Godville, Oct 09 2019

This news is for the players that have been here for a while and already managed to complete all the main goals: constructing a temple, building an ark, collecting twos of every kind and even awakening of an own boss.

Not having a goal to achieve is a bit unhealthy for both gods and heroes. It’s time to introduce a next epic deed, next major milestone. What is an intrinsic quality of a deity? Of course a creation of a world!

A dramatic event like this will surely require some preparations. What was at the beginning of a world? It’s said that it was a word. Probably, more than one. Most likely a tome of words. So, let’s try writing one. Luckily, every Godville god has an overconfident storyteller at their will, known to use up dozens of diaries on a daily basis. Let’s see how he expresses himself in this novel form – composing of a Book of Creation.

Usual heroic writings, though, won’t work here. A world can’t be created from random gibberish, it requires unique scriptural code. A hero should dive into cryptography and get the right knowledge glyph by glyph. Four glyphs will make one word, a thousand words — the Book.

Where to get the right words? There are few options for that. The first one is very dear to any hero — sleep. Every true adventurer occasionally indulges in dreaming while resting in a town. Champions tasked with the Book assignment will see divine writings in their dreams and redraw them into their Book. The second source is even more familiar: a hero can learn few glyphs as a reward for finishing a side job. That’s all for now, but there will be more word learning options in one of the upcoming game updates.

Of course, Godville is still a Zero Player Game. A hero can compose the Book all by himself, without any help. As it’s usual for the major goals, this process will take a year or two – patience is a godly virtue.

One important thing: a hero will start composing the Book only after his boss-monster has been assembled. The first boss (and only the first one) can now awake automatically in a few weeks after all the necessary ingredients have been collected. A notice line in the Lab tells when auto-awake will happen (make sure to update your Android or iOS app to see it). If you want to postpone first boss awakening you can cancel the timer by deleting any boss part from the Lab – though now it’s recommended to awaken the first one as soon as possible.

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Enzuna 6 Oct 09 2019 13:40

Fantastic! I’ve always wondered what the next goal would be and glyphs, words and books sounds like a good one. Good luck to the people out there starting on it!

Laeddis 5 Oct 09 2019 13:47

That sounds nice! So what could be the next next goal? Really looking forward it lop. Grats, devs

Thorbjoern 6 Oct 09 2019 13:52

The first thing Tak did, he wrote himself.

The second thing Tak did, he wrote the Laws.

The third thing Tak did, he wrote the World.

Im excited.

Azzageddi 6 Oct 09 2019 13:59

Wow—very interesting! Looking forward to seeing how this goes!

Hairplug4men 7 Oct 09 2019 14:03

When I completed all the achievements I thought to myself, now there are no more worlds to conquer. Thank you Developers for letting us create a world to conquer :-) amazing update

Leara 4 Oct 09 2019 14:12
I am nearly done completing my arc so this does not apply to me yet. However, I am excited to hear from others on how this goes :-)
Elantien Oct 09 2019 14:13

Wow !!! It’s … Amazing, thanks for all !

Hershey Almighty 6 Oct 09 2019 14:20

Awesome update! Nice to have a major goal again! Thanks devs!

Jimbob64 6 Oct 09 2019 14:21

Thanks as always for new content- here’s looking forward to seeing how this goes.

WardPhoenix 5 Oct 09 2019 14:25

New content? Everyone loved it

Artsonian 6 Oct 09 2019 14:52

Just in time! And my hero thought he just retired! ;-)

Kure Oct 09 2019 16:08

Well this is exciting!

Morcreus Oct 09 2019 17:00

After about 4 years ‘playing’ I’m finally closing in on my temple, I’ve got a long way to go to get to this new content, but I’m ecstatic to see something still being done for this game after all this time! A wonderful addition, thanks for all your time and effort!

Holy Spirit of Hell 5 Oct 09 2019 19:46

Back to collections! Woohoo!

NebulousOne 6 Oct 09 2019 20:12

This leaves me speechless!

XoT3K 6 Oct 09 2019 21:47

Excellent Thanks dev’s!

Felicitas Fortuna Oct 09 2019 21:49

And the devs manage to amaze once more. Wowzas! I still have a third to go for my Ark and will not see the end of the game anytime soon, but knowing how much is still to come is amazing. :D

All Mighty Joyce 6 Oct 09 2019 23:05

You guys slay me…… when I think that there is nothing new under the sun you breath new life into the game. Keep up the good work!

Talissa 6 Oct 09 2019 23:33

As always, you guys come up with the greatest new ideas! Excited to see what’s next!

Bust It Baby 6 Oct 10 2019 01:26

Awesome update! The game just keeps getting better and better!

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