Life After Temple

Godville, Sep 06 2012

It’s time to add a little bit more purpose into post-temple heroic existence. There’ve already been some things to do, but now there is another big mindless goal – after the great construction for their god is complete, it’s time for heroes to think about themselves and save for a prosperous future! Heroes will now start saving some of their drinking money for retirement and, since heroes whose gods have temples are not the poorest and have high standards, they will need a lot – about 30 million gold coins. Does this number seem unreachable? Well, at one time 1000 bricks seemed unreachable too. In the meantime, you can check out the new pantheon to track your progress.

Another change that we’re making today is about the Ideabox. Here is what’s new:

  • From now on all ideas will be voted on for 24 hours from their initial appearance instead of the old 100 votes limit. More votes per idea should better reflect community opinion, so make sure to cast your vote!
  • ER acceptance of ideas is determined by the relative number of up votes. The threshold for diary and earthly news submissions stays the same – 50%, but for other types it’s been decreased to 40%, which should increase the chance of these ideas making it into the game.

More details about the approval process can be found in this forum topic. We hope these changes will make idea processing simpler and increase the number of approved ideas. Thanks to all ER participants for the great job they did over the last few months!

PS: We’ve also created new mobile pages for pantheons. Hopefully those on mobile phones will like them.

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LHR Bad Karma Sep 06 2012 16:10

Can my hero buy an RV with his retirement money? Maybe he’ll finally get to see Unspecifiedstan…

Jimbob64 6 Sep 06 2012 16:16

That’s a neat idea, but I do have a question: What effect will this new Pantheon of Savings have on the Pantheon of Greed rankings? Does Savings obsolete Greed? Will temple-owners remain in the Greed pantheon as well, or will they be moved to Savings to keep Greed open to non-templeowners? Also, are there any ideas about what happens when a hero saves that much? Will there one day be a Pantheon of Retirement? I know that’s a lot of questions to ask, but I’m sure they’ll be addressed sooner or later anyway.

Jimbob64 6 Sep 06 2012 16:18

Never mind. I saw the Greed pantheon has been removed. But I still bet there’s going to be a Pantheon of Retirement or something down the road. I wonder what the plan is for the heroes once they reach 30 million gold…

Damienpoe Sep 06 2012 16:54

An after temple goal. Beautiful. I like it.

Chris the One Sep 06 2012 16:59

Sounds great

Jasjovi 5 Sep 06 2012 17:01

Thumbs up… :) more goals or achievement for life after temple will be deeply appreciated.

Veezy Sep 06 2012 17:07

Sounds great. Anything new to do after temple completion is a nice addition!

Andjety 6 Sep 06 2012 17:28

Woot! My hero and I only have one brick, so far, but it’s always good to see there’ll be more to come, after we’re done!

Sir Diolo Sep 06 2012 17:36

So when our heroes reaches the 30 milions, they’ll retire? No, please

Sir Diolo Sep 06 2012 17:40

But the new pantheons and the new goal are nice

The Immortal Lunatic Sep 06 2012 17:44

So what happens after retirement? Do we get sent to the GodVille retirement home and have quests like ‘be in bed by 5’ or ‘complain about the young heros these days?’ Just wondering! Maybe we could build more temples!! One in every town. That would be a challenge.

The Good Doctor Sep 06 2012 17:49

I like it! Gives me an excuse to crack the whip more at my hero. Excuse me while I do that now…

Deprivus Sep 06 2012 18:04

The one thing I want to know is what retirement does. What do I get or what changes once that money is saved up?

Smiley77060 4 Sep 06 2012 18:13

I offer my heroine 401k where I match every gold coin she puts in. I even have stock purchasing options.

Avgp Sep 06 2012 19:10


BlueStapler 5 Sep 06 2012 20:16

The Pantheon of savings wiki entry has been created. Please feel free to expand it.

MasterOfShadows Sep 06 2012 20:43

3 million!?! That’s a LOT…

Gorgeous George Sep 06 2012 22:30

My eyes are bleary with tears of happiness. Finally, finally, finally, finally!

My ideas have been recognised and used for the good of Godville.

Gorgeous George Sep 06 2012 22:31

Quetzcatlipoca Sep 06 2012 22:43

Did you remove charge accumulation? I can’t convert my godpower into charges!

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