Lucky 13

Godville, May 10 2023

Today is a very special day, dear deities. Today is Godville’s birthday.

Sounds unreal, but it’s been 13 years since we opened this wacky world of gods and heroes. It’s been a wild ride, full of laughter, adventure, and the occasional facepalm.

Despite many challenges, we’re still here, laughing and having fun with our heroes. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t need a little laughter and fun in their life right now?

We owe a debt of gratitude to the amazing community of creative and dedicated deities who have been with us every step of the way. Thanks to everyone for their effort to make Godville a better place!

Now, onto the goodies. For the next 3 days сongratulate your champion with a godvoice — they deserved it — and get a huge pack of godpower charges in return, cause you deserved it too. Use godpower capacitor (when not in a duel mode) to get something extra. Keep an eye out for festive monsters too.

Here’s to another year of lazy adventures, punny jokes, and good times. Happy 13th birthday, Godville!

Comments (117)
Yongi 4 May 10 2023 13:43

Happy 13th birthday!!!

Thorbjoern 6 May 10 2023 13:45

Happy goddiversary!

Chinese Wolf 6 May 10 2023 13:57

Happy birthday GV!

Hyt4yhu 6 May 10 2023 14:00

Happy birthday Godville! 🥂

T4RM4N 6 May 10 2023 14:01

Happy Birthday and Congratulations 🎉

Stickyorder 6 May 10 2023 14:03

Happy birthday and keep up the fun and games! 🎉😁

Dragon Oni May 10 2023 14:06

Happy birthday 🎂

Pazriel May 10 2023 14:08

Happy birthday Godville! Thanks for all the fun!

Petra the Shield May 10 2023 14:10

Happy Birthday Godville!

Zefir0 May 10 2023 14:12

Happy birthday!!

Hankvi Guidza 6 May 10 2023 14:15

Happy birthday and lucky 13, Godville!

Jimbob64 6 May 10 2023 14:22

Life takes many unexpected turns over time, but Godville goes on through all of it. Thanks for being a source of fun and comfort regardless of what else is happening in life.

Gsxrboy 6 May 10 2023 14:25

A teenager now. Watch out, things are going to get whacky! Happy bday!

Hairplug4men 6 May 10 2023 14:28

Happy birthday to the only game that deserves a birthday

Anglerfjard May 10 2023 14:32

Happy birthday 🎂🎈

Naglafarn May 10 2023 14:32

Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the fun!

Zaworst May 10 2023 14:36

Anyone knows how to use gp capacitor?

Bibliophile 4 May 10 2023 14:41

Happy 13th Birthday! 🎁🎉 Here’s to many more years of punny fun!

Yall Its Poseidon May 10 2023 14:42

Happy Birthday Godville <3

Tycho1967 5 May 10 2023 14:47

Happy birthday! Thank you for the pure joy and for everything else! :-) Godville forever!

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