Gone Fishing

Godville, Nov 12 2015

It looks like a new kind of hobby is spreading through Godville. Nobody knows how it all started, but more and more heroes, from beginners to the most seasoned adventurers, are being spotted sitting next to rivers, ponds and other water bodies, with an artifact attached to a line on a stick… They call it “fishing”.

Surprisingly, the loot is not just fish: it could be a golden brick or something else easily activatable. Taverns are already full of stories about a bigger catch fished out on a “bolder” bait. In the best ZPG tradition, divine influence is not required or it can even be harmful – nobody wants to scare away all the fish with noise or thunderclaps.

In the mean time, a few overly enthusiastic shipwrights got their hands on some ancient scriptures and realized why they needed arks in the first place. All this time they were meant to preserve life in this world – which in their heroic minds translates into finding a thousand pairs of twos of every kind and packing them into their arks, just in case.

However, there is a problem – heroes have gone back and forth through Godville countless times and all they saw were some genderless and occasionally male creatures. Where do they find fenimals? Well, checking the waters is worth a shot. While high-waters are not yet available due to the ongoing construction in Godville’s port, a recent fishing craze should come in very handy.

This new heroic undertaking won’t get unnoticed: Godville’s accountants are already crunching some numbers and the builders were noticed erecting something new in the pantheons area.

Some miscellaneous news:

  • a recent major update of Godville Android app has added support of Material Design, improved notifications and very handy Mini-Remote. Make sure to check it out if you haven’t yet.
  • if iOS is your choice (and the app was crashing recently), get the latest update from the AppStore as it might help you.
  • if you’re an active Ideaboxer keep in mind that your ideas can be accepted at any time of the month (unlike from just the beginning of the month like it used to be).
Comments (41)
Kingdada 6 Nov 12 2015 10:09

another wonderful update! thank you

High king of undies 4 Nov 12 2015 10:15

Sounds like a nice update! Thanks :D

God2000 8rd alt Nov 12 2015 10:21

Cool new update! Woohooh!

Leroy Jethro Gibbs 4 Nov 12 2015 10:26

Sounds great. Can’t wait to go fishing.

Liska 4 Nov 12 2015 10:34


Nicoper 5 Nov 12 2015 11:29

Seems like a pretty nice update!

Eddie The Not So Bad 6 Nov 12 2015 11:55


Nightfall Z 4 Nov 12 2015 12:01


The Almighty Frans 6 Nov 12 2015 12:11


Ark: check
fishing rod: check
godville admin parts as bait: check
big bottle of booze: check

What are we waiting for ;-)

Brinjal 6 Nov 12 2015 12:42

I skim-read this at first and rushed to look for a “sail” button on my remote while yelling at my hero to fish. Now I’ve re-read and seen that fishing is random and sailing currently unavailable. I feel silly now, but this news is great! Can’t wait to go sailing!

Hershey Almighty 6 Nov 12 2015 12:46

“What in the world is ‘Twos of Every Kind’?” I said to myself as I visited my “HERO” page. Checked out the “Game News” and everything makes sense again ? phew Nice update GV admins! ?

Jimbob64 6 Nov 12 2015 12:56

I’ve been looking forward to this. Thank you, devs!

Artsonian 6 Nov 12 2015 13:03

Gonna be hard to return to ZPG with zero control…… except for the once-more addiction to diary-watching

Thanks, guys!!! Woke up to my first fenimal … looks pretty cool!

Dogess 6 Nov 12 2015 13:40

Woohoo! Bring on the girls!! Thanks, devs! :)

DarkinBlade Nov 12 2015 13:46

Is this exclusive to those who finished their Arks?

The Almighty Frans 6 Nov 12 2015 14:48

Yes, I have an unarked hero and she does not have this

The Almighty Frans 6 Nov 12 2015 14:49


Yeah, I would really like to say to my hero. “Hero: go fish!”

The Almighty Frans 6 Nov 12 2015 14:50

Thinking again about the “Twos of every kind”.

Does that mean I can’t take any hermaphrodites? She-males?

Stickyorder 6 Nov 12 2015 15:34

This couldn’t have come at a better time! I’m now very excited for the new, and the upcoming features! Great work!

Domerthos Nov 12 2015 16:31

That’s… quite interesting. Well done Devs! .

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