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Godville, Mar 23 2013

Greetings, humble Godville gods, long time no hear! We have quite a bunch of news which we are eager to share with you.

Long cold nights of the past winter were spent on improving the Godville app for Android. The original app was developed back in the day when most Android phones came with the 1.6-2.0 OS version on board and due to that, the app had some inherent design limitations, which recently started to show themselves on the newer phones and tablets. We tried to improve it, but after beating a dead horse for a while we just gave up and rewrote the whole thing from scratch, and boy, do we like the result! The new app is snappy, follows Android design guidelines and should work especially great on both Android 4.x phones and tablets. It also features new color themes (with auto-switching) and a brand new app icon. The new app looks a bit different (mostly due to adherence to Google design guidelines) and may feel a bit unusual at the beginning, so please give it a try for a few days before jumping to conclusions. Feel free to share your feedback in this forum topic and report bugs and problems via the Ideabox. (The app has been uploaded to Google Play Store and should be available for update over the next few hours. Godville App in Amazon AppStore will be updated in a few weeks).

Meanwhile underground bosses have become a source of endless fun, gold coins and lots of other goodies. However, digging for them could be a bit confusing, so now there is an alternative option – a new activatable artifact that sends the hero off to a search for an underground boss right here and right now. So if you always wanted to check these fights out, but were too busy to dig – here is your chance! Btw, these bosses have just gained a new nasty ability that allows them to strike twice per turn, which should make fights even more thrilling.

In other artifact-related news: teleporting items will now move the hero into a random town, even if this town is far away. This opens up some interesting possibilities, right? We also have plans for two nice new towns: Herowin and Lostway, but still have not completely decided where to put them. Any suggestions?

The latest Godville Health Assembly examined the most important health issues and came out with two resolutions:

  • due to a possible risk of vertebral injuries heroes are now prohibited from carrying more than 50 items at once;
  • it has been decided that having a permanent set of skills in the otherwise random world of Godville is a bit strange, so healers are now allowed to occasionally replace one skill to another one of the same level. So don’t get scared when you see the result of this “knowledge exchange” operation on your champion.

And last, but not least, the game yet again has been updated with lots of new content. Some really sweet phrases are already pouring into the heroes’ diaries, with even more to come over the next few days. Btw, we’ve heard that it would be great if we could tell what types of content are needed most, so we’ve just created a new forum topic just for that. Check it out, especially if you’re an active Ideabox submitter.

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BlueStapler 5 Mar 23 2013 21:41

Super minor typo. The third paragraph, last part of the line should read: “which should make fights even more thrilling.”

thanks for the changes!!! They sound awesome.

BlueStapler 5 Mar 23 2013 21:50

A+++ service on the typo fix!!

The Chosen Ant Mar 23 2013 21:55

Awesome ideas! Can’t wait to see them in the game!

Katie Scarlett Mar 23 2013 21:57

YAY!! Love new content! Thanks for keeping the game fresh and interesting!

Fred Flintstone Mar 23 2013 21:59

Just thinking it was about time. I have to admit I have been paying less, and less attention to the actual game. I should get back to what originally made this game great.

I still haven’t tried out combining items either lol.

Dazzling Deity Mar 23 2013 22:00

Love the changes!!!! And you guys!!! :D About the new towns, maybe Lostaway could be between Deville(milestone 500) and Unspecifiedistan(milestone 800) and Herowin between Anville(milestone 350) and Deville. :) Can’t wait to see the boss monster artifacts. Once again, thank you for the awesome, exciting changes!

Royal Highness 4 Mar 23 2013 22:01

So so excited for the challenges to come! :D Awesome stuff!

Sharrah Mar 23 2013 22:12

I’ve gotta say, I’m really digging the new GUI, guys. Keep the updates coming, and May the Force be with you! The Dark Side, naturally.

Artsonian 6 Mar 23 2013 22:13

Just another big ol’ “Thank You” to the hardworking devs!!!

Donohan 6 Mar 23 2013 22:19

Just updated my App trough Play Store, the new interface looks awesome, and is awesome to use! Gotta love these new changes, thanks a lot!

Trentos Mar 23 2013 22:22

I’m always blown away by the level of dedication the dev’s and the players have here in Godville. I’ve not seen this elsewhere and it makes me so happy I stumbled across Godville when I did. Amazing job! Keep it up!

Beeporama 6 Mar 23 2013 22:26

Thanks so much! Sorry about my hero killing you for your Invitations To Godville; I really am grateful.

Anonymouse Mar 23 2013 22:40

Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into keeping this game fun! About the towns: I think Lostway should be around milestone 1500 and Herowin somewhere between that and Unspecifiedistan (maybe 1000?).

The Good Doctor Mar 23 2013 22:46

Well, I can’t comment on the Android changes as I have an iPhone, but I’m glad that underground bosses can now be reached via activatable artifact. Never was able to encounter one because I’m antisocial

Anyway, I feel I should caution you about enacting recommendations from the Godville Health Assembly. They’re not a very reliable source for medical advice. You should see all the corrections I made in their last journal…

Jimbob64 6 Mar 23 2013 23:14

I like that we’re getting new towns. I REALLY like the ability to swap skills, as I’d gladly see any of my 9 combat skills go if only to see what the one skill category I’ve never had is like.

New boss abilities keep it fresh, and seeing your partners’ names in a boss fight in the log somehow makes it feel more like you’re playing WITH them instead of merely at the same time. That’s a good thing in my book…

For town locations, might I suggest Herowin be at milestone 420, and Lostway be either between milestones 600 and 700 (to sort of “transition” to Unspecifiedistan, thematically) or milestone 1000?

In which case could a town beyond Unspecifiedistan have some really pronouinced bonuses and drawbacks? Like maybe slow healing such as with Monsterdam and little spending (C’mon, few people out that far, right? ;) ) but artifacts selling for as much as in Tradeburg and prayer being extra effective (as in “Thank my God I made it!”)?

Also it occurs to me that Herowin sounds like a place that would be extra good fun to heroes, so maybe Beerburgh-like spending there and cheaper equipment and medicine, but more miserly traders from all the adventurers selling things for their gold.

Blue Panda Mar 23 2013 23:50

I think I’m gonna make myself a “I <3 GV Devs” t-shirt.

Chinookhawk Mar 23 2013 23:56

Sounds good.

Lord Verwood LX Mar 23 2013 23:56

I think Lostway should be beyond Deville, but not beyond Unspecifiedistan; I would suggest the 666th milestone. Herowin should be somewhere before Deville, probably between Anville and Deville as there is currently a 150-mile stretch between those two. There should be a town called Bust (as in “Godville or Bust!”) at the 1000th milestone.

Iduna Mar 24 2013 00:39

Okay I play on a kindle fire and I can’t get the new update have it on my phone but I so want it on my kindle

Belteshazzar 6 Mar 24 2013 01:01

Glad to see Godville devs are still as active at kepping the game fresh as we are at playing it. Thanks!

The only thing I’m not sure on is the skill swapping. “Healers” is hard to determine what you mean. Is it a doctor in town visits that will suddenly change your skill? Or is it only encouraging that can bring about this skill swap? Will it cost the hero gold for the exchange, and if so, are higher level skills gonna blow our hero’s money intended for retirement?

Besides that, I’m just not very keen on the skill swapping in general through this method. Maybe through god voice (VC) activation or a special item, so there’s still an element of random (which skill gets swapped for what other skill), but for those who are quite content with the skills they already have, they don’t have to worry about losing their “precious” abilities. If VC activated, it could be limited to working only in certain situations (eg. at the doc’s, prayers, buying at traders).

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