Contentful Update

Feb 08 2020

Greetings, gods and goddesses! Let’s mark the new year with the new stuff.

Big Content Update
We finally managed to sort through the heaps of submissions in the six most cluttered drawers of Ideabox (btw, thanks for patience!). The result is astounding – more than a thousand new content ideas have been added to the game! That includes hundreds of new artifacts, earthly news, dungeon, sail and duel chronicle entries. Newspaper also got a long-awaited content refresh (should be visible in tomorrow’s issue).

Newspaper ER
Newspaper submissions used to disappear in the void of Ideabox, skipping community voting altogether. This injustice is no more – from now on such ideas will go through the regular voting process, with ER and everything.

On a related note, we’d like to express our gratitude to everyone in ER for their participation and work. Your creativity and contribution really helps the game.

New Forecasts
As some attentive gods already noticed, starting from January there are three new forecasts in Godville Times. First one lets heroes sleep longer and more often. The second one makes tribble encounters much more common. The third one gives a chance of getting an unplanned side job.

Side Jobs Extension
Speaking of side jobs – it’s a bummer to see an almost finished side job to expire. From now on a hero could occasionally extend the current side job for a couple more hours by hitting a POI on the map. Sometimes that could really help to to finally get the job done.

By the way, you can now get nudged when the hero finds a new side job – just update the Godville app (Android, iOS) to get this new notification option.

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Holiday News

Dec 21 2019

Let’s continue from where we left off with a present for the “warriors of pen and paper”. Welcome the Pantheon of Wordcraft — a place to compare the progress of the next major goal.

Now for the main part. Right around the Day X in late December, also known as Christmas, cold and dense air gets filled with holiday spirit and magic. First of all, it’s time of snowflakes (❄). A hero can get one from a special Christmas reindeer, fish it out or loot it. This peculiar thing is actually useful. Traders pay real gold for it. A god can sneak one and use it as a wildcard in the Bingo game. Also, four or five snowflakes crumbled together in the inventory make… a snowman, which the hero can then valiantly fight and even get some festive loot.

Second, some quick news from snow-covered fields. Santa Clawses and Satan Clauses are leaving their warm dens to deliver spirit and presents for all (btw, It’s the only time of the year when these could be tamed as pets). In a few hours from now a well-known festive town of Laplandville will be ready to open its doors. Famous for its holiday offers, discounts and other bonuses, it proudly welcomes all the customers just a couple milestones away from the Godville itself.

Finally, there are presents. These are traditional Christmas activatables that yield some good stuff, including gold bricks, gopher wood, manimals, chunks of XP for your champion or godpower boost for you. A hero should get them by himself — just peek into his loot bag from time to time. Btw, there is a sure way to get present – just play Bingo in Godville Times.

The fest will last till Jan 2. Happy Holidays!

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Dec 09 2019

Today is the day for the experienced ones — the deities who already have a lab boss and whose heroes are busy with writing a sacred book.

As you may have noted, it’s a challenging task for our attention deficit heroes. Up to now, they could only learn glyphs while sleeping — and it turned out to be hard while sleeping drunk.

However, anything can be improved with a little bit of science. Behold the Datamine — a special place for learning sacred things. Particle collision creates lots of data, right? Datamine was made to collide the heaviest, most energy-dense (and also dumbest) particles of Godville – the lab bosses.

Data from the datamine can be used in two ways. Firstly, it helps to learn new glyphs for the Book. Secondly, it produces bosscoins.

Bosscoin is a fancy new currency of Godville. It’s weird, mysterious and very valuable — on a good day a bosscoin can be sold for up to 18 thousand gold coins! On other days it could cost pennies — its price is flaky and changes many times an hour. Godville Times is up with this new trend: editors are already publishing up-to-date bosscoin rates in the newspaper’s exchange section.

Let’s sum it up. Finally, gods got a shiny new button for their Remote controls and something new to play with, alongside familiar dungeons and sails (it’s been years since something like that happened!). Check this forum topic to learn more. Also make sure to update the Godville app on your phone (Android, iOS).

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Haunted News

Oct 29 2019

Halloween Event
Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s time to get the annual amount of spooky stuff. Old-timers already know the usual set of holiday goodies – angry tribbles here and there, valuable pumpkinezed artifacts, hordes of undead monsters and other eeriness.

There is new stuff too. Remember old-fashioned golden halloween pumpkins, usually gained in battles? Forget them. Glowing pumpkins are the new rage. They also don’t require godpower to activate, but unlike older breed, the improved one can occasionally produce even more valuable things.

