Felix Swutiberg

level 69

This is Swutiberg! Right?

Age 3 years 2 months
Personality neutral
Guild TheTacoKnights
Monsters Killed about 156 thousand
Death Count 136
Wins / Losses 39 / 53
Temple Completed at 07/20/2016
Ark Completed at 05/14/2018 (101.7%)
Twos of Every Kind 18m, 12f (1.2%)
Savings 3M, 859k (12.9%)
Pet Hyper lynx Miko 4th level


Weapon wunderwaffle +81
Shield language barrier +81
Head crown molding +80
Body loincloth of revelation +81
Arms ion fists +82
Legs toe trucks +79
Talisman heavy metal band +81


  • selfish interest level 45
  • peek-a-boo level 42
  • strike of the rabbit level 42
  • mating contact level 41
  • powerful sneeze level 40
  • tin throat level 35
  • battle chess level 35
  • slap of the whale level 31
  • scissorhands level 31
  • pathological honesty level 24




  • Builder, 1st rank
  • Careerist, 1st rank
  • Favorite, 1st rank
  • Shipwright, 1st rank
  • Animalist, 2nd rank
  • Fiend, 2nd rank
  • Martyr, 2nd rank
  • Renegade, 2nd rank
  • Champion, 3rd rank
  • Hunter, 3rd rank
  • Moneybag, 3rd rank
  • Raider, 3rd rank

Hero's Chronicles

Intro: Hello! My name is Aljian and my hero is Felix Swutiberg. Totally not a rip-off from the super famous Pewdiepie or Felix Kjellberg (Hope I got that right.). Felix is the hero who I created first. Thus, I am not creating others. I am a person with a rather happy altitude. Only when I am bored I show signs of, well, boredom. Very extreme boredom. My hero, Felix, is a hero I have high hopes for. Even when he’s retired (Which is not gonna happen in a pretty long time.). I created Felix on march 13, 2015. My birthday is on march 10.

Total Stories: 18

Info: These chronicles are just short stories, whenever I have the time and idea, I would write down a story for it. Please enjoy these stories. Also, tell me where some errors are! I’m adding new information this time. I do not know if there is a god named Zeus in Godville, so, bear with it. If you are Zeus.

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Aljian And His Hero

One day, a newborn god named Aljian entered the realm of heaven. He made many mistakes as to what his elders taught him but he quickly caught on.

One day he was finally ready to create something and entered Godville. Unfortunately, he knocked his head on a ‘Server Lag’ Which indeed, caused him to lose his memory, all but his name. He also came along with the package of a much more dumber being, a ‘hero’. Both had no idea what they were doing and just did what they thought was right. Obviously both of their ambitions were different. The god, Aljian, had a feeling where he would lead the hero he seemed connected with to great glory and retirement. When the time comes of course.

On the other hand, the hero, also know as Felix, proclaimed he was a from a non-existing place called Swutiberg. Felix then called himself Sir Felix of Swutiberg. Not long after, everyone thought he was hilarious and ended up calling him Felix Swutiberg. The hero decided to make a temple in honor of his god, as well as obeying some orders from his Great one.

His God, Aljian sent signs to him, such as terror, darkness, fear. As well as happiness, joy and commands. Those two were inseparable. They were always like God, like hero, yep…
Felix The Chosen One

Felix one day decided to try and remember his life before becoming a hero, but he wasn’t so lucky. Instead, here is the real story about his hometown as well as before becoming a hero…

It was a normal day in Swutiberg when a war broke out out between them and Collonia. A mother in Swutiberg had given birth to a child and the city commanders were at battle.

The land of Swutiberg’s population wasn’t even close to a quarter of what it had before the war reached its climax. The same with the land of Collonia. It was time for the war to end after 5 years of destruction, bloodshed, death and horror, with both lands destroyed, dead and lost. There was only one last person who survived the war, his name was Felix, Felix Swutiberg. Well he was a child in a forest feeding off goldfishes and having 3 animals as “friends”.

The moment he learned about becoming a hero, having a god and being honored, he trained. He was finally ready when he was teleported to a tree and smacked his hard skull into it, destroying the tree. It was then he forgot his memories but one, he was destined to have a god and become a hero.

Swutiberg has now been forgotten and no one knows about it anymore. Except for Felix of course. Well, barely.
The First Brick

Felix discovered a golden shine behind a huge rock. He walked over and discovered a golden brick! He picked it up only to absorb it into a 0% changing it to 0.1%! He has finally taken his first step towards building a temple for his Almighty.

