Epic Update

Godville, Jun 18 2012

After having loads of fun with mini-quests, our brave Godville champions have decided to advance even further towards some truly great deeds! Once a hero finishes his first hundred regular quests, he may get a chance to do something bigger – embark on a really epic mission. The epic quests are much longer, but so are the rewards. Impatient gods can easily cancel these quests with the usual god voices should they need to.

Speaking of content, the game just got more than two hundred awesome new quests. In the meantime, ER has been extended to include submissions for the duel phrases , making ER finally available in all ideabox sections! To reward ER personnel for their hard work, we’re adding a button that allows them to convert some of their already sky-high IQ points into gratitude pantheon points.

One more thing. After just two years of continuous patching and rebuilding, the browser version of Godville finally opens its doors to everyone – no Facebook required (we’re not sure how long it will last, so if you have friends who have wanted to register, be sure to let them know). Hooray and welcome!

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Hairplug4men 6 Jun 20 2012 16:29

I agree with Kaimi, More variety in the quests please otherwise keep up the fantastic work!

Kevin blade Jun 21 2012 05:02


Ceccetticat Jun 21 2012 05:12

Woohoo! I’m going to get all my friends to sign up for GV now (;

Galena- 4 Jun 21 2012 06:41

Yay! No Facebook! I hate Facebook.

Loseidon Jun 21 2012 07:37

Sounds great! I am 99% done with an epic quest! Hopefully the reward is good!

Caiser Jun 22 2012 00:46

Nice! And my hero just started his 1000th quest and it’s an epic one: Become one with the universe (epic)

Great Apollo Jun 22 2012 05:32

Just embarked on my first one epic quest. The minis brought domed god fun to the game; hope this is just as good! Any achievements to go along with the update?

Torp Motleigh Jun 22 2012 06:28

Finished my first epic quest and only got coins?? What happened to the bigger rewards for Epic quests?

Zarquon Jun 25 2012 23:35

They said longer not bigger rewards. Not sure what that means

Adalore Jun 26 2012 15:59

44 hours on one quest for 17,000 coins? Epic quests just aren’t worth it

Pogo3Leggs Jun 26 2012 19:40

Finished my first epic quest and got 3 gold bricks as a reward!

Delta493 5 Jun 26 2012 21:16

@Kaimi, if you want a mini-quest, remember that they usually pop up after you send/teleport the hero(ine) back to a town.

Soarnir Jul 02 2012 14:05

for some reason my hero’s 600th quest was a epic quest, W000T

Lady fate Jul 03 2012 11:20

Finished epic quest got load of coins yay

Divine All Mighty Jul 15 2012 05:17

Finished my 1st epic quest…got 3 gold bricks!!

Narwhal Killer Jul 19 2012 22:53


Rosetta13 Jul 23 2012 18:07


Minikhan 4 Aug 06 2012 07:01

You get a epic quest every 20 past the 100th quest

Dragondreamer Aug 27 2012 18:39

Woot woot to the developers again! The epic quests have rewarded me with many experience points, gold bricks and lots and lots of gold! :-)

God Of Abraham Apr 08 2013 05:07

Sounds well

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