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Godville, Jun 19 2023

Hey there, fellow deities! Today we have a sweet bundle of double-pack features for you:

Two new diary signs:

  • The first one commands your champion to go fishing early.
  • The second one will find them a roadside trader.

Two new side jobs:

  • In one, your champion has to get a wanted monster hide.
  • In the other one, they’ll need to level up any skill.

Two new daily forecasts:

  • The chance to send divine signs to your hero happens more often.
  • For a whole day bosses will have the same randomly chosen ability.

Two new feats:

  • Defeat any boss in a fight that lasts 100+ turns.
  • Get hungry tribbles and fluffy tribbles (regular ones) simultaneously and watch the first ones eat the seconds.

Mobile Apps:

There are some quality-of-life improvements for the Godville apps (Android, iOS):

  • tap the bell icon on the Hero screen to quickly bring up notification settings.
  • check out two new notifications: for fishing and shopkeeping.
  • if you’re a forgetful deity, you can enable the special notification to remind you to visit your champion after a few days.

Hope this double-feature pack will suit you. After all, it has a little something for everyone.

Comments (37)
Skara 6 Jun 19 2023 17:12

With the number of tribbles my hero seems to collect, I’m sure he’ll get the new feat quickly!

Valmorian Jun 19 2023 17:49

I feel like that 2nd feet is a little bit violent. Lol but I love the updates as always.

Michio 6 Jun 19 2023 17:51

Awesome. Side job that is based on luck. It may not be as bad as coding in return to town when you need to use healing potions or run from monsters hopefully.

Talisman god 5 Jun 19 2023 18:57

The new forecasts sound like a lot of fun, especially the boss one! A dungeon with only nimble bosses sounds like scary challenge though.

The Mighty Stang 4 Jun 19 2023 22:42

So cool, guys. After 13 years in existence and 8 years playing, it just keeps getting better and better!

Thirteenth Flower 4 Jun 20 2023 01:04

Yay 💐

Raven 6 Jun 20 2023 01:48

Another delightful update! Thank you.

Mental vision 5 Jun 20 2023 04:04

I wish you would have put in a notification for warning low health and supplies for sailing for the visually impaired. to be notified while they’re navigating the map because this is an unfair advantage for the Sighted community Who can just glance at the status bar wow glancing at the map. You have this notification for dungeons and duels. Would it be so difficult to apply this during a sail?

Auwall Jun 20 2023 06:55


Solenopsis 4 Jun 20 2023 11:16

Thanks devs

Anubits Jun 20 2023 13:53

Many thanks!

Gallus 6 Jun 21 2023 12:14

This fixed notifications on my Android! I get them again now and haven’t done for a long time. Thank you so much

Wawajabba 4 Jun 21 2023 17:08


Augnoramous 6 Jun 22 2023 06:20


Hershey Almighty 6 Jun 22 2023 21:40

Here’s a double packed…
Thank you!

Anubits Jun 25 2023 09:27

Thank you 🙏

All Mighty Joyce 6 Jul 09 2023 16:46


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