Lucky Seven

May 10 2017

Today is a big day. Today Godville turns seven.

Cheers to all the gods, goddesses and their heroes. Cheers to ideaboxers, guild council elders, and forum frequenters.

May the heroes be brave and obedient, ideas be fresh and punny, guildmates be helpful and righteous.

Make sure to congratulate your champion now (and for the next three days) while he is traveling, dueling, spelunking and sailing to grant him a very special holiday bonus.

Happy birthday, yay!

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Monster Day

Apr 01 2017

First weekend of April – what a good day to tidy things up and welcome the nature! Therefore, all heroes are ordered to go outside and do something good for environment. Or more specifically – meet, greet, hug and heal monsters in appreciation of their hard service for the last year and the years to come.

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Mar 14 2017

Everybody who uses Remote Control a lot knows how inconvenient it could be sometimes to manually discharge the accumulator – especially during a duel or sail, when every second counts. Today’s feature is meant to improve that. Please welcome the new “Auto-Discharge” option in the Settings.

The name speaks for itself, but just in case – here is what happens once you enable it. Influence buttons in the Remote will become always visible, regardless of godpower remaining. Whenever you send an influence without having enough godpower, the Remote will automatically use one accumulator charge to make your wish come true. Very convenient.

It’s also good to keep track of the charges in the accumulator. To make that easier, here is another cool thing – Accumulator Usage History, which shows the last few accumulator discharges and top-ups as well. It can be found in the Remote -> Charging history (mobile apps) or Profile -> Recharges (web browser). Make sure to update your mobile app to the latest version (released today) to use these new features.

A reminder to the gods with temples: the more charges you have in the accumulator, the harder it is for the temple to generate new ones. The temple works better when charges are in the two-digits range.

In other news: the strong desire of heroes to live caused them to beef up their swimming skills, so they will no longer drown or die during sail. If you have an ark but have no time, you can still send your hero sailing – while the hero may or may not find the booty, at least he’ll have a swim.

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Seasonal Refreshments

Feb 22 2017


Underground hikes could sometimes be long and grueling. This is mostly due to the strong boss monsters and the time it takes to defeat them. It’s time to speed things up – boss fight turns will become shorter, those making these fights much faster. Meanwhile, turn duration in dungeon stays the same, leaving plenty of time for planning and directions. (If you still happen to use an old version of the Godville mobile app, now would be a good time to update it to support this feature).

New mole-hole trap rooms have been found in dungeons. This is one time use underground wormhole instantly moves the adventurers into some other area of the map. Despite being a trap, this room can actually be helpful in fighting the gods’ boredom and moving the heroes closer to (or farther from) the treasure.

Also a new variety of nook rooms have been discovered recently – containing a switch that changes the type of current dungeon. So, if a team gets an unlucky dungeon, there might now be a way to change it.


Two new sail start conditions ought to make sailors’ life more fun. The first one guarantees that all islands will have something on them, but no one knows what it is. The second one allows islands to replenish their resources, thus allowing the sailors to loot them again.

In addition, all outlandish artifacts from sails are becoming more useful. Now heroes may occasionally find a log of gopher wood inside.


The popular mini-game in the Godville Times has a new “Ok, I give up!” mode. Made for those who couldn’t play bingo three times in a day, the new button ends the game and instantly rewards the hero with a handful of gold coins. Keep in mind, though, that full-bingo mode is always more profitable.

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Pairs Completed

Jan 08 2017

Finally, another cause to celebrate. Let’s meet and greet the first god who managed to squeeze in one thousand pairs of every kind into a gopher wood ark. What does it all mean?

First of all (and important for many) this fixes the god’s position in the pantheon of Catch, so nobody can outrun him.

Second, the god gets a honorable title of a Creature Master and a shiny new medal with a laurel wreath, expandable by a single tap. (Btw, other medals can also be magically explained by tapping on them.)

Third, the Third Eye of the Creature Master can keep track of twice more heroic events.

More cool things are coming, but let’s give some time to few more gods to finish their gathering first.

In the meantime, congratulations to KingDada!

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Let It Snow

Dec 22 2016

Holidays are coming. It’s time to take some snow and spread some merriness around.

  • Once again, holiday spirit brings back to existence a fair-style tent-city of Laplandville in the outskirts of Godville.
  • Hordes of Santa Clawses, with bags of presents, are starting to appear in the fields – don’t miss a rare chance to tame one as a pet.
  • Other seasonal inhabitants are Festive monsters – defeating them instantly grants an accumulator charge.
  • And even the regular monsters are starting to walk around with gifts, easily activatable by gods without using any godpower.

The heroes themselves have found a brand new merry activity involving snowflakes, snowballs and something else made out of it. Pay attention to the hero’s inventory and watch the magic happen.

Enjoy the festive goodies! Happy Holidays!

PS: Snowflakes can also be used in the newspaper’s Bingo!

