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Godville, Aug 21 2014

Let’s add some finishing touches on the renewed arena. Firstly, the duel ties are no more. Instead of tossing the coin, arena judges will throw in potions or do whatever they can to see who would actually win, fair and square.

There are two new special duel conditions too. First one limits the maximum number of influences to two (instead of the usual four). Second one is for the beloved gods with temple – your hero now has a chance to get a log of gopher wood for winning in the arena.

Meanwhile, a new report from free-walking spelunkers mentions new kinds of dungeons with new side quests. Let’s dig!

In other changes. Due to the limitation of having constructive discussions in the Ideabox, the “Questionable Content” section is now closed. Instead, please use this forum topic to submit and discuss “not good enough” or confusing texts from the game. (Bugfixes, grammar corrections and inappropriate content should still be reported via Ideabox/Corrections).

Finally, as it was announced in the previous post a new town is about to be founded. “Roflopolis” will be its name and now it’s up to you to decide where this town would be. Any suggestions?

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SpiralAbyss 4 Aug 23 2014 09:43

But still, these are awesome updates! Thank you Developers!

Hairplug4men 6 Aug 23 2014 14:35

Wilson, I had already submitted that idea and it has been approved. It should be rolled out whenever they get the time to do it.

SpiralAbyss 4 Aug 24 2014 06:13

Hopefully, I am trying my best to win all the way to the end of season!

Helile Aug 24 2014 15:34

How about milestone 101 instead of 707. Remember 1 is l in 1337 speak, versus turning 7s over to make an l. This is if you are playing off of putting roflopolis at an lol spot

Menace Denis 5 Aug 25 2014 03:34

@Helile no one can access tradesburg if you place it at 101

Fanry 4 Aug 27 2014 15:55

Roflopolis is not that good… I think

Flexor Sep 01 2014 22:50

I’ve been thinking it might be advantageous to “widen” the milestone parameters, or in a sense, add more dimension to gameplay by creating a sort of x and y axis to travel. Why not make the town at location Milestone -10 ?? Thank for your time and effort… HarryMudd

Tet 2 Sep 07 2014 03:52

I’m not crazy on the new town’s name, either. And I agree that there should be an ideabox section for town names. ROFLopolis would not have made it through without pity votes.

Fanry 4 Sep 08 2014 01:08


Flexor Sep 09 2014 20:35

I 3rd that emotion…

God of Storms 4 Sep 10 2014 23:38

I agree with that.

Frogginator Sep 12 2014 07:52

My apologies that I don’t have a suggestion, but I don’t know how else to give kuddos. Thanks for being so attentive to the game.

Vorpal 6 Sep 20 2014 21:18

How do you even pronounce the new town’s name??

Fat John- Oct 13 2014 03:59

ROF lop a lus

Maximus Rogerus Oct 15 2014 03:31

Roffle lop olus

Ghost-n-Bass 4 Oct 18 2014 17:30

I wish roflopolis in 700 milestone Join the guild Devil Dubstep Join “Devil Dubstep” guild

Talryk Oct 24 2014 09:19

Not a fan of the new name. Should’ve been milestone 404, named Error: Town Not Found

Doctor Manhattan Nov 12 2014 01:04

Join Mighty Crusaders guild

Komatos94 Nov 12 2014 09:58

Love the updates join komatosis need definition google ray rice elevator punch

Red977 Nov 19 2014 05:56

South of tradeburg there’s a empty spot down and to the right perfect for a new town. This suggestion was made by the usual suspects guild. Taking newcomers now for great hunting, digging and boss fighting.

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