Merry Voting

Godville, Dec 24 2014

Warm greetings to you, Godville gods!

There are a lot of good news today. Let’s start with guild-related ones.

Guilds in Godville are self-sustaining amorphous substances and nobody really knows how they all work, which sometimes could be confusing. It’s time to bring a bit more order to this anarchy. From now on, the guild members will be able to elect a leader via newly created page. All prominent candidates can nominate themselves and fight for the mindshare of the fellow guildmates with mind-blowing campaigns in the Guild Council, forum topic, etc. It’s assumed that the leader will do things for the greater good of the guild, but in case he won’t, the guild members can always impeach him before the end of his term.

So, what a leader can do? In the ZPG spirit of Godville – probably not too much, but enough to bring a bit more order and fun to the guilds. A leader can set a daily topic for the Guild Council and setup a quick link to the guild’s forum topic to improve guild collaboration. For the high-ranked guilds the leaders will also be able to setup their own high-level guild rank and pick a known monster as a guild totem which will sure come in handy in the future. But enough words, let’s get to voting!

Meanwhile, the spirit of upcoming holidays is slowly but surely descending upon Godville. A pop-up settlement, also known as Laplandville, has opened their doors right next to the capital and began disrupting its business with bargain sales, overly generous traders, and extra efficient praying chapels. Heroes’ diaries are full of snow, and their sacks are full of gifts, while overcharged Holiday monsters are festively running around. Satan Clauses and Santa Clawses are also back in town and they look happy and quite tamable.

Happy holidays! Ho-ho-ho!

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Artsonian 6 Dec 24 2014 17:15

Another challenge point, to play off of Vorpal’s comments, is that it’s a very different thing to be the single leader of a guild with 80 members versus a guild with over 500 members. Some of the longer-standing guilds, such as Blue Feather and Harvest Moon, are huuuge, and could (a) be hard for one person to handle and (b) lead to the potential of politics and in-fighting, especially if one could lose rank by some angry members. I know that, “back in the day” Blue Feather had a Leadership Circle of 5-6 members, and solid leadership was a formidable task, even when spread between the group of us.

That being said… I think there’s some interesting potential in this new development, and I especially think it’s pretty neat that we got this right around the same time as Russian Godville — for once, we’re not having to rely on Google Translate to give us a small preview into our future!

Thanks, as always, devs, for an awesome game, and a wonderful holiday season to all deities out there!

Brinjal 6 Dec 24 2014 18:32

To the guilds who do not want a leader: why not ask everyone to not run for the position. And if someone does run and get the job, have them removed from the position, since you don’t want one.

Greatly Divine One Dec 24 2014 19:05

Am I the only one not excited about this update? Im scared that this will lead to politics and stuff when right now everything is good and peaceful. But who knows? This change might be a good thing. Only time will tel.

Irwin 6 Dec 24 2014 19:37

I dislike this feature despite having no idea what it will eventually mean. You can ban trolls from the chat, that’s all you need.

I do not like being told that from what was a happy band of nomads now requires a leader.

Lead this.

Phexides 5 Dec 24 2014 19:48

This is a really good update – if you want to know my opinion.
Thank you developers for making this game better with each update!
Merry Christmas everybody!

Ladypersephone Dec 24 2014 20:45

Merry Christmas.

Bellatrixie The Strange 5 Dec 24 2014 22:02

The thing I find troubling in the election process is that deposed leaders would have their rank demoted to cardinal. That alone is making me rethink running for leader – I’ve worked a long time to make it to prophet. Wouldn’t losing leadership status be punishment enough?

Brinjal 6 Dec 24 2014 22:08

I have to agree with Bellatrixie. If serious punishment is needed, why not something like inability to participate in future leader elections. (Or at least, a temporary ban on it, say for the next three elections)

Jordayne Dec 24 2014 22:34

02:17: The sight of my really priceless gift was far too much for the trader to bear. While he was unconscious, I completed the transaction myself and gained 41123 gold coins.

Jordayne Dec 24 2014 22:35

02:17: The sight of my really priceless gift was far too much for the trader to bear. While he was unconscious, I completed the transaction myself and gained 41123 gold coins.

Woohoo!! Merry Christmas!

Billy Batson Dec 24 2014 23:48

Happy Holidays everyone!

Outlander 85 Dec 25 2014 00:15

I always loved this game. For years on the website. Long king hero Varitus and His godess Aquaritus are retired but living strong. Many memories. Love you both. Now back again with a new chapter with same godess different hero.

The Worst God Dec 25 2014 01:37

Next update idea issue 1: making pics now and then for updades on the hero

Mystyc 6 Dec 25 2014 02:46

07:42 PM The christmas miracle suddenly jumped out of my backpack, fell to the ground, started to sizzle, and slowly transformed into a kill switch. I love these SFX! (so much fun to have holiday cheer spread around!)

AdamShi 6 Dec 25 2014 04:03

07:59 I offered the trader the really priceless gift for free as a friendly gesture, but he said he’d rather pay 83333 gold coins than consider himself my friend.

Looks like Laplandville is really big on really priceless gifts.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Hairplug4men 7 Dec 25 2014 06:12

A guild leader can set a topic for the Guild Council, choose a new rank for the high-level guild members and select a monster as a guild’s totem. A leader is elected for three months, but he can be deposed earlier (with the rank being lowered to cardinal).

Please change that punishment!

Saki Watanabe Dec 25 2014 09:22

Yeah. I agree with Bellatrixie, Brinjal and Hairplug4men. That kind of punishment is really harsh. Like, playing this game for a long time, waiting to reach a high rank and then swoosh You become “leader” and are deposed AND back to Cardinal :T

Obscureone 4 Dec 25 2014 11:05

I can somewhat agree with the whole punishment being a bit much thing, but at the same time the new role of leader has very little real power so you’d pretty much be a jerk to depose anyone. I mean unless they make a guild topic about punting kittens or something what are they gonna do that’s worth deposing them before the end of 3 months? 3 months isn’t exactly a long time when it comes to a game like godville. I think from a developer perspective a punishment like that is a fail safe. It’s a serious (ish) punishment so that people don’t abuse or do inappropriate things with the marginal amount power a leader has and so that similarly nonleader members take deposing seriously so you’re not deposing someone just because you wanted to be leader. I mean with no punishment people would depose the leader all the time. Also reducing your rank to cardinal is just like a temporary ban on being able to nominate yourself from elections like you just suggested

Obscureone 4 Dec 25 2014 11:16

Furthermore if you’re that worried about the rest of your guild deposing you and screwing up your rank, then you may either want to A: not do anything worth being deposed for B: find a guild with less jerks. Or C: just don’t run for leader.

Firawr Dec 25 2014 13:45

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