Pleasing Variations

Godville, Aug 21 2014

Let’s add some finishing touches on the renewed arena. Firstly, the duel ties are no more. Instead of tossing the coin, arena judges will throw in potions or do whatever they can to see who would actually win, fair and square.

There are two new special duel conditions too. First one limits the maximum number of influences to two (instead of the usual four). Second one is for the beloved gods with temple – your hero now has a chance to get a log of gopher wood for winning in the arena.

Meanwhile, a new report from free-walking spelunkers mentions new kinds of dungeons with new side quests. Let’s dig!

In other changes. Due to the limitation of having constructive discussions in the Ideabox, the “Questionable Content” section is now closed. Instead, please use this forum topic to submit and discuss “not good enough” or confusing texts from the game. (Bugfixes, grammar corrections and inappropriate content should still be reported via Ideabox/Corrections).

Finally, as it was announced in the previous post a new town is about to be founded. “Roflopolis” will be its name and now it’s up to you to decide where this town would be. Any suggestions?

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Ultraferret Aug 21 2014 13:37

Is Unspecifiedistan actually a town? My heroine got to milestone 1200, and went all the way back to Deville to heal.

(I suggest that this town be a good distance out, just to reduce that heal backtracking late in epic quests.)

Geodverse Aug 21 2014 13:44

I agree completely with what everyone is saying. I really don’t like the new name for the town. A new town sounds nice, but is there anyway a different name could be chosen?

Newes 5 Aug 21 2014 13:45

If you get a no gv duel, even to an afk you are screwed. How is the two influence rule good????

Newes 5 Aug 21 2014 13:48

If you get a no gv duel, even to an afk you are screwed. Where can I suggest the removal of this arens judges rule? It’s impossible to use just two influence on a no gv duel. You sit and watch your loss?

VonBlade 6 Aug 21 2014 13:52

Add me to the list of people who don’t want a town named after something that was old hat a decade ago. Almost anything would be better. It should be placed in the outlands. Once you’ve chosen a name more in keeping with the setting.

Newes 5 Aug 21 2014 14:06

I am more concerned with a No God voice Duel and a 2 influence cannot have both it does not work if you use your two influence on an afk to gain HP, then all you do is basically watch yourself die if you couldn’t get above the afks hp. the no God’s voice Duel should be removed

Newes 5 Aug 21 2014 14:07

what happens in that same situation if you get hammered in the first three rounds?

Newes 5 Aug 21 2014 14:10

Isn’t this a totally bad idea? You can lose to an afk? Use your two and watch yourself lose? 2 influence is not possible in this scenario. Either remove no gv duel option or keep 4 influence. They can’t be together. does anybody agree at all?

Kaam Dev Aug 21 2014 14:18

This is the most negative response I have ever seen to a GV update. Ironically enough, the post is named “Pleasing Variations”.

Also, booya! New dungeon types! Meaning at least a slight increase in active allies for a few days!

Newes 5 Aug 21 2014 14:24

someone mentioned that the two influence will be a judges decision for a duel?if this is the case then its fine but if it is a permanent thing in addition to having a duel with a judge’s decision and only having two influence it’s a very bad idea. Maybe I am just miss reading the post. I think there needs to be some clarification that it is an arena judge rule but I thought I’ve already seen this scenario in the arena.

Kethul Aug 21 2014 14:41

Lost Vegas – a town where the hero has opportunities to lose or gain gold while also having a higher hero spending on beer, equipment, nothing. Who knows what can happen in Lost Vegas

Zackrulez Aug 21 2014 15:02

I agree that the town name is pretty bad but otherwise I look forward to the update!

Almighty Malikai 6 Aug 21 2014 15:17

Town name doesn’t offend me. I like the idea of 2 influences in the arena, it will limit my need to sit and babysit the entire time.

DANgerzone79 6 Aug 21 2014 15:42

First, the new town name is horrible! Please don’t put it in the game.

Second, about the arena logs. I’m not sure if I like the idea. Yes, it might help get rid of some of the serial afk runners, since the arena is usually much easier than dungeons, but what are the limits per day for an arena log? Does it affect the dungeon guaranteed logs? Making it too easy nullifies the work that many people have put in to get to where they are with their ark.

Fanry 4 Aug 21 2014 16:02

Hate the new name. How about New Ork:Founded by a wealthy ork that wanted a giant, innovating and happy town. But soon it turned into an unorganized town with rude persons and orks but still an innovating town that created steam-powered furnaces, bologna dispencers and other gadgets.

Vrach Aug 21 2014 16:03

Town name: Awful. Just awful. No use sugarcoating it, sorry, most meme-based submissions get thrown out before they even reach the ER, why put in such a town that’s not even mildly amusing?

No ties: Doesn’t make much sense, but gotta see it in action. Not thrilled at the concept though.

Arena log: Makes sense. Post-temple Arena is still just a matter of charges though, even with the other update.

Influence limit: Moar possums. And needlessly longer fights against AFKs. And influence-locking. Mildly interesting at best, bad at worst. I’d put my money on the latter.

QC removal: Fair enough. Votes weren’t having much of a role there anyway.

All in all, a bit disappointed with the update.

Axehole Aug 21 2014 16:05

Rofolopolis is bad, and you should feel bad for adding it.

Arena changes: Meh.

Dungeon changes: Awesome.

2 out of 3 ain’t bad, but Rolfolopolis is pretty bad.

Maybe make the Ideabox include town names?

Dojorune Aug 21 2014 16:13

@Newes, while I do agree that this isn’t really a good update, no need to spam the update with comments, at the time of reading the update news, you had posted 9/36 of the comments. Quite literally, 25%. We understand with your disappointment with this update, most of us agree with you, but really dude, 25%?

Nakor the Blue Rider 4 Aug 21 2014 16:20

I must also concur, that town name is pretty awful. I do like the QC change, that category needed some way of actually having discussions.

Skeezee 6 Aug 21 2014 16:28

I just wish there was a reward for people who actually participate in dungeons. Maybe have one (or two for Woodness) logs per person in Treasure Trove and they get distributed to the living party members. So if 3 out of 5 members die from being AFK, the remaining two members get those extra logs divided amongst themselves.

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