Godville, Dec 09 2019

Today is the day for the experienced ones — the deities who already have a lab boss and whose heroes are busy with writing a sacred book.

As you may have noted, it’s a challenging task for our attention deficit heroes. Up to now, they could only learn glyphs while sleeping — and it turned out to be hard while sleeping drunk.

However, anything can be improved with a little bit of science. Behold the Datamine — a special place for learning sacred things. Particle collision creates lots of data, right? Datamine was made to collide the heaviest, most energy-dense (and also dumbest) particles of Godville – the lab bosses.

Data from the datamine can be used in two ways. Firstly, it helps to learn new glyphs for the Book. Secondly, it produces bosscoins.

Bosscoin is a fancy new currency of Godville. It’s weird, mysterious and very valuable — on a good day a bosscoin can be sold for up to 18 thousand gold coins! On other days it could cost pennies — its price is flaky and changes many times an hour. Godville Times is up with this new trend: editors are already publishing up-to-date bosscoin rates in the newspaper’s exchange section.

Let’s sum it up. Finally, gods got a shiny new button for their Remote controls and something new to play with, alongside familiar dungeons and sails (it’s been years since something like that happened!). Check this forum topic to learn more. Also make sure to update the Godville app on your phone (Android, iOS).

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Mythras of Arbor 6 Dec 09 2019 11:40

Even the bosscoin:coldcoin ratio is kinda accurate to the real stuff, love the idea! And excited to see it in action soon ☺️

Holy Spirit of Hell 5 Dec 09 2019 11:50

Woohoo, new stuff!

Spirit Of Knowing 6 Dec 09 2019 12:03

And here it is. I don’t know what good it is, no entries, no jokes, no creativity. Just a new separate way to waste gp.

Elantien Dec 09 2019 12:13

😭 I only have a temple…

Liftedplane 6 Dec 09 2019 12:14

Someday there will be so much to do in this non-game that we’ll have to play it like an actual game.

Today is not that day thankfully.

TaiJuan 6 Dec 09 2019 12:53

Just came back from the datamine. I didn’t get a bosscoin, but it was fun. Thanks, Devs!

Jimbob64 6 Dec 09 2019 13:09

This looks like fun. Thank you as ever for continuing to pull cool new stuff out of your hats, devs! Once again, you have me excited to dive in and learn all about something I never suspected would exist just 24 hours ago.

Hairplug4men 7 Dec 09 2019 15:21

Awesome update! Here I was looking for another way to happily spend my GP! And you guys gave it to me. Thank you. This came never ceases to amaze me. You got this payer hooked. I love the simplicity of it and the fact that I don’t have to read anything while I’m in a data mine.

All Mighty Joyce 6 Dec 09 2019 16:30

I love this new concept, you guys keep me on my toes!

Enzuna 6 Dec 09 2019 17:14

Super cool! Sadly I’m not at the stage I have a boss monster yet but I reckon another half a year or so and I can join in!

If I could perhaps leave some feedback:

  • Could the 24h summon timer be separate from the data mine? As someone without a lab boss it’s fun seeing other people pull them out in dungeons, but the data mine makes this basically a non-option for anyone collecting glyphs.
  • Could people nickname their lab bosses? After all that effort getting to a lab, and then finally creating the boss… perhaps giving it a custom touch would be nice. :)
  • Since there is now a new thing to aim for, perhaps mystery boxes could be revisited to award logs/nimals and perhaps other activatables for dungeons, logs, *nimals and even savings could be revisited? A girl can dream!
Cinisi 6 Dec 09 2019 17:17

Awesome. Excited for this new content. Thanks dev’s!

Cret 6 Dec 09 2019 20:54

My first take in Datamine:
Cost 50GP to send to Datamine
Cost 15GP to kick + 80-90% Thrust
Collect bits in 1 (1 bit) or 11(2 bits)
Each 8 bits are minted into 1 bosscoin
Cooldown 6 hours

Bust It Baby 6 Dec 09 2019 22:47

Amazing new content as always! The game just keeps getting better and better!

Augnoramous 6 Dec 10 2019 07:10

Looking fwd to experimenting!

Aljian Dec 10 2019 16:30

Ah, the world expands. More for those top heroes.

Brinjal 6 Dec 13 2019 16:32

I just sent my boss to his first datamine It was interesting and confusing to see it in action, but possibly it’ll become more understandable in time. Besides, if gives people something to do if they’re impatient about book glyphs. Thank you devs!

Slythiechick Dec 19 2019 07:05

can we please have a command to keep our heros from changing guilds?? I miss the quests to cancel and keep joining new ones….please make an option to not change guilds!

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