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Godville, Jul 08 2020

Newspaper Coupons
Godville Times editors are always looking for new ways to delight their readers. This time around they’ve made a deal with local traders to introduce a simple, yet functional thing: coupons for free stuff.

It works like this: the newspaper will publish a new coupon every day. A deity can transfer this coupon straight to their champion’s pockets with a divine tap, and the hero will then cash it out during the next trading session. Most days the coupons will give some kind of an activatable artifact, but there will be other things as well.

Datamine Refreshments
It’s been a while since Datamine has opened, so it’s good to spice it up with a bit of variety. Datamine runs can now have special rules, e.g. a rule to kick bosses more often, a rule to have more locked bits, a rule that defines bytes as 7 bits… Just like in dungeons and sails — you know the drill.

Parts & Lab
If your hero is already collecting boss’ parts, you know that he visits the Lab only upon arriving in town, which leaves a few cases when the part can be lost or sold. So from now on the heroes will check the Lab more often – after praying and even after teleporting to a town. This applies to the wanted monster rewards as well.

Comments (31)
Ovrapplomita Jul 09 2020 00:54

Oh cool, a new update! And a pretty useful one, at that. I can’t take advantage of most of these, but the coupons certainly sound interesting.

NebulousOne 6 Jul 09 2020 01:43

This new changing of rules in each datamine looks interesting and is something to look toward to seeing and playing. Free coupons are always welcome. I hope these changes will be more fun, not frustrating.

Spirit of Tzahal Jul 09 2020 06:33

Yay, free stuff!
Thank you for the update, devs!

Rheey119 4 Jul 24 2020 04:10

free coupons are always right!

Torketh Aug 11 2020 10:22

Yay free crap

Galaxean Aug 20 2020 06:31

Luv the coupon idea btw :)

The Mikey Aug 26 2020 05:47

More free stuff !

Anargos Oct 09 2020 10:22

This is as usefull as a boneless chicken and i love it

Lord Masu Nov 10 2020 22:52

Love how the Newspaper gets increasingly like the real deal. This addition really sold it for me.

The Almighty Totsy Dec 12 2020 05:06

This amuses the hell out of me. Keep it at this standard and you’ll always have a reader here!

Dragon Rider 119 Dec 14 2020 22:01

I like this giving away free coupons, each day I look forward to finding out what the new coupon is

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