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Godville, Apr 04 2021

Dear deities, today is epic. During the last 10 years, there have only been a few days like this: completion of the first Godville temple, first ark, first shop…

So today marks the day of completion of the very first Book, which Hairplug4men has finished just a few moments ago. Congratulations!

Let’s dive into what it all means:

  • The proud god gets a shiny new medal, as there could never be too many of those.
  • His well-deserved place in the pantheon of Wordcraft is now secured.
  • His hero mastered the art of glyph drawing, so now he can squeeze in 20 diary entries instead of the usual 10.

And it doesn’t end here. The main purpose of the Book of Creation is, obviously, to create. Using it, a small god can create worlds — not too big, but enough to fit a party wandering around in the search for treasure. Also known as “dungeons”.

Right, the god becomes a dungeon master — with a striking new ability to create a personal one. Real one, for real heroes! These dungeons even have some distinctive traits, like a brand new type of treasure clues made of glyphs or an unusually placed treasury boss.

Note that god-made dungeons won’t be drastically different from the regular ones. They are the same in terms of mazes and still should be beatable by a typical half-AFK Godville spelunking party. They would also be a rather rare thing, at least for the next few months, so don’t expect to get into one quickly.

In other, less important, news:

  • A noticeable change for treasure clues in regular dungeons — from now on diagonal and straight arrows will divide the map in equal proportions. It may feel unusual at first, but should be more intuitive.
  • GodWiki’s engine has been updated to a more recent version. There aren’t many visible changes, but a couple of new things should be handy for wiki editors.
  • The Easter special is under way. A hero could grab an easter cake in a town or get something eastery after a resurrection.
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Jeremyloss Apr 04 2021 05:05


Hairplug4men 7 Apr 04 2021 05:08

A big day for me. I’ve been working on this for what seems like forever but in reality has just been a little over a year. Once again completed all the achievements and looking forward to all the new updates the game has to offer. I love this game and I don’t see myself going anywhere anytime soon. Thank you developers for adding such enjoyment in my life over the last 10 years!

Zaleay Apr 04 2021 05:11


Nemesid 6 Apr 04 2021 05:12

Gratz, Hp4m! Was following your progress diligently.

Dogess 6 Apr 04 2021 05:17

That’s how it’s done!! Way to go, HP!!
Dearest Devs, thanks for the updates and new stuff. Looking forward to the new dungeons and directions!

Peanut Butter Cup Apr 04 2021 05:19

“His well-deserved place in the pantheon of Wordcraft is now secured.“
Congratulations, 🎉 it seems your a legend now. But then again, you always were a legend. :D

Godofbeer 5 Apr 04 2021 05:22

Congrats, HP!

Rjman 4 Apr 04 2021 05:22

Congratulations! Huge achievement.

Cerix The Wise Apr 04 2021 05:27

Hairplug4men Awesome Book Great Job

Cham Almighty 6 Apr 04 2021 05:32

Congratulations to HP4M for being first to complete the Book and attain new heights of Godville fame!

Dovakiin Myles Apr 04 2021 05:44

Congrates on the book man I can’t wait to make mine in 20 years!!!

Sophie The Woo 4 Apr 04 2021 05:50

Congratulations HP and thanks again devs!!!

Godonetwothree 4 Apr 04 2021 06:01

Finally we will be able to speak directly to the Dungeon Manager. Congrats Hairplug4men for this epic deed!

NebulousOne 6 Apr 04 2021 06:16

This is interesting and exciting! Congratulations 🎊 to Hairplug4men for you big and not easy accomplishments. I definitely am looking forward to the changes to this Godville life! 😊

Zenzeon Apr 04 2021 06:28

Congrats🎉 @Hairplug4men, The Dungeon master 😁

Drag0nslayerx 6 Apr 04 2021 07:24


Artsonian 6 Apr 04 2021 07:30

I have no words to describe my awe for all my good friend HP has achieved.

Mostly because he’s stolen them all for his book. ;-)

So so so many congratulations to you, dear friend.
And so so so many thanks to the devs, for always giving us something new to aim for.

Azzageddi 6 Apr 04 2021 07:46

Congratulations Hairplug4Men!!! I am not at sll surprised that you managed to be first!

Silverkylin Apr 04 2021 07:53


Ancient Desolate Moon Apr 04 2021 08:01


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