Christmas Special

Godville, Dec 21 2021

Warm greetings to you, chilling deities!

Christmas and holidays are right ahead and Godville has quite a few things to offer for this occasion.

For starters, keep an eye on winter snowflakes ❄. There are many ways to get them: heroes knock them out of monsters, reindeers 🦌 and fish out of ponds, while gods can get an extra ❄ from the godpower capacitor in Godville Times. These snowflakes are actually quite useful. They are valuable among traders, the bingo game takes them as wildcards – and if a hero gets four or five of them there might be some serious snowman-centric fun with presents.

Speaking of holiday presents – which is the main part, of course. There are lots of them and they could drop from everywhere: monsters, snowmen, newspaper’s bingo, you name it. These gifts come in various shapes and forms and could be activated for free to get valuable resources, chunks of experience, godpower and other neat stuff.

Let’s not forget about Laplandville – this festive town known for its discounts and other bonuses, located right next to Godville, is about to open its doors. Meanwhile, Santa Clawses and Satan Clauses are back in the field, spreading holiday spirit and presents (and even tameable with some luck).

There are a couple more novelties of this holiday season:

  • New side jobs – they are holiday-themed and quite easy.
  • Holiday POIs – these multipoints are rare, but very rewarding.
  • Any god with Dungeon Forge can put a Christmas tree in their dungeon, so spelunkers could get some presents if they find it.

The feast will last till January 2. Happy Holidays!

Comments (39)
Tomobi 5 Dec 21 2021 16:29

Thanks, Devs. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you!

Beausoleil 4 Dec 21 2021 16:37

Thank you for the holiday fun! Happy holidays to all of you.

Stickyorder 6 Dec 21 2021 16:39

Happy holidays, Devs! Thanks for always being so attentive. Make sure you take a break.

This is so cool:

Any god with Dungeon Forge can put a Christmas tree in their dungeon, so spelunkers could get some presents if they find it.

Hankvi Guidza 6 Dec 21 2021 16:40

Sounds fun! Happy holidays amidst the rainstorms.

Chinese Wolf 6 Dec 21 2021 16:54

Happy holidays!

Vitalitk Dec 21 2021 17:01

Thanks! Merry Christmas and happy oncoming New Year!

Thorbjoern 6 Dec 21 2021 17:07

Happy holidays :)

Oh Great Guy 6 Dec 21 2021 17:14

Thank you Devs!! Happy Holidays to you!

Orgm 4 Dec 21 2021 17:27

Thanks for the Christmas Tree in player-made dungeons~

NebulousOne 6 Dec 21 2021 17:37

Hello 👋 everyone! Yes, even those heroines and heros living down yonder on the now summertime half on the Earth 🌍🌎🌏! 🙂 This looks like a fun festive season in Godville. Looking forward to it being a great time for roaming around the world gathering all the goodies! Happy holidays! 🎭🎁🎄☃️🌨️❄️

Cham Almighty 6 Dec 21 2021 17:43

Love these generous new features as well as the beloved traditional seasonal ones! Thanks, devs <3

Jimbob64 6 Dec 21 2021 17:45

Happy Holidays, all! Enjoy your loooooot!!

TaiJuan 6 Dec 21 2021 18:05

Thank you, Devs! May peace and plenty be the first to lift the latch on your door, and may happiness be guided to your home by the candle of Christmas.

Cowabungallow 5 Dec 21 2021 18:24

Thanks devs! May your holiday season be as wonderful and as filled with joy and good cheer as ours is in Godville!

Foobar42 5 Dec 21 2021 18:53

More fun for the holidays! Thanks Mighty Devs!

Phoenix Ironside Dec 21 2021 19:13

Wishing blissful holidays to the devs and everyone else!✨

Zaleay Dec 21 2021 20:03

Happy holidays everyone!

Omniscient Reader 4 Dec 21 2021 20:16

Daaaamn this one’s a long event. Happy holidays, everyone!

Tlazolteteo 6 Dec 21 2021 20:25

Oooh, Christmas trees, exciting! Thanks Devs!

God Of Demons Dec 21 2021 21:12

Nice I am excited for this kne

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