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Godville, Dec 04 2016

More Tribbles

You might have noticed the new little critters that appeared during this Halloween – hungry tribbles. They are like their fluffy mates, but kinda evil – they breed by eating the corpses of defeated monsters. The good thing is that they are also more profitable. Don’t get surprised if your hero finds some of them – or the fluffy ones – inside of the fishing containers.

More Bosses

The next change is related to the various bosses. Due to the pre-historic reasons, there were more bosses with some abilities (Hulking, Nimble) and less with others (Enlightened, Sweeping, etc). From now on all the bosses will be more fair ability-wise, which could sometimes be good or not so good, but definitely more surprising and exciting.

Remember the special ear-tail-eye trophies the heroes get from bosses and which traders like so much? From now on there will be a couple new parts and heroes may get more than one trophy from a boss.

More Forecasts

An upgrade at the Astrologers’ Bureau of the Godville Times has brought us a few new forecasts. It is known that they will affect fishing, bingo and something else, more mysterious.

Comments (27)
Augnoramous 6 Dec 07 2016 07:51

Wondered why I was getting Tribbles so often lately. Yay!

Wahyu- Dec 07 2016 08:45

yay new news

Dvosion Dec 07 2016 11:34

New boss trophies! Awesome

Mallorn 4 Dec 07 2016 20:14

Always happy to hear of new tweaks, thank you!

Ramiz Akhthar Dec 10 2016 16:49

<3 awesome …?

Okidokidoc Dec 21 2016 02:20

More is better… Unless more crashes and unavailable duels…?

Zierou The Omega 4 Dec 31 2016 14:20


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