As he continued his journey, he fell, into a very very very deep pit. He fell to the bottom and magic drew out his first brick. He had to carry it now, or if he leaves it, it’s gone FOREVER.

He saw light after walking for minutes. He was bored as all could see, unfortunately, no one was there to see. Walking straight to the light, he found himself in yet, another cave but this time, the exit was there and a huge lava pit blocked the path with crystals in the lava. Of course, being quite the low level adventurer he is, he jumped onto the crystals not knowing they were sinking.

He reached the other side of the cave in no time. One thing he forgot, his gold brick was on the other side! Before he jumped to get back to the other side, he finally realised that the crystals were slowly sinking! He got worried and hesitated.

Suddenly, the crystals sank faster and he was scared out of his mind! “No no no!” He screamed, in his horrified brain that is. Without thinking, he closed his eyes, screamed for his life and jumped like crazy.

Perfectly jumping onto each crystal while his eyes were closed, he reached the other side, he grabbed the brick and did the same thing, closed his eyes, screamed for his life and jumped. He made it out of the cave, only to see the golden brick chipped, he decided to put it at the back of the temple. It also got absorbed back into the 0.1%. Another day of adventure.

At His First Tavern

As Felix finished his first walk outside of Godville and getting a bit of Experience Points, he stumbled upon a small wooden cottage or house or hut or whatever it is called. He smelled a beautiful, lovely and incredible scent, amazed by this new discoverery, he entered the cottage.

Felix sat down at the table and asked for what that beautiful smell was, he was handed a beer. He took a sip and let the lovely taste engulf him, he felt his heart burn with the glory and passion as he gobbled down the first mug.

As a few high level heroes seated near him, looking at him and laughing in their minds thinking, “Hehe reminds me of my first bottle,” Not too long later, Felix became drunk and started screaming about Swutiberg without knowing anything about it. After waking up two minutes later, he felt awesome. But now everyone started calling him Felix Swutiberg. He, for some reason, liked that name.

As he went on all he looked for was taverns and getting that alcohol down his throat.

The Ninja Tortoise

As Felix searched for a snack, he encountered a monster! Slaying it and reaching his 18th level. Surprised by this, he felt a tiny tiny very very tiny bit more mature. His intelligence…. did not really change, but! He was ready to finally take care of a little monster.

As he was hungry again, he stumbled upon a giant tree in the middle of a huge forest, The tree grew apples, pears, oranges and even durians. As he climbed to get a apple or two, he heard a nibbling noise.

He followed the noise and there, a Ninja Tortoise, completely unaware of Felix standing behind him.

As the Ninja Tortoise nibbled away, it still ate more with a rather grumpy look. Felix approached it when suddenly, it turned around and threw some pizza shurikens at him. Felix, who just barely manged to dodge the shurikens, slipped and fell onto the Ninja Tortoise, making both lose balance and fall off the tree. The Ninja Tortoise, who was irritated, suddenly threw tons of things at Felix. He manged to jump aside and threw a branch which knocked the very slow Ninja Tortoise and caused it to retreat into its shell. Felix walked over and saw how much sadness, loneliness, hunger and pain the Ninja Tortoise must have felt throughout its life. Felix picked up the tiny Ninja Tortoise. Patched up its wounds and stuffed a treat into the shell it was cowering in.

After walking for a bit, carrying the Ninja Tortoise. Felix found himself bored. He sat down and took out some leftover pizza from a special pizza tavern in Tradeburg. Fascinated by the smell of the pizza slice, the Ninja Tortoise came out of its shell and ran faster than any Ninja Tortoise has ever ran, towards the pizza, snatched it and started chomping and munching on it. Felix laughed and looked at the little creature, the Ninja Tortoise looked back with puppy eyes. Felix decided, to take care of the little guy and gave it a name, which I(Yes me the one writing.) forgot. Felix and his little companion were never lonely ever again! Another day of adventure!

The First Resurrection

“Just breathe, just breathe,” said the exhausted and scared Felix. Scared out of his mind as his health went down every time he tried to attack. When suddenly, he jumped and slashed, only to be stopped by a blow to the face, and death.

Having experienced his first death, he gets sent to hell and meets death. Who, fell in love with his dumb and stupid evilness. She offered to play a game for his soul. Felix being the dumb hero he is, accepted the ridiculous challenge. The rules death stated were, every time Felix does something annoying or dumb, he will lose his very heroic soul. The second rule is that he has to make it all the way to death’s castle that was all the way on the peak on the Mountain Of Death.

