Life After Temple

Godville, Sep 06 2012

It’s time to add a little bit more purpose into post-temple heroic existence. There’ve already been some things to do, but now there is another big mindless goal – after the great construction for their god is complete, it’s time for heroes to think about themselves and save for a prosperous future! Heroes will now start saving some of their drinking money for retirement and, since heroes whose gods have temples are not the poorest and have high standards, they will need a lot – about 30 million gold coins. Does this number seem unreachable? Well, at one time 1000 bricks seemed unreachable too. In the meantime, you can check out the new pantheon to track your progress.

Another change that we’re making today is about the Ideabox. Here is what’s new:

  • From now on all ideas will be voted on for 24 hours from their initial appearance instead of the old 100 votes limit. More votes per idea should better reflect community opinion, so make sure to cast your vote!
  • ER acceptance of ideas is determined by the relative number of up votes. The threshold for diary and earthly news submissions stays the same – 50%, but for other types it’s been decreased to 40%, which should increase the chance of these ideas making it into the game.

More details about the approval process can be found in this forum topic. We hope these changes will make idea processing simpler and increase the number of approved ideas. Thanks to all ER participants for the great job they did over the last few months!

PS: We’ve also created new mobile pages for pantheons. Hopefully those on mobile phones will like them.

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Fake Pigeon Sep 06 2012 23:05

So how do you add savings? Is it just like collecting bricks? What happens once the 30 million is obtained? What do you get out of it?

Xzzwxs 6 Sep 06 2012 23:32

restore last saved point.

Jordayne Sep 07 2012 00:20

I love that the new pantheons page is so much easier to read, but I miss being able to see other hero’s levels. It’s a good update though devs.

Devwoman18 4 Sep 07 2012 01:57

Please answer if we will be retired and not be able to use our hero/heroine after that. I do NOT want to be forced into retiring.

Omg I Am God 5 Sep 07 2012 04:00

Very interesting devs. The new pantheon on mobile is very clean and easy to read.

I have a feeling what you are thinking of next after 30 million is going to take a while to program. Will there be an update from you on what happens at retirement? Is there a chance for input?

Ex Machina 3000 Sep 07 2012 05:27

I had enough money to revive my pet, until the hero put half of the needed amount into the retirement savings instead. This creates an enormous hurdle for reviving pets. Now I have even less time to make it happen. This cannot remain.

Splornk Sep 07 2012 13:07

A few thoughts….Maybe instead of banking money, there could be a new goal offered as an option, such as renovate the temple to something bigger, or build a statue, or altar or something, therefore could collect other kinds of bricks (or jewels or stones etc). That way people could still revive pets , and could still have to work on getting heroes to do something with the coins other than waste them at the bar. Would still give reason to go to arena and such too. Perhaps the player could be given a choice as to what the heroes next goal will be? And these goals could be made smaller (ie need 400 bricks for statue, 700 for altar etc…) Could be a new idea box category as to what to make next.

Justday Sep 07 2012 14:49

It would appear that the only real way to influence savings is to continuously raise funds in the hope it will be saved rather than squandered as usual. It’s an interesting idea, but I gusss I’m just not motivated to put effort and gp into it without knowing what the end result will be, or if there’s some nice benefit for my heroine if and when she reaches the goal.

RysterMan Sep 08 2012 01:48

Like the little update! Glad to see the develpoees still working on making such a great game even better. Great job guys (or gals)!

Elementarion Sep 08 2012 10:36

I like the idea of a post-temple goal (so I have something to do when I finally get there), but the ideabox update is terrible. Honestly, ideas with, for example, 8/6 and two dupes in ER? And even more no than yes?! Horrible. Please revert.

Theruler 6 Sep 08 2012 16:15

This is not a bad idea, but with my average hero I’m not gonna finish my retirement in less than 7 year. And that’s a lot of time. Can’t we have interest on money already in the retirement plan?

Oceano Sep 08 2012 16:50

I think to counteract the pet revival issue, there should be an option to spend what money you have saved to revive your pet. You’ll take a hit on your retirement, but you’ll save Fluffy.

Jimbob64 6 Sep 08 2012 16:55

For those players who eventually do retire as well as having completed their temple, I like the idea of being able to choose between any of several goals. If one of those goals happens to be temple renovations or expansion, it could reward players for the tremendous effort by increasing how many free charges per day owners of a renovated temple recieve. By the way, I hope we do have something in store for whoever manages to save 30 million coins and retires.

Jimbob64 6 Sep 08 2012 16:58

I second *Oceano*’s idea about making withdrawals for pet revival. Too many of my guildmates with temples have already lost their pets when it wouldn’t have been an issue before. Besides, it’s not really plausible that a hero would rather put money away for retirement instead of using it to help their own pet when it’s in great pain.

Sveenee Sep 08 2012 21:55

After looking at the new pantheon and how much heroes have saved on average since completing a temple, it seems that we can save 10,000 to 20,000 gold per month. That’s about 120,000 to 240,000 gold per year. 1.2 million to 2.4 million per 10 years. 12 million to 24 million per 100 years. Is my math off or am I missing out on something? Please correct me if I made a mistake or if there’s something I’m not aware of.

BoneCrush3r Sep 09 2012 12:09

There should be a dedicated button to revive a pet (until lvl 30) and a button to stash/save the current gold collected. With the high number of 30 million, it isn’t realistic that you can keep peoples attention for that long.

Godville 6 Sep 09 2012 16:49

Money is put into savings INSTEAD of partying. It used to be all just spend on partying, now it go into savings. For that reason it doesn’t affect or make it harder to heal the pet.

Oceano Sep 09 2012 22:06

It’s not 100% savings over partying, your money now has yet another place to be wasted. Gear, partying, skills, and now “savings.” There should be an option to revive your pet using either a specific percentage of your savings, or the actual amount required, whichever is greater. That way, it’s a true loss to the people who care about pantheons, but still want to revive their pet.

Dragondreamer Sep 10 2012 09:27

I love the new additions, the developers are doing a great job keeping the game interesting as well as giving us more to look forward to.

Dreamseeker 6 Sep 10 2012 11:31

Sveenee: It’s been five days and I already have 45k, which would mean about 270k per month and 30 million in just under 10 years. But like getting gold bricks, the savings roughly correlate with how powerful your hero is and therefore that time will be considerably shorter, at least as long as you stay active.

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