Treasure Hunting

Godville, Oct 21 2012

Not everyone knows that heroes are not only good at questing and fighting, but treasure finding as well. Whenever they hear a “dig” voice from their god, they grab whatever lies around and zealously start rummaging in the ground, searching for gold. This could be helpful for melting a golden brick, healing a pet or just to help the hero get more money.

It seems that even-deepening excavations have unleashed something unheard of – the underground lairs of new boss-monsters. These rare creatures can only be met by synchronized digging, are stronger and have incredible abilities that other monsters don’t have. For the first time in Godville, it will take joint efforts of multiple heroes to defeat the beast once it’s unleashed! These guys are also quite rich, so the heroes who manage to get through the fight and win will be rewarded very nicely.

Note: if you play on a phone, make sure to update your mobile app to see these new fights completely.

In other good news, the game finally got a big and long-awaited update for the duel related phrases. To further embrace the content-related activities, Godville Times now features new daily section with updates from the Ideabox and ER. All hail to the ER participants and new game content!

UPD: Forum topic on new boss monsters.

Comments (36)
Elementarion Oct 21 2012 21:38

Wow. That’s all I can say!

Ceccetticat Oct 21 2012 21:42

Great additions as usual :) Thanks, devs!

La Guerrera Oct 21 2012 21:53

Love the new content! Digging for monsters as we speak…

Epona Dernhelm Oct 21 2012 22:06

Wish I could say I was excited but pet rez has become a way of life recently

Taquitos Oct 21 2012 22:11

Can’t wait to multi player!

Brand Metempyreal Oct 21 2012 22:15

Zero player co-op mode kgo

P A I N Oct 21 2012 22:42

You Guys have really out done yourselves! This sounds very exciting. The details of which already beg my attention to fully get a gradp on. How might one recruit the necisary help from another player? Kudos! Mucho Gracias Dev’s.

P A I N Oct 21 2012 22:45

05:44: Had an irresistible urge to dig. While doing so, Pinky suddenly butted me out of the way, growled fiercely, and walked away with a bone.

Hah! Faked me out!

TheGourdGod 6 Oct 21 2012 22:56

An example of what the duels look like – wish I could at least look at my companions I’m fighting with. Or heal them. Or interact with them in any other way besides just appearing to attack on each other’s screens.

Still, awesome addition.

Xzzwxs 5 Oct 21 2012 22:58

well done Devs! great twist. Now, could we please get some details going on how this will all work out? we’ll figure out the strategy, but some hints would be appreciated. cheers.

The Good Doctor Oct 22 2012 00:06

Two words: Mein. Gott.

I’m practically salivating at the possibilities! Well done, Devs! I love it when you spoil us! Imma go start digging now…

grabs shovel, smiles maliciously Come out, come out, wherever you are~!

Fred Flintstone Oct 22 2012 00:43

Awesome. Maybe I will finally get the bricks I was digging for but missed when I was making my temple while looking for a boss.

Fred Flintstone Oct 22 2012 00:58

Or I could get one on my first try. Cool adition. Also now I know when/why the rivals box is supposed to show up.

Poochy 4 Oct 22 2012 01:04

Here’s mine:

I got mine after two iterations of “dig for a lair” commands.

Eye Of Six Oct 22 2012 01:15


Starryshine Oct 22 2012 02:48

Ohh gotta try it out!

Peexkay 4 Oct 22 2012 03:28

here’s mine! very nice, but I wish like mentioned before, if we could heal our partners, etc.

Azayn Oct 22 2012 04:19

I agree with everyone else…it would be cool if we could talk to the other person, or heal, or interact in SOME way.

When my dual duel started, I was honestly just searching for treasure. The text said that I had entered a cave and it seemed to the hero like a good place to excavate. So I did…not what I expected. It was fun though. :)

St George Oct 22 2012 10:39

06:43: My shovel skid into the ground, opening an entrance to a den. I hear a distant roar. Why do I have bad feeling about this? Anyone know why this did’nt result in a boss battle

Jordayne Oct 22 2012 15:13


Didn’t realize what they meant by bosses having terrifying abilities until I realized that he wouldn’t let me use voice commands. Makes me wonder what other ones there are and if they are related to specific bosses.

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