Felix quickly ran towards the castle to keep his very soul, only to find himself in a cave, filled with spiders. The spiders crawled around, and started surrounding Swutiberg. The spiders carried him to his next location, a huge pit filled with spikes, snakes and worst of all, dead, soulless, feral and scarred heroes. Felix asked one and it replied that it accepted the challenge. As Felix walked through, slaying feral heroes who noticed that he had a god.

After ramming his way through with his weapon, he finally exited the giant pit. When Felix finally thought that he arrived at what seemed to be the castle, everything became bright, a huge ray of light blasted down and made Felix float. Felix was blinded by this light, when suddenly, he felt the ground again.

After recovering from the blinding light, Felix looked at a tree. Seeing how there was a tree, he knew he was out of hell! Meanwhile, death angrily stomped her foot and said that she will make Felix pay if he ever returns!

The Newborn God

As the world between life and death was born, a giant ball covered in flames and lightning along with many others that looked different appeared.

The gods from both realms, heaven and hell, decided to call a truce to take after the balls.

The world above, heaven, had many gods and angels of powerful caliber. A particular ball, similar to a giant ball of dirt was ignored. It was not taken in, even by the most pure hearted angels.

The ball exploded not too long after. Revealing a very dumbfounded child with godly talents.

A god from the heavens decided to take him in, give him a name, and train him.

The god who took him in decided to call him Aljian. He was then taught by different friends of his caretaker and mastered the arts of, punishment? Aljian turned out to have more power torturing than healing and giving out orchestras that make people smile. The higher-ups of heaven, who, are gods from different cultures, heard about the news, and decided to do one thing for such treachery. Executing the god who had taken Aljian in, along with her other friends.

The Newborn God 2

When the day of the execution arrived, Aljian had to do something to stop his only friends from being killed. Aljian had no plan due to his age.

Aljian stormed into the castle, killing angels, guards and powerful gods with his magical abilities, all for his friends.

Zeus, who was had a rough day dealing with other god’s problems was pissed off more by this. He struck Aljian with a lightning bolt, knocking him out.

While the world outside was devastated by such news, Zeus ordered the angels to resurrect the gods who had been killed.

Aljian woke up in a cell, filled with other gods who had committed crimes, seven were his friends and they were called out for execution. Aljian followed but was forced back.

Aljian, who kept on resisting, was able to break free and presented the whole stadium with surprise, Zeus, who was at the stadium said “Aljian, return back to your cell, you will be released tomorrow.”

“No,” Aljian replied.

“May I ask why?” Zeus replies with a slightly impatient face.

“Why? Your asking why? Your… Y- y- your going to kill my friends! The only people who have ever cared for me!” Aljian replies, crying.

Zeus asked, “What would you do in order for me to release your friends?”

Aljian replies while wiping his tears off, “I- I- I would exchange their lives for my life! As i know mine is much more important to destroy!”

Zeus was surprised by such a answer, he let the friends go, happily smiling.

This event became a popular scene in heaven, the other kings and queens of gods were surprised too.

Years passed when Aljian finally grew up, only taking lessons from his friends. Of course, they are Aljian’s elders too.

He was finally ready to create a smaller, dumber and a much more idiotic being but, turns out he wasn’t ready enough yet, server lag sucks huh?

Felix’s Own Way Of Telling His Story Before Being Sent Into A Tree

Oh! Hello! My name is… why are we talking about this? it’s annoying Felix Swutiberg! In case of emergency, well, where you need to eat some goldfish like I did go to the toilet while reading this, please, go. Now, let us commence my beautiful life in the forest…

As the war continued and I was a fat a normal looking kid, I was traveling in the forest! Where I met some pretty rude people animals. There was a tiger, a lion and a horse stripeless zebra. They didn’t attack me, nor did they drool at the sight of me, they were… Talking.

The tiger said, “Hello, can I eat pat you?”

The lion who was drooling proud and civilised-like said, “Hello human, what brings you here on such a fine day?”

Then, The Stripeless zebra said, “Bahhhh mehhh bah bah bah me hehe hehe mehhhhhhhh Um, hello.”

As I stared, dumbfounded, I replied with a hello as well. They all seemed pretty nice for having different personalities. I spent some time with the Stripeless Zebra, it was a very idiotic and ugly shy animal. It was also, apparently pregnant with a baby that was not willing to come out into the weird wonderful world of Godville.

The lion had a very very big and dirty gorgeous and beautiful mane. It was extremely kind and even offered me some crappy tasty meat he personally grilled.

The tiger was, well a tiger, who could speak of course.

After a long time spent in the forest with the three animals, whom, I sorta killed passed away, I discovered the adventurous life of a hero.

