Seasoned Refreshments

Godville, Mar 05 2024

Good day to you, divine beings! Please have a little something of everything.

Fresh “Know Your Monster” Season
Yep, Know Your Monster is back again! Every day our newspaper will publish a silly picture of a Godville monster. Name the monster correctly and watch your hero receive a special present. Each KYM season lasts 2-3 months, so don’t miss out.

Brand New Feats
Remember feats — fascinating and/or peculiar deeds to proudly present on your champion page? Try out these fresh challenges:

  • “Befriend Godville Administrator” (hint: it’s about monsters, not us!)
  • “Carry bosses’ horn and hoof in inventory at the same time” (not necessarily from the same boss, any will do)
  • “Walk the pet that has sat in the ark for a whole year” (and be responsible for what you’ve tamed)
  • “Complete and turn in two side jobs within 24 hours” (where “turn in” means getting reward at POI)
  • “Miserably fail both arena and dungeon within an hour” (ok, this one looks doable)

Neat Things

  1. The guild stats page now displays the latest feats and achievements among other daily news.
  2. Two new coupons can be found in a dungeon or in the newspaper: one for a pile of gold and another one for a supply crate with random artifacts.
  3. Remember those new activatables that send heroes to dungeons and sail trips for free? Now they will shave off an hour from the timeout if the hero is not ready for adventure yet.

Spring Content Cleaning
Finally, let’s welcome the spring by clearing out the stale content. If you think some of the game texts are inappropriate, poorly worded or just plain boring, share your thoughts here. Btw, your votes in the Ideabox for existing ideas are also making a difference!

Comments (27)
Lucidonias 6 Mar 05 2024 13:16

That explains why the game was slow earlier. Thanks for the update!

Pwned Yours 4 Mar 05 2024 13:30

Finally have some use to these 200 invites 🔥

Dragunova Mar 05 2024 13:34

Thanks so much! I love seeing this game get updated!!!!!!!

The Darklurker 4 Mar 05 2024 13:36

Godville going strong 💪

Master Khalif Mar 05 2024 13:52

Alright! Fresh update fresh start

Bibliophile 4 Mar 05 2024 14:02

Thanks for all the updated content!

Stickyorder 6 Mar 05 2024 14:07

Cool update, thanks!

Thorbjoern 6 Mar 05 2024 14:28

The neat things sound neat

Awesomeness Fawn 5 Mar 05 2024 14:28

Sweet-thank you 💖🍻🥂🍻

Nathulz Mar 05 2024 14:54

That last feat looks interesting. Up and at ’em!

Godonetwothree 4 Mar 05 2024 15:54

Having news is always entertaining. Thank you devs!

Nightfall Z 5 Mar 05 2024 16:12

Thank yooooou!

Gabetheghost Mar 05 2024 17:49

thank you this game is awesome!!!!

NebulousOne 6 Mar 05 2024 18:02

Okay! 🙂 Looks interesting. Thanks!

Sophie The Woo 4 Mar 05 2024 19:51

Thank you so much! 🔥

Cham Almighty 6 Mar 05 2024 22:08

Wonderful stuff, thank you!

Anancr 6 Mar 05 2024 22:31

Befriend Godville Administrator” (hint: it’s about monsters, not us!)

definitely about them.

Raven 6 Mar 06 2024 00:47

Terrific way to enter spring!

Wawajabba 5 Mar 06 2024 00:50

Love it!

Mental vision 5 Mar 06 2024 06:07

Thank you GV Devs for keeping it, entertaining and accessible for visually impaired gamers. 🧠👓🍻💰🎖️🤘

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