Pack Pets and More

Sep 30 2022

Greetings, dear gods and goddesses! Once again, we’re glad to be back with some news.

New Kind of Pets
As you know, the wildlife of Godville is under constant evolution. We are happy to present the latest development: pack pets.

Pack pets have some unique qualities. Obviously, they help heroes to carry more stuff (more when pet levels up). Secondly, a hero with extra space can buy more healing potions for upcoming travels. Thirdly, such pet can carry extra proof of killing a wanted monster, so a hero can defeat two wanted monsters in one trip. (Btw, somewhat abstract “proof of a wanted monster death” is now known as a “hide of wanted monster”.)

Here is the cool thing – you all can choose the monsters that will become pack pets. For the next 24 hours, cast your vote here or send in your suggestion via Ideabox->Monster. In 3 days we will update this post with selected pet names and the levels required to tame them.

UPD: Here is the list of pack pets: Contraband Mule (needs level 45+), Reservoir Dog (65+), Piggy Banker (85+), Stag of Holding (105+), Insomni-Yak (125+), High Horse (150+).

Another pet related quality of life improvement: from now on the game will show how much gold the hero needs to bring to a prayer for healing a wounded pet.

Reworked Crossword
Neat changes are coming to newspaper crossword as well. There are three new kinds of crossword words: dungeon bosses, sail beasties and locations that your hero occasionally mentions in his diary. Yay to variety!

Also, it now has Easier Mode: every day, at 13:00 UTC (9:00 AM EST, 6:00 AM PDT) the crossword will uncover a couple more letters. If word guessing was too hard for you, try it now, you may like it.

Souls News
It’s been a month since the start of soul collecting, so it’s time to admire our harvesters. Now you can see the Souls progress on the gods’ pages and the overall picture in the newly opened pantheon of Soulfulness. This deed also has its own achievement: Soulcatcher.

Also, there is a brand new application for the Souls Extract – it can be used to expire adventure cooldowns, so a god can send a hero to Arena, Spar, Dungeon or Sail right away. You can find the new button in the Spirit Refinery.

Make sure to update iOS and Android apps to enjoy all the new features.

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Going Souls-like

Aug 25 2022

Let’s start with the news for everyone: the second season of Know Your Monster is here. Every day a picture of a monster will be published in Godville Times — guess the name of the monster to send your hero a special present. KYM will go on for a couple months, so don’t miss out. Huge thanks to all the artists who submitted their work into GodWiki.

But the main dish today is for the experienced deities who already completed all major goals of the game. If you already built a temple, finished an ark, collected pairs and wrote a book — rejoice, as now your hero starts another tremendous project for your enjoyment!

It’s time to take care of the soul… or souls, to be precise. They are essential in any world. Souls come in various shapes and forms – dark, wicked, pure, etc – and could be saved, sold, enlightened, freed, you name it. Obviously, there must be a place for them in Godville. So let our heroes harvest a whole bunch of them — for yet to be known, but very godly reasons. Five thousand should be enough — just don’t get too scared with the number, it won’t take longer than usual.

There are three ways to catch souls. Firstly, a hero can extract them from special soul monsters which he will occasionally meet in travels. Secondly, many lost souls take hot baths deep underground, so they could be found in a dungeon’s basement, two at a time — one in the treasury and one from the treasure boss. Thirdly, souls could be obtained after completing a side job.

Neat thing: the souls that a hero finds differ not only by names, but also by their spirit. Once your hero finds a soul you’ll get access to Spirit Refinery — a sort of divine distiller for all soul-related things. There you can refine them for a special soul extract that can be used to grant a special boon for the hero.

As usual, a god doesn’t have to do any of the above. Godville is still a Zero Player Game, so the hero is capable of finishing this task on his own, it just takes longer. Play along as much as you want. To make things more exciting, a new pantheon is coming soon.

Make sure your Godville mobile app (Android, iOS) is up to date for the new goodies to work properly.

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Minding Ideas

Jul 13 2022

Greetings, dear gods and goddesses! As usual, we have some exciting news.

New Side Jobs
Please welcome two new kinds of side jobs. The first one should be a no-brainer for the heroes as it only requires writing in the diary. The second one rewards finding boss parts, which can be found in various places — from dungeons and mini-quests to fishing.

New Bosses Ability
For the first time in years bosses gained a new abilityсhipping. These guys can chip away bits of the heroes equipment, dealing it some damage and lowering its level. Besides making bosses more varied, it could also come in handy for equipment side jobs.

Lots of New Phrases
Once again the time has come to sort out Ideabox submissions. We’ve been doing just that for the last few weeks, plowing through half of the Ideabox sections. And we’ve just added hundreds — seven hundreds, to be precise — new phrases for diary, duels and dungeons. Thanks to everyone involved!

