Happy Birthday

Godville, May 10 2014

Today’s news is short, yet important. Four years ago the first Godville heroes came to life. Every day since that moment they were learning new words, fighting new monsters, building things, traveling places above and beyond the ground and just doing their epic hero stuff. All under the restless watch of their dear gods. We couldn’t be happier for them and their masters.

Let’s celebrate this special cause with big fireworks, rainbows and other miraculous things made with the divine remote controls, freshly-replenished with festive godpower charges. Big thanks to everyone, especially those who helped Godville to become what it is.

Happy birthday to us!

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Red Madness Oct 30 2014 21:40

Happy birthday and you guys are awesome!!!!!!!

Bmd-ump26 Nov 02 2014 20:03

Happy belated Birthday

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