bunch of treats.

New Activatables
Please welcome two new activatable trophies, which are possibly long overdue. The first one sends heroes to dungeons, and the second one sends to sail. And activation is completely free, which is always nice.

Unlike arenalin, though, these activatables will only work if the adventure is not on a timeout. And, naturally, the hero needs to have a temple (for dungeons) or an ark (to sail), otherwise activation won’t do much.

There is a little something for those building temples too: enlightening bolt and similar kill-or-melt activatables now produce gold bricks at a discount, for only 2000 gold.

Another nice little feature: in the Robbery dungeons, you can now see total gold at stake right at the beginning of the run.

Content Revoting
We try to keep the game texts in good shape — that’s why we do a spring cleaning event every year. This time, we wanted to go a bit further and get your feedback on the existing in-game content.

So every day, in four Ideabox sections — monsters, artifacts, quests, and equipment — you’ll see a few entries from the game. Take a fresh look at them and use your vote to support or oppose their presence. Don’t worry, they won’t disappear right away — but at some point we’ll look at the results and maybe get rid of something that’s been significantly disliked.

Halloween Special
Finally, let’s talk about the special event! For the next few days pay attention to Halloween treats, which are a lot:

  • undead monsters — these abominations need to be killed twice to get special loot like…
  • glowing pumpkins — you can activate them and get lots of useful things, from bricks to souls
  • pumpkinized trophies — they’re so colorful and rich that traders value them a lot
  • colossal beastie in every sail — so huge that you can see it right from the start
  • Ghost Town — located at 13th milestone and covered in fog so much, it censors stuff in hero’s diary

Enjoy the spookiness!

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Summer Refreshments

Aug 14 2023

Massive Content Update
Dear readers, it is that time — time to refresh the game with new texts. After weeks of sifting through ideas, we’re thrilled to roll out a massive content update. We’re talking nearly a thousand new phrases spanning everything — from diaries to dungeons, sails to duels. Kudos to the authors and ER team!

“Know Your Monster” is Back
If you missed monster picture guessing, rejoice! The new season of “Know Your Monster” is now live in the newspaper and will be around for a few months.

Plus, we’ve upgraded the Picturizer, so it can make sharper and better monster images. It’s still a bit of a server hog, so it’s not open to all, but now you only need 5 IQ points to use it.

New Towns
Say hello to two new towns that have popped up out of nowhere and are ready for our heroes to explore: Paradise City and Madchester. Take a look at the map to discover their perks and locations.

Lastly, a little something for Lab owners. Fed up with your hero selling good boss parts? Good news — from now on heroes won’t sell a part if there’s a vacant slot for it in the Lab.

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Double Pack News

Jun 19 2023

Hey there, fellow deities! Today we have a sweet bundle of double-pack features for you:

Two new diary signs:

  • The first one commands your champion to go fishing early.
  • The second one will find them a roadside trader.

Two new side jobs:

  • In one, your champion has to get a wanted monster hide.
  • In the other one, they’ll need to level up any skill.

Two new daily forecasts:

  • The chance to send divine signs to your hero happens more often.
  • For a whole day bosses will have the same randomly chosen ability.

Two new feats:

  • Defeat any boss in a fight that lasts 100+ turns.
  • Get hungry tribbles and fluffy tribbles (regular ones) simultaneously and watch the first ones eat the seconds.

Mobile Apps:

There are some quality-of-life improvements for the Godville apps (Android, iOS):

  • tap the bell icon on the Hero screen to quickly bring up notification settings.
  • check out two new notifications: for fishing and shopkeeping.
  • if you’re a forgetful deity, you can enable the special notification to remind you to visit your champion after a few days.

Hope this double-feature pack will suit you. After all, it has a little something for everyone.

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Lucky 13

May 10 2023

Today is a very special day, dear deities. Today is Godville’s birthday.

Sounds unreal, but it’s been 13 years since we opened this wacky world of gods and heroes. It’s been a wild ride, full of laughter, adventure, and the occasional facepalm.

Despite many challenges, we’re still here, laughing and having fun with our heroes. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t need a little laughter and fun in their life right now?

We owe a debt of gratitude to the amazing community of creative and dedicated deities who have been with us every step of the way. Thanks to everyone for their effort to make Godville a better place!

