Keleios 5

level 136
trader level 54

இ GV's strangest இ

Age 7 years 6 months
Personality neutral
Guild Asylum
Monsters Killed about 500 thousand
Death Count 2
Wins / Losses 318 / 109
Temple Completed at 04/28/2013
Ark Completed at 06/02/2014 (619.8%)
Pairs Gathered at 07/19/2017
Words in Book 16.6%
Shop “Glittery Booty”
Pet Heffalump Furinkazan 97th level
Boss Difficultist with 300 of power


Weapon icebreaker +150
Shield defence attorney +150
Head data mining headlamp +150
Body coat of honor +150
Arms ham fists +149
Legs bonus footage +150
Talisman god tags +147


  • concrete placer level 140
  • mass effect level 134
  • clinical strike level 128
  • cobweb gulp level 128
  • elbow bite level 124
  • save-load level 124
  • pseudopod attack level 123
  • thumb blowing level 122
  • bloody itch level 122
  • quantum fireball level 116




  • Honored Animalist
  • Honored Dueler
  • Honored Favorite
  • Honored Hunter
  • Honored Invincible
  • Honored Raider
  • Honored Shipwright
  • Builder, 1st rank
  • Careerist, 1st rank
  • Fiend, 1st rank
  • Moneybag, 1st rank
  • Saint, 1st rank
  • Savior, 1st rank
  • Seadog, 1st rank
  • Champion, 2nd rank
  • Coach, 2nd rank
  • Miner, 2nd rank
  • Martyr, 3rd rank

Hero's Chronicles

Just call me Keleios…

grump that does not work well.

Once upon a time…

No no no! That is taken um..

The beginning is quote confusing, involving much glitter, confusion and misdirection. The story on how the Goddess Keleios was split and part of her became a cat and her own hero is long, drawn out.. And well at the moment totally confusing!

Let’s start in the middle. Temple building was quite normal. I usually listened and was a good girl, and quested for bricks. I did not like the arena, frankly the one time I went it someone beat me up, and I don’t like that!!

And then dungeons came along. I hit that button the first day, and I was hooked! I had no clue what was going on, but at the end there was treasure! And wood! And glitter!! WOOHOO!! And then my life changed forever, someone directed me to the Palringo room. Dungeons became my obsession, and Palringo brought the FUN in.

After a few dungeons I died in a boss fight from backfire, and Dogess suggested I explore and learn the arena. Oh boy was I bad.. I kept getting beat up!! But I got the hang of it, and found a new obsession, and more people!!

Great Apollo, Christian the Divine, and Kayl seemed to always be in a dungeon with me, so Silly started calling them my lost boys. Christian enjoys hitting all the bosses, and Kayl and Apollo just egg him on. I just go along to make sure they come out alive! Okay so I killed myself ONE time.. really they are still planning my funeral!!

During that time I got a sparkly box from Irwin. This sparkly box is great! I curl up on it, and nap, and it makes me purrr… I put the sparkly box in my popcorn castle by Phil. It’s such a great castle that I let Phil live in a tower, and Kayl lives in the other tower to provide waffles on command.

Christian the Divine and Silly decided to add my name to their motto. Then, they decided to spread the insanity. I am not sure how it happened, or really why it happened. If I figure it out I’ll let you know.

But I know who you are; I have my eyes on you!!

Day 1941 g.e. Keleios – 103rd-level adventurer, member of the “Asylum” guild, with the motto “Dangerous to go Alone இ”, stands at the 32nd position in the pantheon of might under the vigilant supervision of the goddess Keleios. She always wanted to sneakily follow another hero on their quest, to make sure they don’t screw around, but never found the time.