It was during a day when I was eating the last goldfish, I heard a noise, “Teleportation initiated, 3. 2. 1. Teleport.”

I the- bzzzzzzzzz.

The True Form

Aa Felix continued on his quest for all 1000 bricks, he encountered a guy, having some type of emo hair, wearing a red jacket, a christmas hat, and antlers? He thought it was a reindeer at first from the antlers, but when he looked at the face, it was more of a human being.

When Felix walked over to ask him to wake up, he felt a powerful presence, and yelled something gibberish, " Wha-ga eh e ah wah?!"

While sitting a few meters away, the man woke up, only to ask, “Are you Felix?”

Felix, still shocked by his incredible god-like presence managed to say something “Y- y- ye- yes?”

The man, smiling, said, " If you want to know anything about me, don’t count on it."

Felix then noticed a monster. He charged at it, dealing massive damage, but it wasn’t enough. Instead, the man walked over, his eyes were gleaming a pink colour. Then a huge bolt of pink lightning came down and struck the monster, Instantly killing it.

Felix, with his eyes popping out from amazement. Screamed in his mind, yelling and yelling in his brain, thinking about what happened. The man then turned around and said, “Fine, one thing you can know about me is, my name is Aljian, and, if you think I’m wearing antlers, no, I just have antlers growing.”

When arriving at the next town, Felix wouldn’t stop asking questions. Aljian was annoyed and had glowing pink eyes showing again. Felix, who was frightened and stiff cold from the fear let out a puff of air. Instead, Aljian answered all the questions and talked about how hungry he was.

Buying him some food, Felix stood there from how fast he eats.

The night approached and every second was just Felix asking and following Aljian.

While resting in the inn, Felix asked if Aljian had money to rent a room. He didn’t. Instead, he sneaked into the room at night.

After Felix fell asleep, Aljian left, ascending into the skies and disappearing into the thin air.

Felix woke up the next day, noticing Aljian gone. He walked around town looking for him, but his efforts were in vain. Felix still wonders who Aljian was.

Aljian, looks at how his hero has developed, happily smiling.

The Pile Of Bricks

As Felix ventured into Monsterdam, he heard huge crowds screaming at the top of their voices and saying his name. Felix was walking to check out what was happening, and his life crumbled into pieces as he was attacked with pitchforks and torches.

Crowds swarmed him and continuously stabbed him, he screamed. Feeling lesser pain due to being punished like a bad serial killer being hanged in a execution chamber.

Felix had to disguise himself if he wanted to get out alive, he switched out his clothes with another villager’s. They still recognized him because of his his equipment. Especially the big and fat stripeless zebra he had just adopted.

He ran and ran. Running out of Monsterdam with tons and tons of people chasing after him.

He managed to escape being bloody and covered in flames from the torches.

Just then, a huge ray of the pink light similar to Aljian’s, shot Monsterdam. Lighting it ablaze.

Felix, who thought he would be convicted of such a crime, ran into the woods screaming and shouting. He bumped into a tree and started whining like a little boy.

Just then, the huge crowd appeared once again. In teams of 10 in one group. Of course the crowd wasn’t a match for Felix, they were all level one! Felix, who was at level 42, thought he was doomed. What an idiot.

As he took out his weapon, he charged at them. Slicing them apart and tearing their limbs like a madman.

He thought they would respawn in their homes at Monsterdam. He was absolutely right. He thought they had gods. They didn’t, they were all NPCs who had extremely high artificial intelligence.

Felix stole a few bunch of coins and beer along the way. He drank and drank. A gold brick appeared as usual in the place of 3000 gold coins.

Wandering around the woods, Felix started to find more gold bricks, leading into a pile of 30 gold bricks! He took 2 days to go back there and collect some so no one would be suspicious. Taking 10 bricks in one day. Potatoparty, a best friend of Felix, got suspicious. He stalked him for a day. Potatoparty saw him take 5 gold bricks out of a tree Felix had hidden the bricks in before he headed off(Of course Potatoparty did not know anything about it). Potatoparty thought to himself, “What is this sorcery?!”

Potatoparty went to check the place Felix had been visiting, finding 10 gold bricks left. He took them all, grinned, and ran away.

The next day, Felix went to visit the pile again, which was not there anymore. Felix got angry and wondered who took it!

Felix followed each and every one of his friends until he reached Potatoparty. He found out that he had taken the bricks. Felix angrily challenged him to a duel, whoever won would keep the 10 bricks.

Potatoparty accepted. The duel started out fine until both of them started cheating. Felix lit his butt ablaze and pretended it was Potatoparty’s fault. Monsters watching went “Boo!”

