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Godville, Aug 21 2014

Let’s add some finishing touches on the renewed arena. Firstly, the duel ties are no more. Instead of tossing the coin, arena judges will throw in potions or do whatever they can to see who would actually win, fair and square.

There are two new special duel conditions too. First one limits the maximum number of influences to two (instead of the usual four). Second one is for the beloved gods with temple – your hero now has a chance to get a log of gopher wood for winning in the arena.

Meanwhile, a new report from free-walking spelunkers mentions new kinds of dungeons with new side quests. Let’s dig!

In other changes. Due to the limitation of having constructive discussions in the Ideabox, the “Questionable Content” section is now closed. Instead, please use this forum topic to submit and discuss “not good enough” or confusing texts from the game. (Bugfixes, grammar corrections and inappropriate content should still be reported via Ideabox/Corrections).

Finally, as it was announced in the previous post a new town is about to be founded. “Roflopolis” will be its name and now it’s up to you to decide where this town would be. Any suggestions?

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Keleios 6 Aug 21 2014 10:50

For the new town – how about not in the game?

Kayl 7 Aug 21 2014 10:55

“Roflopolis” is one of the worst names that could possibly have happened, if it has to be introduced please make it so far out no one will ever see it.

Dogess 6 Aug 21 2014 10:55

MM 425 – split the difference between Anville and Deville? And thank you for the new way to get wood!! And Oooh! New arena rules! And new dungeon side quests! And eeeeee!! Falls over. (Thanks!)

Sniper404 6 Aug 21 2014 10:57

lol kel, how about…..milestone 140?

Omnipotent Squash Aug 21 2014 11:00

I’m not sure what to think about no more ties. I guess I’ll just have to see how it turns out. Hopefully it will be a change for the better. I am rather upset that I never got to see the tie entry I got accepted, but oh well, at least it got accepted in the first place.

Another Jessica 4 Aug 21 2014 11:11

Ah, and I’ve been waiting for a floating-through-all-Godville phantom town for ages… Which will probably take even longer.

Kyrin Aug 21 2014 11:16

Question: Does getting the gopher wood in the arena reset the counter and cooldown? Thanks.

Fred Flintstone Aug 21 2014 11:43

It seems I’m late to the comment party. Safe for the town name looks like a wonderful update!

Thorbjoern 6 Aug 21 2014 11:45

I’m very happy about closing the QC, I think discussing it makes way more sense than yes/no voting.

No more ties…not sure how I feel about that quite yet, but Id say it makes more sense with the new ratings and everything.

And Gopher wood of course. I always want to check out the dungeons, but the charges…

The town. Where should it be. Not too sure, but probably between the two towns that are furthest apart at the moment I guess?

Newes 6 Aug 21 2014 11:53

""Firstly, the duel ties are no more. Instead of tossing the coin, arena judges will throw in potions or do whatever they can to see who would actually win, fair and square.Firstly, the duel ties are no more. Instead of tossing the coin, arena judges will throw in potions or do whatever they can to see who would actually win, fair and square."" NOT HAPPY ABOUT EITHER. A tie helps preserve our arena record against overpowering fighters. If i know im out matched, I can at least try for a tie. Also I run out with 4 charges just fine thank you. Please don’t do this!!

Fanry 4 Aug 21 2014 12:04

I still think it should be BunnyLord’s idea “Mancave”.

Cold Fire 4 Aug 21 2014 12:27

So Godville is becoming 4chan or meme-esque? Another suggestion for a new town name would be trollolololpolis

Where should the town be? i like Dogess suggestion. The outer parts of Godville definitely need a few more towns.. Would be interesting the town location is non stationary (as suggested) and same happens to the town specialty town (quick healing, high/low ration on spending, ….)

TheGourdGod 7 Aug 21 2014 12:39

Ugh. Gotta support Keleios, Kayl, and Baws Banger – that’s just a bad town name, and doesn’t seem to fit into the world of Godville well. But what do I know. I’m just one person (or we are just 4?). I firmly support somewhere in the outlands. I think 650 – halfway between Deville and Unspecifiedistan should do just fine.

Newes 6 Aug 21 2014 12:50

Bump on new town. New arena rules no tie and only 2 influence really lame also. 2 influence on a no gv fight? Sounds really lame.

Newes 6 Aug 21 2014 12:56

Easier gopher wood? Why not just let people temple in a week also? Making it easier for people to accomplish the difficulty of the temple and ark is fine the wa it Is. This is nullification of all the previous gods hard work earning the ark. Not happy it’s easier now. Why should I have my hard work be made moot?

Le Docteur Aug 21 2014 12:58

That name is horrible.

Djleeds Aug 21 2014 13:02

Hmm… I now have a reason to do arenas again with a chance at gopherwood

Eririnn Aug 21 2014 13:02

Very sorry, but that name doesn’t feel like a good one for a town in Godville. Thank you for the other updates though!!

Jimbob64 6 Aug 21 2014 13:23

This seems like an okay update, but… Roflopolis? This is the first time I’ve been mildly disappointed by a game update.

Please don’t add that name, and not any others. If “Roflopolis” passed muster, and nothing else did, no wonder we have so few towns here compared to the Russian Godville.

Mandarus Aug 21 2014 13:33

Arena changes are okay, but Roflopolis? A joke, right? Right? PLEASE say it’s a joke…

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