Merry Voting

Godville, Dec 24 2014

Warm greetings to you, Godville gods!

There are a lot of good news today. Let’s start with guild-related ones.

Guilds in Godville are self-sustaining amorphous substances and nobody really knows how they all work, which sometimes could be confusing. It’s time to bring a bit more order to this anarchy. From now on, the guild members will be able to elect a leader via newly created page. All prominent candidates can nominate themselves and fight for the mindshare of the fellow guildmates with mind-blowing campaigns in the Guild Council, forum topic, etc. It’s assumed that the leader will do things for the greater good of the guild, but in case he won’t, the guild members can always impeach him before the end of his term.

So, what a leader can do? In the ZPG spirit of Godville – probably not too much, but enough to bring a bit more order and fun to the guilds. A leader can set a daily topic for the Guild Council and setup a quick link to the guild’s forum topic to improve guild collaboration. For the high-ranked guilds the leaders will also be able to setup their own high-level guild rank and pick a known monster as a guild totem which will sure come in handy in the future. But enough words, let’s get to voting!

Meanwhile, the spirit of upcoming holidays is slowly but surely descending upon Godville. A pop-up settlement, also known as Laplandville, has opened their doors right next to the capital and began disrupting its business with bargain sales, overly generous traders, and extra efficient praying chapels. Heroes’ diaries are full of snow, and their sacks are full of gifts, while overcharged Holiday monsters are festively running around. Satan Clauses and Santa Clawses are also back in town and they look happy and quite tamable.

Happy holidays! Ho-ho-ho!

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HiroGashi Jan 20 2015 21:10


Pellia Jan 22 2015 00:38

I agree that there needs to be a tweak. My small guild has yet to get enough votes to actually get a leader, partly due to the ZPG nature of the game. Some members never participate in guild council chat, but are active prophets.

Dormiin Feb 22 2015 15:30

Voting needs to be open to all members of the guild for the simple fact that there are not enough active higher ups in most guilds to vote a leader. This is my guild’s second week of the process because we don’t have enough active members. If everyone could vote, then there would also be more campaigning, (which would probably be extremely entertaining), and members would be more active in talking with their guildmates.

Robin0999 4 Feb 23 2015 06:58

Hope everyone had a good holiday

Guido Burrito 6 Mar 06 2015 09:00

I agree with the other comment about allowing more people to run and even vote. I am running only because there was no one else that even reads the guild page that ranks high enough. Now that I am running there are not enough people that rank high enough to get the needed votes. Fun idea but guild 207 is leaderless at this time

R35 Mar 28 2015 02:25

Hey guys can you help me here I am just new here in godville

LexyZadie Mar 30 2015 00:21


Azzageddi 6 Apr 01 2015 06:44

Sooooo…6 days left until the next election. Any hints on whether there will be any changes?

Komoodo- Apr 22 2015 05:59

Stop wasting your time on this game

Buggen 4 Jun 02 2015 17:41

Happy Happy Holidays! ♥♥♥

Amadeus Goddammit Jun 07 2015 21:03


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