Double Pack News

Godville, Jun 19 2023

Hey there, fellow deities! Today we have a sweet bundle of double-pack features for you:

Two new diary signs:

  • The first one commands your champion to go fishing early.
  • The second one will find them a roadside trader.

Two new side jobs:

  • In one, your champion has to get a wanted monster hide.
  • In the other one, they’ll need to level up any skill.

Two new daily forecasts:

  • The chance to send divine signs to your hero happens more often.
  • For a whole day bosses will have the same randomly chosen ability.

Two new feats:

  • Defeat any boss in a fight that lasts 100+ turns.
  • Get hungry tribbles and fluffy tribbles (regular ones) simultaneously and watch the first ones eat the seconds.

Mobile Apps:

There are some quality-of-life improvements for the Godville apps (Android, iOS):

  • tap the bell icon on the Hero screen to quickly bring up notification settings.
  • check out two new notifications: for fishing and shopkeeping.
  • if you’re a forgetful deity, you can enable the special notification to remind you to visit your champion after a few days.

Hope this double-feature pack will suit you. After all, it has a little something for everyone.

Comments (37)
Wadeston 4 Jun 19 2023 13:01

Wait. What’s a fluffy Tribble?

JoergSievers 5 Jun 19 2023 13:03

Fluffy Tribble! I am curious!

Dragon Orb Jun 19 2023 13:05

I love tribbles! ❤

Gabor18 4 Jun 19 2023 13:06

The normal tribble is the fluffy one guys…
Congrats devs!!!! 👏 👏 👏

Hecathena Jun 19 2023 13:20

I love more side jobs! It’s a pity the feats can’t be recorded retroactively, since I observed the tribbles one only a few days ago.

Sniper404 6 Jun 19 2023 13:25

Another amazing update. Thank you Godville for continuing to be outstanding with updates.

Orgm 4 Jun 19 2023 13:44

Here’s to the Great Random blessing us to a all day of enlightened bosses!

Foobar42 5 Jun 19 2023 13:52

Excellent! Tribbles and more Tribbles!

Foobar42 5 Jun 19 2023 13:52

Excellent! Tribbles and more Tribbles!

Stickyorder 6 Jun 19 2023 13:58

Cool! Thanks! 😁

DarkMatters 6 Jun 19 2023 14:02

Cannibalistic tribbles?!?! 😱

Cat-astroph 4 Jun 19 2023 14:09

That’s gonna be a blast ^^

Doctor Djerro Jun 19 2023 14:14

Whoa, more bells and whistles. Thank you! שלומ

Torenia 5 Jun 19 2023 14:26

Thanks for the update!

Fishing sign is good! Very nice.

Experien Jun 19 2023 15:39

Cool! Thanks for the update!

Exerion Jun 19 2023 15:40

Nice! Thanks for the update!

Goddygoddy 6 Jun 19 2023 15:54

Hooray! It must be Twosday! 😉

Hankvi Guidza 6 Jun 19 2023 16:56

Wow, good things CAN come in twos, though I’m still waiting for supercharging capacitors 😆

Great work as always!

Hairplug4men 7 Jun 19 2023 17:05

The developers spitting fire with this update! Well done team

Pazriel Jun 19 2023 17:08

Thanks for more content! :D

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