Godville, May 10 2010

Greetings! Today is the day when we finally launch the private, invite-only beta of Godville – an unusually funny zero-player online game. The game hasn’t reached its final state yet and sometimes some things can be not funny or even worse – boring and lame. We highly appreciate a help from anyone who is interested, so if you like the idea and want to get a sneak preview, or even give us hand as an early adopter or beta-tester, please fill-in the invitation form on main page or drop us a line at

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Anon May 10 2010 09:13


Shigorath May 10 2010 10:00

Yay! Finally! That’s great :)

Alleviator May 11 2010 19:35

leaving my mark in comments too

Allah Dammit May 27 2010 16:24

I hope it’ll be as great as it should be. 8)

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