Merry Voting

Godville, Dec 24 2014

Warm greetings to you, Godville gods!

There are a lot of good news today. Let’s start with guild-related ones.

Guilds in Godville are self-sustaining amorphous substances and nobody really knows how they all work, which sometimes could be confusing. It’s time to bring a bit more order to this anarchy. From now on, the guild members will be able to elect a leader via newly created page. All prominent candidates can nominate themselves and fight for the mindshare of the fellow guildmates with mind-blowing campaigns in the Guild Council, forum topic, etc. It’s assumed that the leader will do things for the greater good of the guild, but in case he won’t, the guild members can always impeach him before the end of his term.

So, what a leader can do? In the ZPG spirit of Godville – probably not too much, but enough to bring a bit more order and fun to the guilds. A leader can set a daily topic for the Guild Council and setup a quick link to the guild’s forum topic to improve guild collaboration. For the high-ranked guilds the leaders will also be able to setup their own high-level guild rank and pick a known monster as a guild totem which will sure come in handy in the future. But enough words, let’s get to voting!

Meanwhile, the spirit of upcoming holidays is slowly but surely descending upon Godville. A pop-up settlement, also known as Laplandville, has opened their doors right next to the capital and began disrupting its business with bargain sales, overly generous traders, and extra efficient praying chapels. Heroes’ diaries are full of snow, and their sacks are full of gifts, while overcharged Holiday monsters are festively running around. Satan Clauses and Santa Clawses are also back in town and they look happy and quite tamable.

Happy holidays! Ho-ho-ho!

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Brinjal 6 Dec 25 2014 14:21

Don’t want to start an off-topic debate here, but why limit your well wishes to only one group of people, Firawr? I wish everyone happiness throughout the festive season, regardless of religious views!

Lokichapman Dec 26 2014 04:03

I wish those all a merry humbug

Hairplug4men 6 Dec 26 2014 04:27

I agree, I guess I just don’t understand why there needs to be any punishment for impeachment. I would like to know more about the impeachment process how they regulate any trouble from coming in and just screwing with things. I’m not saying I’m in a guild with any jerks but I also am in a guild with over 400 people. I just don’t know every one of them

Mommitude 4 Dec 26 2014 10:42

Leader “demotion” to Cardinal is harsh. I like *Brinjal*’s idea to maybe have the person be temporarily unable to run for leader for a few elections. Or have it be like write in ballots where you CANNOT nominate yourself, someone ELSE in the guild with at least Cardinal rank has to nominate you. I just don’t like the whole “messes with rank” thing since that is based on managing to get your hero to stay in a guild for a specific amount of time… Just my opinion.

slightly off topic rant: it’s hard enough to get to monarch / patriarch, regent, or prophet rank —> I seriously think if you manage to get to prophet you should have to TELL your hero to leave the guild rather than them just leaving if you don’t check on them. PERIOD!! The time for your hero to stay in the guild without trying to leave should be at least half (if not equal to) the amount of time it took to get to that rank!! Seriously, we all have real life stuff and a death in the family can easily cause thirty days away from any game seem like not even close to enough time to deal with all that entails. I know because I’ve been there. Ok. Rant over.

Firawr Dec 27 2014 05:36

Brinjal I’ve wished everyone already look at the older comments I’ve posted. I never ignored the rest. Hey, you even posted after me in the old comments. How’d you missed that?

Brinjal 6 Dec 27 2014 20:34

Firawr Oh, sorry! I didn’t notice.

Crystal Anya Dec 28 2014 03:29

Happy holidays

Dylanwaynebull Dec 28 2014 16:08

so I’m having the problem i created the guild and my hero left the guild while i was out to sea and when i returned i rejoined. my guild member want to elect me, but idk how to do this an help??

Obscureone 4 Dec 28 2014 17:03

I think you all are kind of missing the point. The reason the punishment is a bit harsh is that it’s only supposed to be used in extreme circumstances. I’m sure the creators originally debated putting no punishment, or possibly debated even having no form of impeachment. However, ounce of prevention/pound of cure it’s better to prepare for the possibility of someone abusing the system. Thus if someone gets to be leader and they start making topics about punting puppies or kicking kittens and are acting contrary to how your guild feels then you can impeach them. The reduction in rank only happens when you’re impeached and it also is supposed to mostly serve as a temporary ban on elections. It’s also there to prevent people from wrongfully impeaching a leader. If there was no real penalty to impeachment then people would be apt to try and impeach leaders all willy nilly. I honestly don’t think impeaching is supposed to happen often and I honestly don’t think it will. It’s just a fail safe. Just in case an elected leader acts poorly. And even then one would hope that you would try to talk to him/her before outright impeaching them and give them a chance to reform their actions.

