Happy Birthday

Godville, May 10 2014

Today’s news is short, yet important. Four years ago the first Godville heroes came to life. Every day since that moment they were learning new words, fighting new monsters, building things, traveling places above and beyond the ground and just doing their epic hero stuff. All under the restless watch of their dear gods. We couldn’t be happier for them and their masters.

Let’s celebrate this special cause with big fireworks, rainbows and other miraculous things made with the divine remote controls, freshly-replenished with festive godpower charges. Big thanks to everyone, especially those who helped Godville to become what it is.

Happy birthday to us!

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AgusQueen May 11 2014 03:43

Happy birthday

Lucifer Morningwood 6 May 11 2014 03:56

On board for over 32 mths and still check almost every day…outstanding game!

Astrum logicum 4 May 11 2014 04:01

Been playing almost 3 years love it. Thanx n Happy Birthday

Leforce May 11 2014 04:12

Thanks for all the charges! Now I’m gonna raise my pet!

Xenatos 5 May 11 2014 05:05

4 mths short to 4 years my hero is… it’s been a blast! the only app that has not left my phone or died a slow lonely death! happy birthday godville

Bahyed Hadiin May 11 2014 05:47

Happy birthday! Just a few days ago, I was feeling pretty down, and out of nowhere, I thought of this game. After much searching, I rediscovered it after almost two years, and I’m so happy to have found it again, when I needed it (and the laughs that come along with it) the most. Thanks for being here guys! :-)

Craziii 5 May 11 2014 06:43

Happy birthday!

Yun-yuuzhan May 11 2014 12:06


Lady Darkness May 11 2014 12:28

Happy Birthday Godville! Who would have thought a ZPG could bring so many people together? I’ve been playing for almost 3 years. During this time I’ve known people who have had children, gotten married, graduated high school and college, found a job with another god’s company, achieved amazing personal goals, fallen in love, and sadly passed away. So, Thank you Godville for bringing us together and Happy Birthday!

Xorn69 May 11 2014 12:43

Happy birthday Godville! My bumbling, self deprecating, accident prone drunk of a hero has lived so many spectacularly mediocre lives filled with wanton violence, and a surprisingly immense amount of artifact trading that has allowed him to become the hapless charmer he is today. I think after almost a year of encouragement it’s time to bring him back to pure evil, just for kicks. ZAP!

Thanks for being the first app I check in the morning and the last one I look at at night (not to mention while seated at the porcelain throne).

Big Freak May 11 2014 13:05

Happy Birthday, well done ;)

Red Lala May 11 2014 13:59

Well, this is what I get for not looking at a news bulletin when it first pops up; I leave belated birthday wishes. >_< Happy (belated) Birthday, Godville!! To echo so many others on here, thanks for being the one game app that has consistently lived on my phone while watching the coming and going of so many other games that just haven’t lived up to the standard that you’ve set! And thanks for the extra charges!!!! o

Blue Panda May 11 2014 14:04

Happy birthday to our beloved Gods, Goddesses, Heroes, Heroines, and last but not least, the wonderful Developers <3

Elite Druin May 11 2014 14:12

You are all amazing. This community, this family, these friends. We wouldn’t be the same without you. From The Antisocial Socialites, Happy Birthday, Godville. May thee continue forth on thy glorious quest, many a season to come.

Vermina Amarezza 4 May 11 2014 17:28

Tanti auguri Godville!

Jarrettweaston May 11 2014 18:38

This is my favorite 0 player game

God of Storms 4 May 11 2014 19:22

Happy birthday godville

Jaketz May 11 2014 21:44

Happy Birthday thanks for making this a great game

Vickie J 88 4 May 11 2014 21:45

Happy Birthday Godville.

Old Man WindBreaker May 11 2014 21:58

Happy birthday, Godville!! May you never cease to be the land of drunk idiots for lazy deities to toy with.

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