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Godville, Aug 21 2014

Let’s add some finishing touches on the renewed arena. Firstly, the duel ties are no more. Instead of tossing the coin, arena judges will throw in potions or do whatever they can to see who would actually win, fair and square.

There are two new special duel conditions too. First one limits the maximum number of influences to two (instead of the usual four). Second one is for the beloved gods with temple – your hero now has a chance to get a log of gopher wood for winning in the arena.

Meanwhile, a new report from free-walking spelunkers mentions new kinds of dungeons with new side quests. Let’s dig!

In other changes. Due to the limitation of having constructive discussions in the Ideabox, the “Questionable Content” section is now closed. Instead, please use this forum topic to submit and discuss “not good enough” or confusing texts from the game. (Bugfixes, grammar corrections and inappropriate content should still be reported via Ideabox/Corrections).

Finally, as it was announced in the previous post a new town is about to be founded. “Roflopolis” will be its name and now it’s up to you to decide where this town would be. Any suggestions?

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Beeporama 6 Aug 21 2014 16:34

I don’t mind Roflopolis (but I don’t take the game too seriously) but I like Lost Vegas better. If we stick with Roflopolis, with a name like that, it belongs at milestone 420.

Nyn Celt Aug 21 2014 16:37

I give my vote to far, far away for that town’s location. I wouldn’t want to come upon it too often.

Guru Gnu Aug 21 2014 16:47

Roflopolis is a marvellous town name and should be sited at milestone 2 so we can all visit it several times a day :)

Nekratal Aug 21 2014 16:56

The name for the town is not fun at all and a lot of people seem to agree on this. Please reconsider if you really want to include this in the game

The Octagon 4 Aug 21 2014 16:58

I love the new town name. Thanks, Godville!

Marthter 6 Aug 21 2014 17:02

I think this recent diary entry fits well in the flow of things:

This Major Buzzkill doesn’t appreciate my jokes. It will pay for its discerning sense of humor. Attack!

I heart Roflopolis and will totally command my heroine to build a second temple therein. Soon as she finds it.

Der Moerder Aug 21 2014 17:07

On second thought, a tie was an accepted way to end a duel when neither God wanted to waste the charges needed to fight no vc battles. A bit of a bummer. (Also always going to godville very frequently by arena already gives a decent amount of wood as seen by my count)

Marthter 6 Aug 21 2014 18:01

Regarding town placement, I think a – dare I say it – rolling location would be appropriate. Similar to Lostway, with maybe even more latitude in where it might show up.

AdamShi 6 Aug 21 2014 18:08

I like the no ties with the new arena point system. I’m sorry to those of you who force tie to preserve a record. Not so sure about giving logs, but at least its only a special condition and not 100%. I can see people abusing that for a quick ark otherwise.

Second, some people think there is a 2 action limit before an action lock occurs. That is just a condition of a specific fight, not all duels, correct? So you can’t have no voice commands AND only 2 actions in the same fight… shouldn’t lose to an AFK then.

Also, I’m ROFL at the town name ROFLOpo.. oh I just can’t do it. I like the new dungeon types though! Just was in one where the nook displayed the interesting places in the entire dungeon. Made navigating very different.


Awesomecanuck Aug 21 2014 18:24

The new town should be somewhere between Anville and Deville. I am meh on the name.

Sybill Aug 21 2014 18:34

Please reconsider adding roflopolis. Awful name. Would never make it through ideabox!

Dio patre Aug 21 2014 19:02

Please change the name of the town or place it as far as possible from Godville!!!

Dio patre Aug 21 2014 19:05

Check the town located at the very end of the Godville world and and place it after.

Partisan Aug 21 2014 21:15

There should be a vote for this town name. I saw someone say Lost Vegas that sounds a lot better.

Please listen to us :)

XanderNighthawk Aug 21 2014 23:17

I’d have to say south east of Los Adminos on the Isle of LoL.

Iduna Aug 21 2014 23:40

Any chance that those of us who enjoy the forum could be helped out. Not all of us like to fight. One of the great things about Godville was you could play how you like and that is slowly being stripped away!

Epona Dernhelm Aug 22 2014 00:40

Can’t help but say Iduna’s complaint demands repeating for those of us not inclined to fight this game used to be fun now we seem to just be taking up space.

Brinjal 6 Aug 22 2014 00:53

Epona/Iduna how exactly is more features for those who do like to fight strip away anything for those who don’t?

Hairplug4men 6 Aug 22 2014 00:56

I absolutely love the new arena updates. The new rules of a chance to get gopher wood or a chance for non payers to actually be able to fight against me is a great idea with the twoaction only fights is a great addition. Keep it up developers and don’t let the haters get you down.and by the way great town name.

Bellatrixie The Strange 5 Aug 22 2014 00:57

Ditto to everything HP just said!

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