Life After Temple

Godville, Sep 06 2012

It’s time to add a little bit more purpose into post-temple heroic existence. There’ve already been some things to do, but now there is another big mindless goal – after the great construction for their god is complete, it’s time for heroes to think about themselves and save for a prosperous future! Heroes will now start saving some of their drinking money for retirement and, since heroes whose gods have temples are not the poorest and have high standards, they will need a lot – about 30 million gold coins. Does this number seem unreachable? Well, at one time 1000 bricks seemed unreachable too. In the meantime, you can check out the new pantheon to track your progress.

Another change that we’re making today is about the Ideabox. Here is what’s new:

  • From now on all ideas will be voted on for 24 hours from their initial appearance instead of the old 100 votes limit. More votes per idea should better reflect community opinion, so make sure to cast your vote!
  • ER acceptance of ideas is determined by the relative number of up votes. The threshold for diary and earthly news submissions stays the same – 50%, but for other types it’s been decreased to 40%, which should increase the chance of these ideas making it into the game.

More details about the approval process can be found in this forum topic. We hope these changes will make idea processing simpler and increase the number of approved ideas. Thanks to all ER participants for the great job they did over the last few months!

PS: We’ve also created new mobile pages for pantheons. Hopefully those on mobile phones will like them.

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Sveenee Sep 10 2012 13:39

Dreamseeker: Thank you for the response. In my experience, after I hit 20% completion I noticed that I am getting bricks at a steady rate. At first I thought I would be done with my temple in 20 months, now it looks like 15 months. In my opinion, I don’t see how we can save 30 million in just a couple of years.

Oceano Sep 10 2012 22:18

@Sveenee: the average hero won’t save it in a couple of years. It’s gonna take godpower, MAMs, and basically doing everything you can to get gold, kind of like you were when you were working on temple, except instead of melting, you’ll hope that he’ll put it away. There needs to be a command system through Encouragement/Punishment like there is with bricks, so that the paying players will have an advantage, and the devs make more money. Players who have completed their temple don’t have as much need to buy fifty dollars worth of charges, unless they’re still avid arena contenders. I still say that there should be an option to use either 25% of your saved gold, or the actual amount to revive your pet, whichever is greater, as long as you have at least the required amount normally needed.

Dreamseeker 6 Sep 11 2012 11:53

25% sounds really harsh, unless it can be only done by an explicit order from the god, which wouldn’t really fit the rest of the game. It might not look like that now, but in a few months it’ll set you back an entire month and if you think further ahead, you should see how bad idea that is. Still, I don’t think reviving your pet from savings should be as easy as normally, so I’d put a premium on that. Maybe 50% extra?

Hershey Almighty 6 Sep 12 2012 08:56

I also like @Oceano’s idea of having the ability to use some of the savings to revive a dead pet. I’ve lost quite a bit of pets from not having enough gold to save them so since my temple is complete, I’m much more keen on getting the breeder achievement rather than the companionship of a level-less pet quite frankly. I’m sure there are others in the same situation. I’d be really disappointed having to start all over to raise a pet again if I lose my current one that I’ve already "spent"months raising! I’d like to end by saying that I love this game & love the work that’s going into it every week by the developers as well as the contributors! :-)

Silverfox Sep 13 2012 00:26

I’ve been playing this game for years now, continued to play after completing my temple because it’s a good game, and I’ve now gotten a pet up to Level 29. However thanks to this new retirement thing my hero will not save the money to heal my pet as she keeps putting it away into savings! I’m about to lose my pet just before it hits level 30 because of this update, and it’s annoying me enough that I don’t want to play anymore. I think the retirement thing is a nice idea, but it’s interfering with other goals I was more interested in and closer to completing. Surely there has to be a fix for this, it’s not fair that after all the effort we’ve all put in getting our pets to high levels, it’s going to be ruined because of one silly update? If I can’t revive my pet then I just don’t see the point in trying to raise one to level 30, so why bother playing? As for the previous pet update, personally I’d rather a pet dies than loses its level, at least if it dies you can replace it straightaway instead of having to get rid of it. Please fix this quickly, it is really off-putting that I may have wasted all this time for nothing…

Sveenee Sep 13 2012 05:08

I see your point that godpower is where the devs make their money; getting bricks and beating bosses have cost me plenty of charges. But I don’t see how saving gold for retirement can help the developers raise money.

Also, the idea of taking gold out of my retirement plan to raise a pet (at a 25% markup) reminds me of my 401k. I play this game to escape worrying about this sort of thing.

I just wonder if having too much control over the hero’s money violates the spirit of the game. I rather enjoy the fact that my hero is grinding away while I do other things. Its like an anti-WoW. I also like the fact that the hero only has a vague understanding of what a god wants but doesn’t know the details. He would rather get drunk than save his pet or save for retirement.

Oceano Sep 14 2012 02:24

Perhaps 25% would be too high, it would just depend on the amount of money saved. 50% higher would be much more practical, so if it normally cost 5000 coins to resurrect a pet, it would be 7500 from your savings. That would make sense in the end. And I don’t believe that it should be an immediate order from the hero, it needs to be a command from the god that would be recognizable by the hero, and only in specific areas of the world, such as IN the temple or at least in Godville.

The Great Gayser Sep 16 2012 04:14

i could have bought charges to quicken thr process but hey im almost done with the temple, why start now!…idea box wish i could use apperently im have a lot of bad ideas…lol!

Fluffy-sama Sep 16 2012 08:33

Reading the comments I thought to myself, this is just too much thinking. This game isn’t one that should be played so seriously. It’s like life. You TRY to influence it, but you’re not always successful. On my opinion :)

The Boss One 6 Sep 19 2012 09:48

Lets just say that 1000 bricks needed for temple = 3 million dollars. That took me a year to collect BUT i could influence my hero to create those gold bricks and guarantee that the money was used for a brick. Now sinve having completed the temple, influence does nothing in regards to what happens to that gold. I.E. We should have some way to influence where the money goes. And I also agree that there should be a better method to revive a pet that we can select.

Spankilly Sep 20 2012 04:30

I’m no where near done but I would probably find it boring just to put money away for ‘retirement’ (seeing as that is sort of unclear as to what, if anything, your hero would do when retired) I like the ideas of having other goals, like saving for a statue or some other decorations for the temple etc. Could have a list of what to encourage hero to save up for and a pantheon for most collected etc.

D-Envy Sep 20 2012 04:37

My retirement fund stuck after i revived my pet. Anyone experience this?

Kaena Sep 21 2012 13:50

What I’m wondering is this… I was unable to revive my pet in time, and while I was sleeping, we got to the vet and now my pet is level-less. I’m still wanting to get the pet achievement. Is there a way I can release my pet?

Kaena Sep 21 2012 23:49

Never mind. I figured it out. I’m very sad that I couldn’t keep Behemoth with me

Sir Diolo Oct 01 2012 11:26

My hero resurected his level 25 pet, and saved more than 300k in less than 20 days, without buying any charge, maybe 4 to kill a boss monster. The key is to use properly the gp, use miracles to get bold trophies, and make as much money as you can, or dig. The new update doesn’t affect the gameplay, the devs said that they save money INSTEAD of wasting it drinking.

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