Now, onto the goodies. For the next 3 days сongratulate your champion with a godvoice — they deserved it — and get a huge pack of godpower charges in return, cause you deserved it too. Use godpower capacitor (when not in a duel mode) to get something extra. Keep an eye out for festive monsters too.

Here’s to another year of lazy adventures, punny jokes, and good times. Happy 13th birthday, Godville!

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A Feat to Remember

Apr 02 2023

Greetings, mighty deities! We hope you enjoyed the confetti and helped your champion achieve their silly feats yesterday. Now, let’s get serious.

Feats are a hero’s bread and butter, so our adventurers are finally beginning to live up to this rule. Now they can do “real feats”, also known as Not So Common Deeds: such as “reach the end of the map” or “fill out the newspaper bingo completely”.

Feats are similar to achievements: they are also achieved once and for all, visible in the hero’s page, and accompanied by a spectacular fireworks show upon completion. Unlike achievements, which sometimes take years, many feats can be completed quickly with some effort or luck.

Like achievements, feats are remarkably useless — there are no in-game rewards for them. But they proudly hang in the hero’s page and impress passersby. Their difficulty is also visible there — a three-point feat is worth more pride than a simpler one.

The number of feats available to a hero depends on their progress. After building a temple, for example, they’ll unlock underground feats. And this is only the first portion – there are more to come.

Make sure you have the latest Android or iOS app installed (if you saw confetti yesterday, you are good to go).

Disclaimer: there may be a few hiccups with feats in the next couple of days, so please don’t rush to complete everything just yet. And sorry, but any previous deeds cannot be counted – feats must be completed after this update to register.

In other news: mobile GodWiki has a new look. Based on players’ feedback, we’ve changed its default skin from Minerva to Timeless, so it’s a bit different now and, hopefully, works better. If you need to change the skin manually, you can do so in the GodWiki settings (Profile->Preferences->Appearance).

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For Clarity Sake

Mar 10 2023

Hey there, fellow deities!

Let’s talk about “earthly news”. Remember those handy updates above the diary that keep us in the loop about what our heroes are up to? Sometimes they get a little too creative and puzzling, making it hard to understand what’s going on down there.

So we’ve made some changes to make divine observation easier. Now, the news headline tells you exactly what your hero is doing. “Fishing on 13th milestone”, “Sleeping in Bumchester” or “Trading in Herowin” — it’s all simple and clear. And the earthly news itself is still there in all its ridiculousness.

To check out this new feature make sure your Godville app is up to date (Android, iOS).

In other news, spring has sprung! That means it’s time for our annual Spring Content Cleaning. If you come across any poorly worded, inappropriate, or overused game texts, let us know in this forum topic.

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Something to React

Jan 31 2023

Hello, fellow deities! Let’s dive into the latest updates together.

“Know Your Monster” Revamped
The newest season of “Know Your Monster” is finally here. Every day the newspaper will give you a unique monster image for you to guess. This season features Picturizer-generated baddies, so get ready for some hilarious and totally surreal creatures. A big thanks goes out to everyone who helped with it.

New Forecasts
Do you remember the forecasts — the daily notes in the newspaper that alter the heroes’ lives? As you may have already noticed, three new forecasts have been added to the mix.

The first one allows heroes to trade items much faster. The second brings POIs closer and makes them more frequent. The third gives pets a well-deserved day off, temporarily disabling their abilities.

Additionally, the old rule of “one better, one worse” for daily forecasts has been removed, allowing for a more random and amusing pairing.

Message Reactions
The recently added guild council message reactions sprinkled some spice to guild chats. They are meant to be harmless and pleasant, but if a guild doesn’t like them for some reason, a guild leader can now turn them off.

Today we’re adding the same spice to personal messages — you can now react to them too! Just update your app and you’ll be good to go (Android and iOS).

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Holiday News

Dec 21 2022

Good news, dear gods and goddesses!

Firstly, we took another regular dive into the giant pile of Ideabox submissions and fished out the best. Hope you enjoy hundreds of fresh earthly news, monsters and artifacts. Big thanks to all authors and ER editors!

Secondly, we added a neat guild feature: if a guild or one of its members gets featured in Godville Times, all guildmates will be automatically notified in their Guild Council.