Potatoparty ate a giant slice of pie and started choking. Barely able to say words. He sounded like “Frelii- f- file….”

All the monsters started laughing at both of them. The duel went all the way to the night. Both of them were exhausted when Felix suddenly said, “You know what? I give up. This is too boring if you ask me, you found the bricks. You keep. Bye mate.”

Potatoparty agreed and both of them went their separate ways.

Prix, who is Potatoparty’s god and Aljian, were both laughing till they choked. Both of their heroes were great entertainment.

Super Trade With The Trader

Felix was all tired and wanted to get a rest. Before that happens, like every hero does, he has to trade everything and get some nice beer down his heroic throat used for screaming as he runs away.

As he trades everything in, a trader walked up to him. The trader proposed a rather gigantic trade. All his gold for an infinite beer generating supply that produces a glass of beer every hour. Felix obviously accepts the offer.

He had to overcome many obstacles and get 5 items. The first item is a tooth from the giant but sneaky and is rarely seen sand dragon. It’s location is beside Monsterdam. A desert beside Monsterdam.

Felix arrives at the desert. Drinking glasses and glasses of beer. He then finds a spike. He curiously touches it. Only to find the ground shaking like a earthquake.

Then, a giant dragon appears. It was very spiky and looked angry. The dragon shot a spike at Felix for waking it while it slept in the most comfortable spot it could find.

Felix dodged all the spikes. The dragon then whipped it’s tail at him and started going on a berserk rampage, knocking his mouth on a boulder and having a tooth fly out. He was wondering whether to let Dumbo, his stripeless zebra carry it or not. In the end, Dumbo had to carry it on his back as they headed for the next item. The orb of brown and grilled fries. Which is located somewhere near to the pile of bricks he fought Potatoparty for.

Felix went back to the cave. He wandered around it for a bit and found a small hole. He couldn’t fit in, but he had a pretty handy stripe less zebra who could dig real fast.

As the stripeless zebra who could- OK let’s just call him by his name, Dumbo. As Dumbo started digging, Felix noticed a shiny shine. He went and touched it. The shine turned into a Googly-Eyed Defroster. One of the 5 items he needed. Now Felix doesn’t have to go through the trouble of going to outer space. He did not know where that was.

Dumbo finished digging the hole and Felix quickly jumped down and frantically searched around. Dumbo followed him around and started biting on a circular item that kept producing fries. He had found the orb. Felix gave Dumbo a pat and went onto their next destination for the next item, a glass of beer.

Felix arrived at the tavern. Grabbed a beer and went off to the last destination for the final item. A stripeless zebra’s piece of fur.

The trader said the item would be next to him. Felix walked around in circles and thought the trader was lying. He continued for hours only to see a piece of the fur on the floor. Wondering where it had appeared from.

Felix went back to the trader and gave him everything. The trader asked him to stay there and wait. Hours passed and night approached. The trader never returned. Felix fell asleep and forgot what happened. He went back into the forest, started his adventure insyoncts up again and never realised that he was scammed.


Felix slept in the old wooden cottage he once lived in. Small but sturdy, it was important to him and his mother. His father went to war and his mother was ill. What could a little child like him do? Well, he had amazing talents to fight and hunt. Felix did all he could to help the Swutiberg nation while caring for his mom at the small age of 4.

Felix’s mother went out to buy the groceries and some medical herbs to make food for her and her son. She wanted to get him a toy as well since it’s going to be Felix’s birthday soon. She bought a little bottle. A bottle filled with her tear, her husband’s and Felix’s. Felix treasured it for a really long time. Even the time he went to the forest as the only survivor of the war. It was his.

Now, for the current Felix we all love to arrive into this story.

Felix finds a small bottle with a small bit of liquid in it. Looking old and cracked a little bit. It was found in a cave he was looking into. A note was in it too. It read “To my son, the boy I love.”

Felix didn’t know what to do with the bottle. He felt somewhat connected to it and stared at it for a couple of minutes. Suddenly, a tear made it’s way out of Felix’s eye. He started bursting with tears as he regains his memory. His mom. His dad. His friends. It all came back to him. He was still the same. Only thing is that he had his memories.

Felix decided not to talk about it. As everytime he thinks about his mother’s face, he cries. He drank away his sorrows at the tavern. He soon got used to it and stopped crying everytime.

He went back to Swutiberg. A place where no heroes can ever go. A place where the Godville Administrators blocked off. He took a step in and saw ruins after ruins. He arrived at his house. Finding his old toys and the comb his mom used to comb with. She was an expert at it.

