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Godville, Dec 04 2016

More Tribbles

You might have noticed the new little critters that appeared during this Halloween – hungry tribbles. They are like their fluffy mates, but kinda evil – they breed by eating the corpses of defeated monsters. The good thing is that they are also more profitable. Don’t get surprised if your hero finds some of them – or the fluffy ones – inside of the fishing containers.

More Bosses

The next change is related to the various bosses. Due to the pre-historic reasons, there were more bosses with some abilities (Hulking, Nimble) and less with others (Enlightened, Sweeping, etc). From now on all the bosses will be more fair ability-wise, which could sometimes be good or not so good, but definitely more surprising and exciting.

Remember the special ear-tail-eye trophies the heroes get from bosses and which traders like so much? From now on there will be a couple new parts and heroes may get more than one trophy from a boss.

More Forecasts

An upgrade at the Astrologers’ Bureau of the Godville Times has brought us a few new forecasts. It is known that they will affect fishing, bingo and something else, more mysterious.

Comments (26)
Azzageddi 6 Dec 04 2016 12:23

Nice updates! Thanks guys!

Phexides 5 Dec 04 2016 12:30

More Forecasts

This is so great! Thank you, dear Devs! :)

Tuggernongy 6 Dec 04 2016 12:31

Loving the new tribbles, and looking forward to trying out the boss changes and seeing the new forecasts! :)

God2000 4 Dec 04 2016 12:49

This is really great!


And more, yee :D

Anubhavagrawal 4 Dec 04 2016 13:02

Thanks for the update~

Chinese Wolf 6 Dec 04 2016 13:03

More Tribbles — yay tribbles! I love tribbles!

More Bosses — glad I just finished my ark. More sweeping means more dungeon failure. Even with less hulking, nimble, a single sweeping only boss can wipe out the team single handed. Unless sweeping does less damage. I have always think that nimble(x2 damage) is bad, a sweeping (at least x3, sometimes x5 damage) almost means an end of dungeon. (Sweeping PTSD, sorry)

But I agreed on the more parts part. Butcher, you say?

More Forecasts — Forecast: change of JUSTICE
(Justice rains from above, for those who don’t play Overwatch)

Seriously, more forecast = more fun.

Nice Hat Dec 04 2016 13:12

Yeehaaw! More Tribbles, more monsters, new forecasts… This is awesome guys. Thank you!

Bastienne 6 Dec 04 2016 13:19

I had noticed the new tribbles! Those things are vicious.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs 4 Dec 04 2016 13:22

Tribbles, monsters, forecasts… I can`t wait! Thanks guys!

Diabetic Chicken 4 Dec 04 2016 14:16

Neat, but what the heck does “More fare ability” mean?

Dremon 6 Dec 04 2016 14:22

I would like to be able to build my own boss from different body parts.

Goddess iliana 4 Dec 04 2016 14:24

Sounds interesting.

Thorbjoern 6 Dec 04 2016 14:54

This sounds like it could be fun :D

Naun Dec 04 2016 14:57

Excellent stuff! Thank you for the continued development, devs.

God of all Peter Dec 04 2016 15:02

Awesome, great game and love seeing all the work being put into it.

Holy Spirit of Hell 5 Dec 04 2016 15:19

I’m looking forward to collecting some boss uvulas and mucus!

All Mighty Joyce 6 Dec 04 2016 16:34

I just love the new add-ons this will be quite profitable.

Portico 6 Dec 05 2016 06:10

How exciting! ^_^

Jimbob65 6 Dec 06 2016 12:21

Sounds like fun.

Augnoramous 6 Dec 07 2016 07:51

Wondered why I was getting Tribbles so often lately. Yay!

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