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Godville, Jul 08 2020

Newspaper Coupons
Godville Times editors are always looking for new ways to delight their readers. This time around they’ve made a deal with local traders to introduce a simple, yet functional thing: coupons for free stuff.

It works like this: the newspaper will publish a new coupon every day. A deity can transfer this coupon straight to their champion’s pockets with a divine tap, and the hero will then cash it out during the next trading session. Most days the coupons will give some kind of an activatable artifact, but there will be other things as well.

Datamine Refreshments
It’s been a while since Datamine has opened, so it’s good to spice it up with a bit of variety. Datamine runs can now have special rules, e.g. a rule to kick bosses more often, a rule to have more locked bits, a rule that defines bytes as 7 bits… Just like in dungeons and sails — you know the drill.

Parts & Lab
If your hero is already collecting boss’ parts, you know that he visits the Lab only upon arriving in town, which leaves a few cases when the part can be lost or sold. So from now on the heroes will check the Lab more often – after praying and even after teleporting to a town. This applies to the wanted monster rewards as well.

Comments (31)
Lastsight Jul 08 2020 15:04

Nice update. As always thanks for continuing to make improvements.

Beausoleil 4 Jul 08 2020 15:15

Always love the new additions. Thanks for making a great game even greater.

Hairplug4men 7 Jul 08 2020 15:23

Excellent update, love data-mining already and now with special rules I’m super pumped

Recliner 4 Jul 08 2020 15:25

I love you guys. You always manage to make things even better. Thanks!

Dragon god Bahamud 4 Jul 08 2020 15:26

I wonder what these “other” coupons will be – maybe free accumulator charges, gold bricks or logs? Only time will tell…

TaiJuan 6 Jul 08 2020 15:28

Thanks, Devs, for these updates. I’ve already clipped my first coupon. I’m eager to check out the datamine changes. The additional lab checks are much appreciated. You guys have a good eye for valuable updates!

Vemego 4 Jul 08 2020 15:30

Thank you about the laboratory! It’s also good that coupons have appeared! 😊

Shiaos Jul 08 2020 15:32

Great to see the devs updating the game!

Ginoraf3000 6 Jul 08 2020 15:45

Thanks! News contents is always welcome!

Zenzeon Jul 08 2020 16:23

Thanks!! for this new feature.

Hankvi Guidza 6 Jul 08 2020 16:42

Always nice to get something extra from the newspaper. At least I don’t have to worry about teleporting anymore. ;)

All Mighty Joyce 6 Jul 08 2020 16:49
Love all of this thanks Devs!
Jimbob64 6 Jul 08 2020 16:59

This is neat. Thanks as ever for more stuff we never realized we wanted until suddenly we have it and it’s awesome.

S624 6 Jul 08 2020 17:23

Hurrah for new features! I’m hopefully a month away from datamine access so looking forward to the new additions.

Looks like I ran across the parts deposit on prayer on 3rd July already.

Hershey Almighty 6 Jul 08 2020 18:30

Thanks for the update devs! As always I’m eager to see the new features! 🙂

Wawajabba 4 Jul 08 2020 19:20

I haven’t unlocked over half of these features, but looks great! Can’t wait to start building my boss 😋

Goddess iliana 4 Jul 08 2020 20:16

You guys are just the Greatest!

Kth Jul 08 2020 20:54

Wow! You guys are the best. Keep up the great work.

Brinjal 6 Jul 08 2020 21:08

Awesome! Looking forward to taking coupons and seeing new datamine rules. I’ve already spotted one new rule and added it to the wiki page. Hopefully other people will help out with that!

Shakalakaboom 4 Jul 09 2020 00:38

Coupons are cool, but maybe add a buffer of time where the idiot can’t sell it immediately after cashing it in, so I can actually have a chance to use the item redeemed for. :-) Thanks for your consideration.

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