Happy Birthday

Godville, May 10 2014

Today’s news is short, yet important. Four years ago the first Godville heroes came to life. Every day since that moment they were learning new words, fighting new monsters, building things, traveling places above and beyond the ground and just doing their epic hero stuff. All under the restless watch of their dear gods. We couldn’t be happier for them and their masters.

Let’s celebrate this special cause with big fireworks, rainbows and other miraculous things made with the divine remote controls, freshly-replenished with festive godpower charges. Big thanks to everyone, especially those who helped Godville to become what it is.

Happy birthday to us!

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Burned-Toast- May 10 2014 16:47

I may only be a new Godess, only hours old, but I am honoured to be apart of the God community.

Iduna May 10 2014 16:49

I love you guys and I love this game keep up the good work!

Domerthos May 10 2014 16:51

Yay!!!! Happy Birthday, Godville!!!!!

Epona Dernhelm May 10 2014 16:55

This is one of the reasons this game is AWESOME. Good times, good friends and GREAT DEVS!

The Octagon 4 May 10 2014 17:04

Happy birthday, Godville! Why, you don’t look a day over 3…

Bobcat091 May 10 2014 17:09

Happy birthday

Infinitecircle 6 May 10 2014 17:11

Happy birthday Godville, great friends and lots of fun for all.

Mabna May 10 2014 17:14

Happy Birthday, Godville! Keep up the great work & thanks so much for the extra charges!

Great Cactuar May 10 2014 17:17

Happy birthday, Godville! Appreciate the free charges! Good luck in the future!

FantomasLives 4 May 10 2014 17:18

Happy birthday x 4… btw, thanks for the Xtra charges…

Bungot May 10 2014 17:33

Happy Birthday, creator of Gods… _

All Mighty Joyce 6 May 10 2014 17:34

Happy birthday, and thanks!

Rachel Morgan May 10 2014 17:48

Thank you. Even from those who are on Renegade walk-about and can’t log on and thank you!!! Godville is a great game and much more. Did I say Thank you?!

Bellatrixie The Strange 5 May 10 2014 17:52

Obviously, the world began four years ago. Thank you, Godville, for all the fantastic friends I’ve made and for keeping me steadily amused the past three years.

Mangu May 10 2014 17:55

Happy berfday, Godville! Thanks for a game I can steadily return to for amusement.

Fossilize May 10 2014 18:03

Thanks for making a great game! And happy b-day! :)

Vincent boitano May 10 2014 18:24

Thank you guys for restore of charges O:-) nd happy bday to makers of godville nd their heros ….. thankx alot thus totally awesome

Pavementman 6 May 10 2014 18:40

More happy to make people more happy by incresing the happiness by being happy.

This game has saved me from playing those dull games “everyone else” have tried to get me into playing.

Valorious May 10 2014 18:41

Happy Birthday! Have some cake on us!

Awesomecanuck May 10 2014 18:57

Awesome! Happy Birthday and Thank YOU!

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