Epic Update

Godville, Jun 18 2012

After having loads of fun with mini-quests, our brave Godville champions have decided to advance even further towards some truly great deeds! Once a hero finishes his first hundred regular quests, he may get a chance to do something bigger – embark on a really epic mission. The epic quests are much longer, but so are the rewards. Impatient gods can easily cancel these quests with the usual god voices should they need to.

Speaking of content, the game just got more than two hundred awesome new quests. In the meantime, ER has been extended to include submissions for the duel phrases , making ER finally available in all ideabox sections! To reward ER personnel for their hard work, we’re adding a button that allows them to convert some of their already sky-high IQ points into gratitude pantheon points.

One more thing. After just two years of continuous patching and rebuilding, the browser version of Godville finally opens its doors to everyone – no Facebook required (we’re not sure how long it will last, so if you have friends who have wanted to register, be sure to let them know). Hooray and welcome!

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Marthter 4 Jun 18 2012 20:24

Awesome! Thanks, and bring on the epics!

Mortalin Jun 18 2012 20:30

Looks good. Thank god for the no facebook policy. Thats been a pain in my rear for quite a while. Thank you

Ingrid Marie Jun 18 2012 20:38


Chris the One Jun 18 2012 21:12


Menzo69 Jun 18 2012 21:14

Good ro know

Menzo69 Jun 18 2012 21:15


Artaemis Jun 18 2012 21:32

Super excited about the epic quests. I’ve only completed one mini quest so far because my heroine always loses the boss fight, but I really enjoy them, and I like getting all those bold items to sell off later. Still workin’ toward that temple!

Omg I Am God 4 Jun 18 2012 22:05

Very excited about going on my first epic quest…thanks devs!

Gorgeous George Jun 18 2012 22:13

Excellent to heard and looking forward to the epic quests….however, I’ve noticed that I don’t have a button to change IG points to grab points. Some friends of mine have it but other friends, like myself, don’t have it. Glitch, perhaps?

Illia Jun 18 2012 22:22

Yay, here’s to hoping I finally get to kill a boss monster.

Iduna Jun 19 2012 00:03

Silly question how do we know how many quests we have completed. I haven’t been keeping count?

Nenalata Jun 19 2012 01:18

Sweet! Look forward to the new quests! Great work devs!

Trentos Jun 19 2012 01:28

Fantastic work guys! Love it!

WENCHIA 5 Jun 19 2012 03:19

Awesome, but still got more than enough quests to go before #100! @Iduna, look above the quest name, next to “Quest” there is a number that tell you the accumulative number of quests you are finished and on right now. Hope that answer your question!

Stonerman Jun 19 2012 04:09

Great news :) I thank you, and have yet more ideas to come ;). So get ready, and keep up the good work!

Lady Darkness Jun 19 2012 20:34

Very exciting! Great changes, especially the no Facebook for browser sign up.

Torp Motleigh Jun 20 2012 05:33

Excellent news. Have already started an Epic quest. Looking forward to the rewards.

Arrowgargantuan 6 Jun 20 2012 10:58

“Facebook is the debil!” – mama

Kaimi 4 Jun 20 2012 13:26

Still haven’t even received a mini quest…

Kaimi 4 Jun 20 2012 15:47

They should be slightly more common. I’m on my 309th quest.

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