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Godville, Jun 27 2013

This time around we want to talk about Ideabox. User submissions and community participation were always an integral part of the game and today we are introducing some nice perks to it.

In a day or two, the players actively participating in Ideabox voting will start getting a new special bonus – their heroes will be more effective in town prayers, restoring twice as much godpower as usual. Once activated, the bonus will work for a few days and it’s likely to continue to work as long as the god continues to actively participate in the voting process. You’ll know that the bonus is active if you find a special phrase in the diary when your hero prays in town.

There is some under-the-hood trickery, so mindless clicking won’t do any good, so please vote wisely! This feature is an experiment to increase community participation and we hope we won’t have to kill it off due to abuses. In the end, just keep in mind that every single vote you cast in the Ideabox helps to make the game better!

To make it even better, the game has just been updated with a lot of diary entries, hundreds of new monsters, and finally it got a shipment of long awaited high-level equipment.

Lastly, the news for those playing in a web browser:

  • you can check the town nearby by hovering the mouse pointer over the milestone counter;
  • if you use Firefox, make sure to update to Firefox 22 to get desktop notifications on superhero page (if enabled in page settings).
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The Only Good God Jun 27 2013 08:49

Good that that’s a new incentive, but it still doesn’t stop people from semi-randomly voting. People may get bored halfway, but just to get this incentive, randomly vote the rest of the ideas.

NEIGH Jun 27 2013 08:51

Is there going to be a bonus for people submitting ideas too? Otherwise the changes sound great.

Kaam Dev Jun 27 2013 08:52

Pretty sure the under the hood trickery will solve that TOGG. They must have a script monitoring your voting patterns.

What I would like to see is how this will solve Ideabox clutter.

SourceRunner 6 Jun 27 2013 09:06

Hopefully it will help to create a larger gap in the voting numbers between good ideas and mediocre ideas, moving the mediocre ones out faster and reducing ER clutter to only the really good stuff, Kaam Dev.

Madd Kowe Jun 27 2013 09:12

Whether others abuse the new incentives does not lessen my joy. I am happy that my consistent effort will garner me a small reward. Thanks dev!

All4u 6 Jun 27 2013 09:17

Good news !)

Blue Panda Jun 27 2013 09:20

Madd Kowe, (and everyone who has given the ideabox votes so far) thank you for your continued efforts !

Looks like the ideabox is about to get twice as crowded :D

I’ll sponsor for some new desks, chairs, and stationery too. Come on in, everyone!

Thorbjoern 6 Jun 27 2013 09:29

That sounds really good.

Jimbob64 6 Jun 27 2013 10:06

Thank you, the first tier voting seems a lot less lonely now, among other things. And for those of us doing it anyway this is a welcome bonus.

Foxcheng Jun 27 2013 10:37

So.. No free God Powers as past update? ;)

Myoka 5 Jun 27 2013 10:56

Great, glad to know my voting will garner something more!

Sniper404 6 Jun 27 2013 11:04

Bribery at its best! Go vote a few bits here and there, get extra GP. Job well done. Lost my votes.

Dio patre Jun 27 2013 12:17

I have been waiting for this feature for a long time!!!!!

Bad Fish Jun 27 2013 12:25

I am sure there will be a few abusers, but there are now anyway. Good move I think on whole… I have already seen the first tier increase. I just hope that this filters more good content to the ER.

Irwin 6 Jun 27 2013 13:02

I haven’t been able to vote for over a year, so this affects me in the negative.

Kyrin Jun 27 2013 14:41


Delborn 4 Jun 27 2013 15:23

Awesome I use the idea box alot, hey I want to suggest a new idea for this game where do I go to post?

Epona Dernhelm Jun 27 2013 15:38

Alts are badly treated here yes some of us play with more than one account so if we do one account loses out. Sorry but this is not fair in that regard.

Epona Dernhelm Jun 27 2013 15:42

Unless you make sure that there are things for us to vote on. I want to play fair but I also could use the gp

Iduna Jun 27 2013 15:47

Just ignore her she is cranky in the morning I see how it works GOOD JOB

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