Felix ventured a little more and stumbled to the forest. Dumbo started sniffing the ground and going somewhere. He found 3 animals. The corpses of the animals Felix had lived with before becoming a hero. Dumbo went to the stripeless zebra. And started mourning while sitting down. Dumbo was the child that did not want to come out after a long time. They both agreed to leave as it brought back too many memories.

They went out and walked away from the ruins. Stepping out of the blocked path and finding a Administrator coming after them. They hid and fortunately was covering each others face. Felix escaped easily with Dumbo.

The memories they felt were great. They will cherish them longer than anything they will ever cherish. The story progresses deeper now as our hero Felix continues on his journey.

Codename: Dumbo

Deep in the night, a Zebra wakes. Walking out to meet his fate. A man by the name of Felix takes care of him, as he walks into the abyss waiting for his mission.

“Hey! Long time no see, Dumbo.”

“Heh, I wasn’t away for that long was I?”

“You were. Anyway! Time for your mission.”

“I thought I quit?”

“Really? Well, time to wake up, fatty.”

“Ugh. Tell me the mission already.”

“Find and retreive one of our fallen comrade’s body. Hidden within the town of Amsterdam.”

“Got it… Wait! Where’s my hat?”

“You don’t need one, you are in disguise.”

“How exactly?”

“Just go already.”


Dumbo walks away. Into the town of Amsterdam. He needs to complete his mission before midnight disappears.

He takes the first step, getting his letter. The one’s name that must never be mentioned sent it to him. The letter tells him the location when he opens it.

He finds the place. Retrieve’s his letter. And goes to the next place.

His comrade, Buck, was a renowed agent of Dumbo’s workplace. Completing many missions.

Dumbo arrives at the door. Stuns the guards. And goes in. No one was there. Empty rooms everywhere. Was he pranked? He thought.

He finally came to the last room. He peeked inside. He saw Buck. He went in to take the body. When he saw shadowy figures. Many soon arrived and he knew he was outnumbered.

He took a step back. Pulled out a shotgun and fired. They were all unharmed. He knew he was in for a beating.

Then, suddenly, one pulled out a gun. Aimed. Fired. Confetti came out and all the shadows popped out. Buck and the rest screamed happy birthday! Buck was alive and well. It was a birthday surprise. He was relieved.

They partied until Dumbo had to leave. He returned to Felix. Laid in his master’s arms and slept. Morning approached and Felix woke Dumbo up. Felix bought huge boxes of Dumbo’s favourite food. Choclate syrup all over salad consisting mainly of lettuce and a whole lot of orange juice to refresh himself up. He got 2 birthday parties in one day. Dumbo was happy.

And me? The writer? Well. I guess Dumbo is a spy. Felix is a really cool dude. And me, Aljian, has a weird imagination!


Felix has a tiny party at his place, with Dumbo, a rabbit and a few of his spy buddies. Celebrating the arrival of the sixth year for Godville.

Felix drank beer while Dumbo ate his favourite. It was all great for them until they were faced with a problem. They were getting bored! They decided to have a tet of courage and go into the seemingly haunted house at the side of their party place. Felix decides to go all confident and go in. Everyone agrees. They decided to play a game of laser tag in the house.

The haunted house was massive. Felix joins team blue.
Dumbo follows his master.
Buck joins red as he sees Dumbo as a rival. Jamie makes way for Dumbo since she’s loving his new combed hair.

Jason, Buck’s master joins red with his trusted pet and Plate joins red for balancing the teams.

The teams were set and they went to their bases, blue at the top and red at the bottom. They went to find themsepves laser tag guns and set off into the house. Felix went by himself and Dumbo went with Jamie.

Felix used his smell to lure Jason into a room. He went in but was eliminated instantly because Jason accidently pulled the trigger at the mirror and trick-shotted it at Felix. Felix down.

Jason was too eliminated since Dumbo and Jamie followed Felix. Dumbo knows his master too well.

Just then, a shadowy figure flies past, Jamie sees it and tells everyone. Everyone thinks shes too scared and is now hallucinating. They still investigate since she has never really lied. She is relievd and everyone follows her lead. She led them into a room and there it was! A ghost! They shot it but it didn’t die. It was just laser guns! How could it’v- Huh? They are all shooting it together! It’s screaming in pain hah! I should shoot some lasers down too! Oh wait. They killed it. Oh well! They will resume the game some time in the future! Stay interested!


Felix and Dumbo are interested in going on a mountain hike! Sure… Just a mountain hike. Nothing dangerous… This is Godville though. Where random weird things may happen!