Reworked Ideabox Form
We also reworked the idea submission form. Firstly, before sending a phrase you can now select the phrase type — this will help ER-editors in voting and improve the idea’s chances to be accepted. Secondly, now there are phrase examples — just like in ER. Third, you might get some tips in a submit popup. Fourth, the form now has quick links to Ideabox guidelines and common variables list. All these are optional, but we hope they will be helpful.

Apps Improvements
The game’s mobile apps have been updated (Android, iOS). Beside the above mentioned new Ideabox form, there is also a new search feature: use search box on the Friends screen to find any god (not just friends) by their name. Finally, the old Mini-remote on iOS is now more visible and handy.

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Happy 12th

May 10 2022

Hey, you know that today is a special day, right?

Twelve (12!) years ago Godville opened its doors to everyone looking for lazy adventures and occasional giggles. Back then we couldn’t even imagine how it would all pan out, but apparently you – gods – liked it.

Today our heroes are adventuring up and below the ground, over the seas and even venture into less tangible dimensions. We sure hope it won’t stop there and there will be even more interesting things for heroes and their deities to enjoy.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without the support from our incredible community of Godville gods. Constant influx of ideas and feedback from you is what keeps the game interesting and fresh – even after 12 years. Thank you all!

Moving on to the more practical part. First of all, make sure to congratulate your hero with a godvoice to get a festive pack of godpower charges. Use godpower capacitor (while not in a duel) to get another bonus. Be on the lookout for the special anniversary monsters gleaming with godpower. Do that for the next 3 days to keep this party going.

Let the celebration begin! Feel free to congratulate everyone in the comments. There is no special bonus for this, just the good vibes for us all.

Happy 12th, everyone!

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New in Towns

Apr 27 2022

Good news, dear gods and goddesses! Two whole pieces of news.

New Towns
Remember the last April 1 frenzy with towns spangled map? And the voting that followed shortly after? We’re glad to announce that some of the most liked towns are here to stay on a permanent basis. Find them on the map: New Ork, Unpleasantville, Witt’s End and Underwhere.

Interestingly, these towns have a new feature: upon entering such a town the hero will often get a welcome gift. Tourism promotion is intense these days.

If you ever tried visiting your hero using a phone’s web browser at you probably weren’t too happy with how it all looked, because it was made for PCs.

Well, not anymore. From now on the web version of the game looks good on phones too. It looks similar to our Android and iOS apps and supports almost all the features of the game – duels and other adventures, messages, notifications, color themes, etc. It should be useful if you can’t use the app or just want to have something else as a backup.

You can always switch back the desktop version from the Menu tab (and forth using the link underneath the diary).

One more change that affects the desktop browser version of the game as well: from now on craftable items are marked with a blue dot; tapping on the item’s name brings up a crafting popup.

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Bossing Around

Mar 23 2022

Hi there, dear deities. It’s great to be back with yet another portion of game news.

About Bosses
High-level deities that like to mess around in the Lab now have a special reward for their heroes – a new Scientist achievement. It’s awarded once a first boss is successfully awakened and can be improved further by assembling even stronger bosses.
The second change should improve dungeoning and regular boss fighting. Every time a boss mutates or summons a minion the fight log entry will be marked with new 🧬 and 👥 symbols correspondingly. This should make keeping an eye on the battle easier.
The next thing is about fishing. From now on heroes can fish out a new precious item – 4th level boss part. It’s quite rare, so getting it should be especially pleasing.

Faster Duels and Adventures
From now on, arena battles, dungeons and sails will run a tad faster, making the whole adventure more dynamic and less time consuming.

New Game Content
Once again, we’ve spent the past few weeks in the depths of the Ideabox and are glad to share the gems from this catch. Hundreds of new quests, monsters, artifacts and earthly news are already waiting for you in the game. Big thanks to all authors and ER editors!

Spring Cleaning
Spring is already in full bloom, which means it’s a perfect time for the annual Spring Content Cleaning. If you think that some of the game’s texts are poorly worded, inappropriate or overused, please let us know here.

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We Need To Go Deeper

Jan 11 2022

Hello, dear deities. Let’s talk about Godville’s dungeons. They are gloomy and roomy, but kinda flat. What could possibly add more depth to them?

Please welcome the Basement – the new low of dungeons.

From now on, spelunking heroes could stumble upon stairs ◿. Sometimes it’s clearly visible on the map, sometimes it could be hidden near the entrance. The heroes won’t go down by themselves – they have to be commanded to do so by an experienced deity with a Lab boss.

That’s because the basement is harder than the main floor. Treasure hints are ambiguous, mazes could amaze. Bosses are tougher too – they all are higher-ranked, so the treasury is guarded by a 4-ability colossus.

So, why would one dare to go there, you may ask? First of all, the basement’s treasury has a bit more riches for grabs. Secondly, every conscious hero will also get a nice coupon for free stuff there – similar to those in Godville Times, but bolder. Finally, new treasure bosses could be stripped of precious 4 lvl parts to breed even more powerful bosses in the Lab.

