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Godville, Aug 21 2014

Let’s add some finishing touches on the renewed arena. Firstly, the duel ties are no more. Instead of tossing the coin, arena judges will throw in potions or do whatever they can to see who would actually win, fair and square.

There are two new special duel conditions too. First one limits the maximum number of influences to two (instead of the usual four). Second one is for the beloved gods with temple – your hero now has a chance to get a log of gopher wood for winning in the arena.

Meanwhile, a new report from free-walking spelunkers mentions new kinds of dungeons with new side quests. Let’s dig!

In other changes. Due to the limitation of having constructive discussions in the Ideabox, the “Questionable Content” section is now closed. Instead, please use this forum topic to submit and discuss “not good enough” or confusing texts from the game. (Bugfixes, grammar corrections and inappropriate content should still be reported via Ideabox/Corrections).

Finally, as it was announced in the previous post a new town is about to be founded. “Roflopolis” will be its name and now it’s up to you to decide where this town would be. Any suggestions?

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Iduna Aug 22 2014 01:03

I don’t mean to be a hater the problem is there have been no updates for those of us who don’t like fighting. By all means the fights are great but when that is all anyone is concerned with it gets a little boring for the rest of us.

Bellatrixie The Strange 5 Aug 22 2014 01:23

Dungeons, arks, no more skirmishes – those updates weren’t arena-related. But if you have some ideas, you should definitely submit them! I don’t arena much, but I’m still enjoying the game, especially due to those updates.

Iduna Aug 22 2014 01:39

Oh for goodness sakes you all know me you know I love the chatter on the forums I don’t want ANY of that to end but I would just like to see some forum sprucing up so it would entice some more people there. And on the GC In is not conversation!

Iduna Aug 22 2014 02:02

And I think the new additions are great I’d just like to see some for those who play how I do!

Brinjal 6 Aug 22 2014 02:08

Forum improvements would be nice. Maybe a “this is interesting/helpful” button on every post. If a lot of your posts are deemed interesting, you would be rewarded by being able to post more before reaching the limit. It would also allow people who don’t have anything on particular to say to show their appreciation.

Zigfried Aug 22 2014 02:36

Great but i will miss the skirmishes :(

Epona Dernhelm Aug 22 2014 02:39

It seems like our comments have been interesting we’ll see about helpful. I think it should be noted that what Iduna and I are saying is that we don’t want to see anyone lose the way they enjoy playing this game and we feel we are. We don’t want anything lost. And we aren’t trying to pick a fight. I look back on the forums and see such imagination. That is what made this game special.

BlueStapler 5 Aug 22 2014 03:11

Roflopolis sounds like a large city, aka Metropolis. Logically, it would be in a location with lots of activity. It appears that the nearest available location to Godville (milestone 0 for the n00bz) is milestone 80. This would result in making Los Demonos (milestone 70) a little more difficult to get to and that’s something I can live it.

However, since we don’t know anything about this Roflopolis municipality, it’s impossible to make any educated suggestions of where it should be located. Not knowing why my hero should visit (or avoid) Roflopolis and being forced to choose a spot, I’d say put it at milestone 400. And to explain why it has a name that sounds big, we can just say it used to be a big city, but was slowly abandoned because the numerous ROFL cone factories closed down due to rising labor costs.

Speaking of rofl cones (and as fuel for people who don’t like the name Roflopolis), I submitted “rofl cone” as an artifact on July 12, 2014 and it got a glorious 3 yes and 27 no votes.

Diablowoman Aug 22 2014 04:33

not sure how u decide who would win…but i hope arena rank or dual rank is not in that equation. some of us have high rank alts and low rank alts but enter the arena only revive pets.

Christian the Divine Aug 22 2014 05:42

Name of the town, doesn’t trip my trigger or make me hate it, as seems to be the case with most towns (it’s a friggin game people, your world will go on). I like the idea of the chance for a 2 influence arena as you can still use voice commands folks!

And I just got done with a new side quest dungeon and it was challenging! Under 40 steps and you get an extra wood actually makes you want to fight a boss and not try to go around it…sneaky devs, that means more potential charges for us!

And as a professional Dungeon AFK killer, I am always happy to throw my support for logs to be evenly distributed amongst the surviving heroes where 4 players go in, 2 leave alive, they each get 2 logs :)

RogueSaber 4 Aug 22 2014 06:01

Put Roflopolis at mile 707. Flip the number over if you don’t understand why…

Menace Denis 5 Aug 22 2014 08:17

I think you devs are out in full force to make dungeons as frustrating as possible. I have limited time to dungeon everyday and these new additions are making me dread hitting the dungeon button. I am refering to the hurry dungeon. Some dungeon it’s hard to find the treasure within 100 steps and now we have gotten a dungeon that requires us to find it within 50 steps. One wrong/unlucky move towards the wrong direction and that’s it, 4 hours wait for the next guaranteed log and a whole messed up schedule. I only want to get my two logs everyday and you are making it as difficult as possible.

BlueStapler 5 Aug 22 2014 09:24

RogueSaber’s idea of putting Roflopolis at milestone 707 is simply perfect. He deserves IQ points for that idea. #endofdiscussion

Fanry 4 Aug 22 2014 14:29

Were not haters, we simply hate the name of the town.

Fanry 4 Aug 22 2014 14:29

Were not haters, we simply hate the name of the town.

Jimbob64 6 Aug 22 2014 14:31

OK, I can live with ROFLopolis I suppose, it’s not that great a name… (Personally, Herowin, Bumchester, Last Resort and Lostway were more fun names to me), but I vote we have it at milestone 700something, or- can we have a “lost” town at milestone 404 please?

Haven’t seen any new dungeons or been to the Arena yet in the past couple days, but can I make a suggestion for the Hurry dungeon? If players have less time to make it to the trove, could we increase the amount of gold and items in the treasury?

And can we prevent any Hurry dungeons that require a key to open a treasury? Getting to a nook and then a treasury in 50 steps might not be possible on randomly generated maps without a good deal of luck. If we’re going to need luck to do something that fast, can we get 1.5× or 2× the payoff for it?

A last comment or two from me:

In the last update, the wording led me to believe there would be more than one new town, which I think might be a good idea since there appear to be more players and guilds than ever sharing the existing ones.

And furthermore: ideabox. I have long wondered why there is a Newspaper idea page for voting if it’s inaccessible and empty. May we please vote on newspaper ideas, if not soon then someday in the future? It could help raise awareness of the entries we currently lack in categories like Wanted Monsters and Items, and supplement the Breaking News section which seems almost to repeat itself daily.

Thank you for reading, and for consistently working to keep this game fresh and interesting for longtime players. Even if we’re not exactly thrilled about some of the updates, the effort is something we can count on. That’s a good thing to be able to say about a development team.

Ronners 4 Aug 22 2014 21:41

I don’t even bother with dungeons anymore, too frustrating and to much work for little reward.

Also, duels can end in ties? I guess I’ve been avoiding the arena too!

Iduna Aug 23 2014 02:13

Role playing. Remember the spa at Harvest Moon? Remember every raid by our lovable pirates? PLEASE GET RID OF THAT TIME LIMIT! Remember HP’S sock! Give us a pantheon of creativity or something like that. The best stories aren’t in the chronicles they are on the forum!

Iduna Aug 23 2014 02:14

I’ll shut up now. :))

SpiralAbyss 4 Aug 23 2014 09:39

I would rather have the pantheon of duelers to be separated into temple owners and non temple owners. It is a bit frustrating to see many non temple owners matching more often than the lesser population of temple owners. There isn’t many top temple rankers in the pantheon.

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