Artsonian 6 Dec 28 2014 20:32

I understand your point, Obscureone …. but there is only a penalty for the one who is impeached. While I would hope that no one in my guild would abuse the “impeach” button, the reality is that out of 400/500+ members, there’s no guarantee that people would care enough about MY guild rank to not impeach. Most trolls don’t care about protecting the feelings/experiences of other people, so if I can hurt someone else with no penalty to me …. that’s awesome!!! (Thinking like a troll, of course)

tl;dr There is no penalty for impeaching, only for being impeached.

Artsonian 6 Dec 28 2014 20:36

PS ~ you can ban from elections without losing guild rank. I think the only real concern of folks is losing hierarch/prophet — simply losing ability to run is non-issue, I would guess. People get banned from Guild Chat without losing rank … I would assume/hope a similar thing could be done for election. Plus, getting docked to cardinal from prophet is way more than a “temporary” thing.

Trinacria Dec 28 2014 20:45

What happens if no one in the guild is willing to self-nominate? Our guild has two highly qualified members who are both too modest to place themselves in nomination. Will nominations be opened up?

Obscureone 4 Dec 29 2014 07:54

That’s the thing though even in a guild of 400-500 I would assume impeachment would require a majority. So if the majority of your guild is trolls willing to screw you over, then what does that say about your guild more so than the impeaching feature. Would it suck to lose your high rank, yes of course, but if you’re really that afraid of people abusing the impeaching then don’t go for leader or wait and see how your guild mates handle it. I suppose I don’t know the requirements for impeachment, but again I’d assume they’d put in a majority rule for for that so you’re really only going to get impeached if you deserve it.

Artsonian 6 Dec 29 2014 15:37

Yes, that was my assumption as well. After all, it takes three cardinals to silence in GC; I trust deposing would take far more. Just missed that piece of “group mentality being needed” in your comments.

Hairplug4men 6 Dec 29 2014 20:05

that’s why I am very interested in seeing how they handle the impeachment process. I would have no problem if it was majority rule to impeach. To get 51 percent of my guild to do anything in my opinion would be impossible.even if we had a horrible leader to impeach that’s over 250 people to corral in a zero player game

Iduna Dec 29 2014 20:42

I agree that loss of rank is far too harsh. It also removes an element of ZPG if your status depends on others!

Obscureone 4 Dec 29 2014 23:43

I mean I don’t actually know, that was just kinda my assumption. I would assume this would be entire guild majority. So that’s the thing I don’t think the impeachment is so bad I think the devs just need to be a little bit more clear on how the whole process works.

Azzageddi 6 Dec 31 2014 23:33

So, just voted and…I wasn’t planning on telling everyone who I’d voted for, but now everyone who wants to check can know. And, if I should win, then I’m just going to have to resist the urge to check, because do you REALLY think a guild leader should know who in the guild voted for him or her, and who voted for someone else? Does that sound like a good idea?

Devs, I love this game a lot, and you do so many things right, but man, this elections thing really needs a lot of work.

As many have pointed out, the demotion to Cardinal is too harsh.

A lot of guilds already have their own system, from “leaderless” or an elected Inner Council or just happy rule under the founder of the guild. Some of us, like the AMCW, put in a lot of work to set up our system, after our founders quit playing the game. And now we’ve had a system imposed on us from above, with no chance to make suggestions. Is it any wonder some people are upset?

One person I was chatting with about it had a suggestion: Allow guilds to choose whether to have elections. That is, if a number (determined by guild size) of established members (maybe cardinal or above) click the “call for elections” button, then an election is held. This is similar to the expelling procedure. That way guilds that have at least a few unhappy members can do this, and those that are fine with the way they have developed themselves for doing things don’t get a different system thrust upon them.

(Also, in the messages for the nomination, the use of “he” for the guild leader is annoying. Two of our candidates are women.)

Happy New Year, y’all.

Azzageddi 6 Dec 31 2014 23:45

Note that the “call for elections” procedure also removes the need for impeachment, as it could allow for a call to elections at any time. This also would mean that guilds wouldn’t have to go through this every three months, just when there is a problem that can’t be resolved in other ways.

LuLu the Grand Jan 01 2015 01:41

Well, voting just opened. Speaking as someone from a smaller guild, the voting rules as listed (if I understand them correctly) will make it just about impossible for our guild to elect a leader even though we only have one nomination and an active part of the guild ready to elect the nominee. There are only 7 members that are cardinal or higher. So to get 5 votes means getting 71%. Sigh. Not sure these rules were thought out for smaller guilds.

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