This year the special event will last for three days instead of one – plenty of time to enjoy the eeriness and smash some festive pumpkins.

New Aura
Recent September Gathering fest has caused careless mushroom consumption with surprising consequence – an aura of savings. A hero under effect of this aura gives up town partying and prefers to put gold into savings instead, just like similar newspaper forecast. Heroes without temples and trader-heroes seems to be immune to this aura.

New Side Jobs
New side activities are here to entertain our bored by repetitive quests heroes. First one is related to finishing regular quests. Second one is about consumption of potions. Third one is a weird one – it’s about breeding tribbles. By the way, a hero who finish and turn in a side job fast (with more than 24 hours left) will get the maximum possible reward instead of the usual random one.

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Oct 09 2019

This news is for the players that have been here for a while and already managed to complete all the main goals: constructing a temple, building an ark, collecting twos of every kind and even awakening of an own boss.

Not having a goal to achieve is a bit unhealthy for both gods and heroes. It’s time to introduce a next epic deed, next major milestone. What is an intrinsic quality of a deity? Of course a creation of a world!

A dramatic event like this will surely require some preparations. What was at the beginning of a world? It’s said that it was a word. Probably, more than one. Most likely a tome of words. So, let’s try writing one. Luckily, every Godville god has an overconfident storyteller at their will, known to use up dozens of diaries on a daily basis. Let’s see how he expresses himself in this novel form – composing of a Book of Creation.

Usual heroic writings, though, won’t work here. A world can’t be created from random gibberish, it requires unique scriptural code. A hero should dive into cryptography and get the right knowledge glyph by glyph. Four glyphs will make one word, a thousand words — the Book.

Where to get the right words? There are few options for that. The first one is very dear to any hero — sleep. Every true adventurer occasionally indulges in dreaming while resting in a town. Champions tasked with the Book assignment will see divine writings in their dreams and redraw them into their Book. The second source is even more familiar: a hero can learn few glyphs as a reward for finishing a side job. That’s all for now, but there will be more word learning options in one of the upcoming game updates.

Of course, Godville is still a Zero Player Game. A hero can compose the Book all by himself, without any help. As it’s usual for the major goals, this process will take a year or two – patience is a godly virtue.

One important thing: a hero will start composing the Book only after his boss-monster has been assembled. The first boss (and only the first one) can now awake automatically in a few weeks after all the necessary ingredients have been collected. A notice line in the Lab tells when auto-awake will happen (make sure to update your Android or iOS app to see it). If you want to postpone first boss awakening you can cancel the timer by deleting any boss part from the Lab – though now it’s recommended to awaken the first one as soon as possible.

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Poetry & Gathering

Sep 05 2019

Mushroom Season
The beginning of autumn is great time for mushroom picking. For the whole month of September the heroes will be bumping into mushrooms and collecting them. They will not dare to eat unfamiliar things, but the god surely can force it – with the consequences like free aura and stuff.

Poetic Godvoices
Godvoice is the main communication channel with your champion and neighboring gods. Also, do you remember that voices well-liked by community bring some godpower boost?
From now on you can shout in style: introducing poetic verses! Just use a slash character (/ or \) to delimit lines. So a godvoice like this:

  • Any godvoice / Could lead to an action / Poetic one though / Brings more satisfaction

will be written in diaries like so:

  • Any godvoice
  • Сould lead to an action
  • Poetic one though
  • Brings more satisfaction

Keep in mind that shout-verses could have up to 4 lines. If you find others’ godvoices irritating, you can always disable them in the app’s settings.

Neat Refinements

  1. Answer spar request directly from the push notification (via Android app now too).
  2. Turn slider in the duel chronicles now shows the turn number while sliding.
  3. Chronicle links can now refer to a specific moment in fight – just set the slider to the desired turn and then share it like usual.
  4. If you play in a web browser, you can now spot the moment of turn change if Godville browser tab is not active (it should be useful for those of us who sometimes become AFK involuntary, due to the heavy multitasking).
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Summer Happenings

Jul 19 2019

Dear %godname%, how are you doing? Are you ready for some summer news?

GodWiki Event
There is a community event centered around topic of summer – organized by players for players to encourage and celebrate creativity on the GodWiki. Check it out and participate if you feel inspired.

Guild Quests
Remember mini-quests? These are short tasks that hero takes upon occasionally and usually completes in about an hour. But who gives these quests and why can’t guilds send their members on small errands too? So here it is – a new kind of mini-quest for guilds.