Now, onto the main event: the Christmas season! Well, Godville is surely ready to celebrate, just look at the festivities list:

  • Keep an eye out for snowflakes ❄️. These delicate and beautiful crystals can be found by defeating monsters, catching reindeers 🦌, or fished out of frozen ponds. Gods can also get an extra snowflake from the godpower capacitor in Godville Times.
  • These snowflakes are not just fun to look at and lick – they are useful. They can be traded for gold and used as wildcards in the bingo game. And if a hero gets a whole bunch, sometimes he makes a snowman and gets presents after heroically defeating it.
  • Another thing to look forward to is the abundance of holiday gifts – these can drop from monsters, snowmen, and even the bingo game. These can be activated for free and offer sweet and valuable rewards. By the way, there is a quick way to get a gift – each bingo extraction will give one right away.
  • Any god with the Dungeon Forge can put a Christmas tree in their dungeon for other heroes to find and get some holiday presents.
  • Be sure to visit Laplandville, the festive town located next to Godville, for some discounts and holiday spirit.
  • Santa Clawses and Satan Clauses are back, spreading holiday cheer, gifts and even tameable with a bit of luck.
  • FInally, there are special Christmas side jobs and holiday POIs to savor as well.

The celebration will last until January 2. Happy Holidays!

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Picture This

Nov 29 2022

Good news, everyone! Just as usual.

Godville Content Picturizer
Did you hear about image generation neural networks that create amazing pictures from a simple text prompt?

Here in Godville we have a lot of text and not so many pictures. So a few months ago we hooked up a neural network for creating Godville-related art, named it Picturizer and gave early access to some gods.

It went really well, so today we can finally open Picturizer for a broader audience — namely, all gods with Ideabox IQ >= 10 (image generation takes a lot of processing power, so we can’t make it available for everyone, at least not for now). For those who are curious, but can’t access it yet — here is how it looks like.

To sweeten up the experiment we will reward the best pictures with gratitude points. (If you already used Picturizer and submitted images, check it again to see if anything was approved — we’ve rewarded dozens of pics.) The approval will happen every week for at least the end of this year.

You can find the Picturizer link in the Ideabox monster’s section. Feel free to discuss it and its art here.

Guild Council Reactions
The internal guild chat is a nice aspect of any talkative guild. Now it could also be colorful, because you can finally add reactions to Guild Council messages. You know, these colorful thingies like 👍, 🔥 and 😡 that some people really like for some reason.

To use this feature be sure that you’ve updated the Godville app (Android, iOS) to the latest version released today.

Winter is Coming
By the way, winter is just a day away. That means heroes can expect three things.

Firstly, more frequent fishing — in winter fish nibble even without a bait. Secondly, icebergs in seas colored thingies they’re just like reefs, but save your supplies while the ark is on it. Thirdly, Christmas presents are getting closer… but let’s keep that one till the next announcement.

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Seasonal Spookiness

Oct 29 2022

Ghostly greetings, fearsome gods and goddesses!

The annual Halloween Festival is here, so it’s time for spooky stuff. Let’s welcome:

  • undead monsters — they need to be killed twice and they’ll drop special loot, including…
  • glowing pumpkins — these are free to activate and can occasionally turn into really valuable things
  • pumpkinezed artifacts — these things have emojis, which instantly makes them popular among zoomers and traders

There are also two new eerie things:

  • the mysterious Ghost Town (conveniently located at the 13th milestone) is now obscuring the diaries while heroes are inside.
  • a new kind of beastie in the seas that is so enormous and dangerous that it can be seen right from the start. It also has a manimal or fenimal, so sail ahead if you dare.

The spooky event will last for the next three days — aside from the new beastie, which will stay for a fortnight.

New Sail Stuff
Speaking of seas, let’s welcome two new sail variations:

  • lighthouses that emit long and narrow light beams instead of the usual (and boring) circles;
  • a sea with lots of mostly harmless vortexes — one can use them as randomized shortcuts.

New Bosses Ability
There is a new ability for bosses — decoying. Decoying boss spawns multiple dummies during the fight – they are harmless, but good enough to deceive heroes and attract their strikes.

Hope these new additions will add more fun to the eerie feast. Happy Haunting!

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