And if you don’t need all of that, just stay on the main floor. Еverything there stays the same, including a treasury and its gopher wood.

Make sure to update your Godville mobile app (Android, iOS) for new stuff to work correctly. One more thing – a dungeon with no trait from now on is called a Dungeon of Normalcy, so don’t worry when you see one.

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Christmas Special

Dec 21 2021

Warm greetings to you, chilling deities!

Christmas and holidays are right ahead and Godville has quite a few things to offer for this occasion.

For starters, keep an eye on winter snowflakes ❄. There are many ways to get them: heroes knock them out of monsters, reindeers 🦌 and fish out of ponds, while gods can get an extra ❄ from the godpower capacitor in Godville Times. These snowflakes are actually quite useful. They are valuable among traders, the bingo game takes them as wildcards – and if a hero gets four or five of them there might be some serious snowman-centric fun with presents.

Speaking of holiday presents – which is the main part, of course. There are lots of them and they could drop from everywhere: monsters, snowmen, newspaper’s bingo, you name it. These gifts come in various shapes and forms and could be activated for free to get valuable resources, chunks of experience, godpower and other neat stuff.

Let’s not forget about Laplandville – this festive town known for its discounts and other bonuses, located right next to Godville, is about to open its doors. Meanwhile, Santa Clawses and Satan Clauses are back in the field, spreading holiday spirit and presents (and even tameable with some luck).

There are a couple more novelties of this holiday season:

  • New side jobs – they are holiday-themed and quite easy.
  • Holiday POIs – these multipoints are rare, but very rewarding.
  • Any god with Dungeon Forge can put a Christmas tree in their dungeon, so spelunkers could get some presents if they find it.

The feast will last till January 2. Happy Holidays!

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Eerie News

Oct 28 2021

Halloween Event
Halloween is around the corner, so get ready to be startled for the next few days! All the spooky things are here – profitable pumpkinezed🎃 loot, risen monsters, hungry tribbles and other eeriness. Don’t miss the valuable glowing pumpkins: your hero’s job is to get them, your job is to smash them.

New Pets
Rejoice, pet lovers, because the annual batch of new pets has just arrived. Here is the list: Velcrow (18+), Pack Rat (45+), Gnomewrecker (60+), Starfish Trooper (75+), Frog of War (95+), Lightning Colt (115+), Vogon Poet (125+), Undercover Elephant (140+).

As usual, if you want to suggest an in-game monster for a pet’s job, feel free to send it in via Ideabox ‘other’ section. The next batch is imminent – sooner or later.

Content Refreshments
Once again, we took a deep dive into the never-ending stockpile of Ideabox submissions and sorted out the most promising ones. Hope you enjoy the five hundred new phrases – for the diary, duels and newspaper – that are now in the game. Thanks to all authors and ER editors!

Small Touches

  • Explosive bosses now mark their intention to blow up with 🔥 sign – should be easier to grasp the moment and finish off the beast before it goes off. The same is true for Sneaky bosses – their countdown phrases now have ⏱ symbol.
  • Godville apps for Android and iOS have been updated recently. Besides the regular maintenance fixes, you can now send longer godvoices – up to 120 characters. Should be especially useful for poems.

Happy Halloween!

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It’s a Sign

Aug 27 2021

Divine Signs
The life of an ordinary hero is quite determined: you can expect him to do certain things in a certain order. It’s nice but will be better with a bit of variety.

Please welcome the new divine power: signs! Occasionally a hero may wonder: “Should I spend gold this time?” or “Should I search for a shortcut?” or “Should I improvise in a prayer?”. You can spot these thoughts in the diary by @ symbol and bless him by sending a sign (or just ignore, to let things go as usual).

Make sure you are using the latest Godville app (Android, iOS). If you want to stay on top of heroic requests, you can turn on the new push notification option for Signs in the app’s settings.

New Achievements
Last achievements were added quite a while ago, so it’s about time for refreshments:

  • Careerist achievement got the highest Honored rank – hundreds of 1st rank Careerists with 800+ days in the guild under their belts are about to attain this one.
  • Coach and Miner achievements now also have Honored rank, though requirements for the top-tier are quite demanding. Their progress will update after the next spar and datamine respectively.
  • Finally, a brand new achievement for side jobs is almost ready, but it lacks the last thing – a proper title. If you have an idea of a single catchy word that perfectly describes a serial side job-er, make sure to suggest it in the comments. UPD: Thanks for all the suggestions! Freelancer it is then. Heroes will get it after the next successful side job.

Picturize 2.0
Did you know that you can turn any game phrase into a picture just with a couple taps? Well, now you surely know. And today’s app update makes this feature more awesome: now you can change fonts and add decors. Here is how it may look like:

Last note: September is coming, and so is the mushroom season. Yummy!

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