Once a guild gains some initial presence in a town (at least 1% of town influence), any of its members could occasionally get a special guild quest to do something for the town and improve guild fame among locals even further. These quests can be easily spotted by the “(guild)” suffix in the quest name.

Completing a such quest will increase the guild’s fame in the town while the hero will get his mini-quest reward. Same task – double profit.

Gaining 1% of town influence is easy – about half a dozen miracles in total (from all guild members should be enough. Keep in mind that guild quests can’t be taken in the capital. If, for some reason, you don’t want your hero to glorify his guild, feel free to cancel such a quest with a godvoice.

Content Update
Long-awaited news on the Ideabox front. We finally managed to sort through few stacks of Ideabox submissions. As a result, hundreds of new phrases, monsters and quests have been added to the game. Thank you all for your submissions, ER improvements and feedback!

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Godville Turns 9

May 10 2019

Today is a big day.

On this day, nine years ago this world was created. It took a bit longer than 7 days. Way longer. In a way, the creation is still going on. Over these years heroes learned fighting and dueling, spelunking and shipbuilding, sailing, fishing and many other things – all to please, praise and entertain their gods.

It all won’t be possible without our incredible, creative and supportive community of Godville gods. Be it a new idea or game text, a bug report or grammar correction, godwiki contribution, a purchase of charges to support the game, or just helping out a fellow player, or any of the other countless things a god can do – it all adds up to the main goal – to make Godville nice and pleasant place to be, to make it a bit better than it was yesterday.

So, today is the day for gods and their heroes to celebrate. Let’s get the feast going: today and for the next 2 days congratulate your hero with a god voice to get a festive pack of accumulator charges. It would be useful to cheer up your duel opponent, dungeon comrades and sail party too.

Cheers to Godville and all its dwellers – under the ground, in the sky and all the way in between!

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Realigning the Stars

May 01 2019

Greetings, gods and goddesses. It’s news time!

Forecasting Forecast
As many of you know, Godville Times has a Forecast section, which lists special conditions that affect hero’s life for a given day. Checking the forecast is especially useful for those who like tampering with their champion on a daily basis.

From now on, gods can affect these forecasts. Starting with level 20, a god can voice an opinion on what one of the tomorrow’s forecast should be about: time, trade, influences, etc. Full day of divine voting will surely realign the stars. Then astrologers will decipher the collective will and publish their findings in the next issue of Godville Times.

Besides voting, there are couple new forecasts, which we will leave for the gods to explore.

Sailing News
Summer is near – and it should be a good time for waterborne activities. Dockers agree and will work overtime to re-supply arks for the next voyage quicker – in 8 hours (or just 6 hours if last exit was though the port).

Two new sea types are here to bring new experiences for the well-versed sailors. The first one lets heroes see much further in the distance, but nothing hints at the location of the booty. The second one is peaceful and kind, so no heroes will dare to attack each other.

Ideabox Tweaks
PC version of Ideabox now shows the number of not yet voted ideas in each section (same way like in the mobile apps). Gods with ER access will also see a number of ideas in ER (both PC and mobile). Newly added navigation links at the bottom of each section should make going through Ideabox a breeze.

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POIs, Bosses, etc

Mar 26 2019

Hello there, dear gods. We have good news to share.

Afterparty POIs
What hero doesn’t like to spend his hard-earned gold in taverns? From now on parties could not only be pleasant, but useful too. If a hero learns something useful during his “social hours”, he’ll mark a point on the map to check it later. The more gold he spends, more likely he’ll overhear something. That could work even if hero already has a point on the map – the one from the tavern will be the second!

Explosive Bosses Disarm
As every seasoned adventurer knows, explosive bosses always blow up when defeated, covering the area with shreds and leaving the heroes without useful lab parts. Not anymore. From now on the heroes will notice when the boss is preparing to detonate. Finishing the boss quickly after warning could prevent the explosion.

Inventory Notification
There is a brand new push notification on the number of artifacts in the hero’s inventory (make sure to update Godville mobile app for this option to appear). In addition to that, now the app has a quick link to Bingo in the Inventory tab. This combo should come in very handy.

Accessibility Tweaks
Some changes were made for deities playing with VoiceOver or Talkback screen readers. We hope that the game is already quite accessible, but there is always room to improve. The latest app update brings enhancements for sails, newspaper navigation, crossword and couple more things.

PS: Make sure the check Godville Tallent Show contest here.

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