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More News

Dec 04 2016

More Tribbles

You might have noticed the new little critters that appeared during this Halloween – hungry tribbles. They are like their fluffy mates, but kinda evil – they breed by eating the corpses of defeated monsters. The good thing is that they are also more profitable. Don’t get surprised if your hero finds some of them – or the fluffy ones – inside of the fishing containers.

More Bosses

The next change is related to the various bosses. Due to the pre-historic reasons, there were more bosses with some abilities (Hulking, Nimble) and less with others (Enlightened, Sweeping, etc). From now on all the bosses will be more fair ability-wise, which could sometimes be good or not so good, but definitely more surprising and exciting.

Remember the special ear-tail-eye trophies the heroes get from bosses and which traders like so much? From now on there will be a couple new parts and heroes may get more than one trophy from a boss.

More Forecasts

An upgrade at the Astrologers’ Bureau of the Godville Times has brought us a few new forecasts. It is known that they will affect fishing, bingo and something else, more mysterious.

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Storm in a Teacup

Oct 09 2016

Much Faster Search

It is well known that once a deity returns from a long absence, they’re welcomed with a search screen while the game searches for the hero. Apparently, this screen could have been up a minute or more, which is clearly not what was anticipated. After a couple weeks of optimizations this process has been greatly sped up, so now it finds the hero within few seconds. It’s been like for the past few weeks and we hope you like it as much as we do.

Sail Varieties

It’s time to stir up stalling sea waters with a small storm. From now on, there will be much more variety in sails: the aspiring captains will get a quick update on the current sailing conditions at beginning of the voyage. Some of them could be favorable (like doubled treasure or more lighthouses) and some could be less so (e.g. a requirement to exit through port). There about a dozen of these new conditions, which btw can also be combined within one sail, making it all even more exciting.

More Goodness

It’s known that sometimes our wayward heroes try to change guilds on their own, especially if the guild is crowded. From now on, the champions will also pay attention to the guild’s alignment and stay longer if it matches with theirs.
Quick reminder: heroes stop trying to leave the guild upon reaching the Cardinal guild rank (though a hero will still be expelled from the guild if their god leaves them unattended for a month or more).

Godville iOS app has recently been nicely updated with 3D Touch, Quick Action and iOS 10 support. Since 3D Touch could be not obvious to discover, we thought it will be useful to let you know how handy it is to quickly peek into dungeon afk ally stats or seeing the full sail log while on the map (it works in few other places too).

Finally, hundreds of new content items have been added into the game, thanks to the community contributions and great work in ER.

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Little by Little

Aug 07 2016

The time has come to share another batch of misc goodness that was in the making over the last couple weeks.

Cloud storage for god voices:

  • now you can save your godvoices to the GV cloud! You can use this feature to keep a backup of you godvoices, to sync your godvoices between different devices, or just to keep your lists tidy (that’s when browser’s voice editor comes in handy);
  • mobile apps have save/load buttons in the voices list, the web browser game has it in the voices editor (click on the ⚙ icon in the recent voices list);
  • all three voice lists (travel, duel, dungeon) can be saved/loaded separately.

Re-send last god voice for browser players:

  • press and hold voice “Send” button to pre-fill last voice (very handy, make sure to check it out);
  • Alt+click “Send” to re-send last voice immediately, while Alt+click voice field to pre-fill previous voice;
  • Alt+click a direction on the dungeon map to pre-fill the direction voice without sending it, so you edit or customize it.

New push notifications:

  • on duel/dungeon/sail buttons becoming available;
  • on passing by a certain milestone;
  • on meeting wanted and special monsters;
  • on low health while traveling.

Forum post editor improvements:

  • couple new formatting tags have been added;
  • you can now tap/click on a markup help entry to insert the corresponding tag (especially useful with quotes);
  • use one Return to insert a line-break (or two returns for a paragraph);
  • Ctrl+Enter shortcut to send your post without reaching for the Send button (while Esc will close the editor).

Finally, there is a new button to copy a link to the personal page you are currently viewing. Should be handy on a phone or tablet.

Some of these features are already available while others will require an app update. All updates have been submitted to the stores and will be available as soon as they pass through the stores’ policies (few hours for Android and Windows Phone, couple days for iOS).

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In Your Eyes

Jul 12 2016

The Third Eye that floats above your hero’s diary and notes all the interesting things from his life has always been useful to catch up on things after being away.

The time has come to bring the Eye to next level by making it see new things it couldn’t see before and by allowing gods to custom-tailor it for them. Tired of seing quest or skill upgrade entries? Feel free to exclude them. Want to see how much your champ has put into savings or how was his last fishing? You can now know it too!

The Eye’s settings can be found right next to the Eye’s entries and are available once 25% of the temple is completed. The web browser version of the game has already been updated, Android app update is being rolled out as we speak, and iOS and Windows Phone owners will get their hands on the new goodies with the next update of the apps.

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