Felix packs his gear, yells his motto, and charges forth on Dumbo towards an unamed mountain.

Felix starts to take his hiking gear out. Forgetting that type of gear was not really invented in his time. Dumbo laughs and refuses to go with him. Still, he uses his hero abilities to climb and run up steep places. Stopping at a very… low… place in the mountains. Sleepy, tired and thirsty, he wished he had brought Dumbo.

Felix wakes up the next morning. Feeling as if he had fallen down and hit his face. Hit his face, yes. Fallen down? Nope. He had been kidnapped by a orc that smacked his face making sure he was sleeping. He was half naked, left with shorts for obvious reasons. He peers through the slightly opened door. He sees a chest. He then looks around the room he was in. He thinks he’s in a dungeon. He suddenly hears footsteps, heavy breathing and the voice of a human.

“Where am I?!” The voice screams. The voice got louder and louder.

A man suddenly opens the door. They both stare at each other. They both suddenly screamed and panicked. Felix hit his head on one of the cage poles while the man ran into the wall.

They both wake up. No monster heard nor saw them. The man introduced himself as Jerry. A pretty common name in his town. He was trying to prove himself to his father he was brave enough to get a magical item capable of possesing many abilities. He told Felix that it was the final boss that’s harbouring it. He was going to sneakily take it.

Felix told him things about him too. Both of them had some simililarities. Both were dumb. Both did not have capabilities of adventuring but can still adventure.

Felix starts to break out of his cage as if it was nothing and screams “ONWARD! JERRY!”

They both start walking in search of the item. They defeat many monsters and start to appraoch a loud snore. They find the room harbouring the source and the giant snore was none other than a big gorilla that has awoken to protect his prized loot. It was a tough fight to survive.

Jerry throws a rock to distract it while Felix takes the loot and runs for it screaming, “JERRY!! RUUUUN!!!”

Jerry runs while Felix uses a transportation skill. They both made it out alive but Jerry has so many scratches, he passed out. Felix looks at Dumbo. Fainted, on the floor. He had a deep cut and a fracture. Almost dead. Felix uses up the last of his mana-like energy and runs at full speed, carrying Jerry and Dumbo along.

A few days pass. Dumbo could not fight anymore, Jerry is completely fine. And Felix is unscathed. Dumbo retires from his super spy agent job while losing all his levels.

Want to find out what happened to Dumbo? Find out in the next story!

Dumbo VS Yet-E

It’s a quiet atmosphere. The wind howled and the snow landed on dumbo’s fur.

A feeling of happiness came upon our furry little stripeless zebra. He could finally have a unecessary flashback to fill the gap of boredom ever since he retired.

“Wahh… FINALLY, OMG. Ugh. What to do, what to do.” He thought.

He felt uncomfortable with the small amount of cramped space in the old tent. Felix even named it Dumbow as it has a built in auto-firing bow.

Dumbo thought back. Back 3 weeks to the day he was beaten up.

Fourteen minutes passed after Felix went into the dungeon. The wind was howling. And the snow landed on Dumbo’s fur. He sat there, eating some melon flavoured grass. Waiting for Felix to come out. Probably being chased by some monster. “What a coward!” Dumbo thought to himself as he chuckled at the thought of him saving Felix from a monster or two.

Around the twenty minute mark, Dumbo started to feel vibrations in the ground. Loud footsteps and more snow. The wind got stronger and Dumbo’s fur started to stand. He knew he was cold, but not this cold.

Then, the footsteps got faster, the wind started to feel like the force of a tornado. “Boom! HAHAHAHAHAHA!” Said a giant that suddenly appeared. The snowy fog cleared out and revealed what appears to be a yeti. A large, muscular yeti wearing shades.

“W- who are you?” Dumbo asked.

“Name’s Yet-E.” The yeti replied.

“That is pretty punny.” Dumbo told Yet-E.

“Hey, mind giving me that bag? I want it.” Yet-E asked Dumbo, in a rather menacing voice.

“Um, no.”Dumbo replied in a serious voice.

“Give it, or die.” Yet-E said.

The cool atmosphere Yet-E gave off disappeared with that sentence. Dumbo knew he just entered a fight.

Dumbo threw snow at Yet-E’s face. He knew that wasn’t the best idea. Yet-E, pissed off, attacked. Smashing the ground with his fists as the ground suddenly shot up and Dumbo was launched into the air. “Sh**!”Dumbo shouted. He had to find the angry yeti’s weakness, somehow.

