Mega Update

Godville, Jun 14 2017

Lots of great news today, so make yourself comfortable and enjoy the long read.

Personal History Graphs

It’s sure good to see what’s the hero is up to right now, but wouldn’t it be great to step back a bit and get the bigger picture? Well, from now on you can. This awesome new page (available from your personal page) shows how the most important stats and pantheon positions of your champion changed over time. A god can now make more informed decisions on whether a hero was “good” or “naughty”, or what divine influences are needed to progress the champion in the desired direction.

The new graphs will sure make the gods’ life even better – but wait, there’s more!

Daily Guild Bulletin

All guilds with at least two members now have statisticians on staff, who will prepare a delicious daily report jam-packed with these gems:

  • list of important happenings to the guild’s members yesterday;
  • changes over time of guild’s headcount, personality and guild pantheon rankings;
  • daily progress of guild members towards the most important goals;
  • guild popularity ratings in towns;
  • rank distribution in guild and other stats.

Unlike personal histories, which are private, guild bulletins are available to everyone using the link on the guild’s page.

Damage Control

A cool feature from sails made its way to other multi-fighting modes. When you fight a hero or a boss, or explore a dungeon, you’ll see a handy Health Change indicator for yourself and the opponents on each turn. Old versions of the app may have problems due to this, so make sure to update your Godville app to the latest available version.

Longer Chronicles Storage

As you know, logs of all recent duels, dungeons and sails were available only for the past 3 days. Well, as a result of many under-the-hood improvements, these chronicles are now stored for much longer. Take a look at the Recent Chronicles list (Hero tab, Fight Won / Lost line) to see everything that happened in the past 30 days! The logs themselves will probably be kept for even longer than that (in case you share them or keep the link somehow).

Savings and Hero-Traders

The progress in savings towards the personal shop is now rewarded with a brand new achievement. It starts from just 3 million in savings and goes well beyond the shop. (Wait till the next savings deposit for achievement progress to update.)

The next change is related to the heroes-traders themselves. First of all, they finally get their very own medal, just like folks with a temple, high-level pet, completed ark and all pairs! The Savings pantheon now also lists the level of the trader and the name of trader’s shop.

New features are also available for high-level traders. Starting from level 20 their life gets enriched with occasional deals and visits from authorities. Another thing is reached on trader level 30 and this one is for both sides of the trade. Being so well-known, their shops will start attracting regular heroes for their daily trading needs (regardless of newspaper orders, which still work btw). Traders get more business, heroes get more gold. Win-win!

That’s all for now and thanks if you got that far. Lots of new things and possibilities for new bugs. If you happen to find one make sure to report it via Ideabox or here.

Comments (65)
Jessterbal 4 Jun 14 2017 14:33

Awesome update!

Krunox123 Jun 14 2017 14:35


Con Jun 14 2017 14:41

Very excited to see all this in action! ?

Mythras of Arbor 6 Jun 14 2017 14:43

Ooh! :D

Iuppiter Borealis Jun 14 2017 14:44

Awesome update.

The Archow Jun 14 2017 14:56

Great help and awesome update… Keep it a gooo :)

God2000 4 Jun 14 2017 14:58

So awesome!

Didn’t think something this major was coming, this is great to see!

Dogess 6 Jun 14 2017 14:59
I am so excited for many of these! This is indeed a mega update! Thank you so much!
Goddess iliana 4 Jun 14 2017 15:06

Its not mega, its uber update!

Liska 5 Jun 14 2017 15:08

Ave, demiurgi!

Ginoraf3000 6 Jun 14 2017 15:09

Noice update :-D

Toddster561 4 Jun 14 2017 15:16

So many new updates. Epic!

Naun Jun 14 2017 15:24

Fantastic stuff! Great work and THANK YOU! ?

Saturio 6 Jun 14 2017 15:26

Just a little suggestion: I was a little bit bugged when I read the guild goals page - the bar chart showing # of players with 50%+ savings is actually # of players with 50%~60% savings! I think cumulative charts work better when it comes to those goals completion chart.

Anyway great job there!

Thorbjoern 6 Jun 14 2017 15:41

Oh wow this sounds amazing!

Hershey Almighty 6 Jun 14 2017 15:43

Terrific update!!! I’m already loving the + and – symbols (to indicate healing and damage) next to the health bars!!!
Thanks so much for all of it!

Jimbob64 6 Jun 14 2017 15:55

WOW! This is too amazing to address in a single comment. Thank you for bringing us all these awesome goodies. This has got to be one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, quality-of-life update I’ve ever seen.

Everything is so shiny and new and cool.

Fluffalupagus 4 Jun 14 2017 15:57

Thanks for all your hard work. Improvements sound amazing. This is easily the best game I have played for years.

Mushishi Jun 14 2017 16:04

I love this game, I hope that it keeps getting better!

Times Jun 14 2017 16:04

Graphs! More graphs! And statistics! Statistics!! I don’t know if my brain can handle this… :D

Well, thank you for the update (and for the possible headaches in the future). I’m sure this’ll be useful to smart people, which I am not. At least dumb people like me can see some pretty lines and dots and shapes, right?

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