Dumbo fell back on the floor, ran to Yet-E and hit him. Hard. The yeti, sliding across, tried his best to stop himself from falling off the cliff. He got back up, made a huge snowball the size of a boulder, and turned it into ice. He threw the ball at Dumbo, fracturing his leg. He then made more snow, this time in the shape of a sword. And turned it into ice.

Yet-E swung the sword at Dumbo, cutting him deep in his stomach. “Ugh…” Dumbo softly whispered to himself. He couldn’t move. He slowly closed his eyes, thinking he would die when suddenly, “AHHHHH!” Felix and Jerry ran out of the dungeon’s entrance. Yet-E instantly vanished when he heard the girlish scream.

Dumbo punched himself to wake up from the flashback. “Man, that sucked.” He thought.

He Who Is Powerful

As Felix and Dumbo left the snowy cabin out in the mountains, they saw a massive lightning bolt rain down from the skies and emit a loud, thundering noise.

It was truly massive, about the size of the mountain, just, much bigger. They wanted to go to it. Dumbo refused as he felt a powerful presence. When suddenly a pink silhouette flashed before his eyes for a second. And that silhouette turned into a man. A familiar man in fact. He wore a christmas hat with antlers protruding out from it. A red jacket and jeans to go with it. He had a rather odd hairstyle and a bored look. Indeed, it was Aljian. A man who once saved Felix.

"WOAH." Felix said, having amazement and shock written all over his face.

"What are you doing here? This place is dangerous!" Aljian scolded Felix.

"Hmm?" Dumbo said as he stood in the background, trying to be noticed.

Aljian then teleported both of them to a tavern. A tavern filled with odd, magical, people and creatures.

"Now, you two stay here until it's safe, I'll have Case serve you something." Aljian told Felix and Dumbo.

"Wait! Why was that mountain dangerous? Who and what are you? Who are all these people? Wh-" Felix was suddenly forced to be quiet from a blue haired girl, slightly shorter than Felix and has very adorable eyes.

"Hey! You talk to much ya know!" Said the girl.

"I'm sure Al' already told ya 'bout me!" The girl said, in a high pitched voice.

By this time, Aljian was already gone.

Felix realised the odd girl was Case. She wore an apron and some dusty, but fine looking clothes. She told them she was the cook of this tavern. And by the time Felix could say anything, he was already mesmerized by the smell of beer and a huge turkey. He got hungry and so did Dumbo too. Case put a plate of salad, with chocolate syrup next to Dumbo and said "Enjoy cha' meal!"

They both chowed down on their food when a huge noise boomed into everyone's ears. The boom was quickly followed by a explosion and not too long after, Aljian and a monster smashed into the tavern. The monster was no ordinary monster. No, it wasn't even a boss. It was a virus. Aljian shot beams at it that always had a massive explosion when suddenly, both of them stopped. And the reason was because of Case. She hit them both on the head and screamed "LOOK WHAT YA DID TO MA TAVERN! YA JERKS!" As she started to cry. Aljian and the virus stood there while everyone, including Dumbo and Felix were frozen stiff in shock. "What the…" a man said. "What just happend?" A woman asked a waitress. No one could see the virus and Aljian except for Case, Felix, Dumbo and some people with the skills to be a hero, but too intelligent.

Case told everyone "Oh! Well, this is nothin' everyone! Just a lightnin' blast cause the gods been sneezin' alot! Hehe…"

Everyone felt relieved. Aljian punched the virus and smashed it's heart with a punch. He said "Umm… I guess I will answer your questions now…"

"First off, the virus was killing heroes in your area. Second, I'm not sure if I told you, not that you would remember but I am a… god. Third, these people are people from other universes, other worlds, dimensions and such. And the question you could not get a chance to say was why do I wear a christmas hat? Well, it's to make sure these antlers last forever. Ok, there."

Felix, still eating his turkey and drinking beer, said couldn't believe where he was. He wanted to stay here forever but he thought "This man must be a friend of the Almighty…"

Aljian, who could hear thoughts said "I'm not a friend of the Almighty of yours. I am your Almighty."

Felix was shocked to see his god appear before his eyes. He completely believed what he just heard. From everything that he has seen Aljian do, it wasn't deniable.

Felix bowed down at Aljian and said "Sorry for disrepecting you before!"

Aljian let out a small chuckle and said "Nah, you should just treat me like a good friend. Perhaps buy me more food next time hehe."

Felix stood up and said "I can treat you like that? Well then… no! I won't buy you more food!"

"That's the spirit… Well bye. I need to pay the bill for uh, destroying this place so, yeah… Cya." Aljian replied.

He then sent both Dumbo and Felix back to the mountain with their food.