Three Things

Godville, Aug 30 2018

Hello there, dear gods! We have three interesting things to share today.

Special Town
Do you remember recent episodes of mass town building and map making? Here is the cherry on that cake – the town of Heisenburg. A town with such a name just has to be special. Indeed, it moves around every day, and changes its properties as well.

Death Offerings
Sometimes heroes die. That’s the law of Godville nature and nothing can be done about it. However, some after-death presents could brighten up the long wait for resurrection. From now on, after resurrection the hero will keep whatever the mourners have left on his grave while he was lying lifeless. The longer hero has waited, the more sweet things he will have once he comes alive.

Godpowerful Items
There is never too much godpower, right? We agree, so here is the last new thing – a new activatable artifact that replenishes your godpower. Best of all – it can be used for free. Free godpower, yay!

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Nierika Aug 30 2018 23:30


Hershey Almighty 6 Aug 30 2018 23:31

Sounds great! Thanks devs! Wonder what that new artifact is called… hmm…

Dogess 6 Aug 30 2018 23:37

I can hardly wait for my heroine to die! Thanks, Devs!

Ginoraf3000 6 Aug 30 2018 23:37

Noice! I lick it! :P

Tuggernongy 6 Aug 30 2018 23:42

‘An new’ at the end there ;) all sounds like good news though!

Mister meow Aug 30 2018 23:46

Another great update. Thank you develop for constantly bringing great additions to the game we all love.

Twyce A Dead Aug 30 2018 23:49

Very nice. Always keeping it interesting. Thanks.

Burgeros 4 Aug 30 2018 23:51


Alice A 4 Aug 30 2018 23:52

Thanks, Devs ! Surely Heisenburg has/doesn’t have a suburb called Schrodinger?

Nox the Cat Aug 31 2018 00:24

To receive offerings makes a lot of sense too being a Hero and all that, pretty sure they have a small group of fans who miss them dearly. Thank you, Devs. Now I’m curious what they’ll offer.

Beausoleil 4 Aug 31 2018 00:30

These sound like great ideas. I truly appreciate that they keep innovating and trying to improve the game.

Vemego 4 Aug 31 2018 00:32

how cute! now here is an interesting offer! Thank you ?

Azaroth Maladeus 4 Aug 31 2018 00:38

Thank you for the updates! This game gets better and better every day

Artsonian 6 Aug 31 2018 00:42

Hmmmm…… is it bad of me to want my hero to die soon, now, so I can see how the mourning works? ;-) Thanks, as always, for keeping this game alive for us non-players.

Buffycar 6 Aug 31 2018 00:45

Interesting! Thanks!!

Cham Almighty 6 Aug 31 2018 00:46

OK, I officially adore you guys. Mwah! ?

Okidokidoc Aug 31 2018 00:47


Jimbob64 6 Aug 31 2018 00:50

How do all these updates keep being cool? It’s been 8 years, and still going. Thanks yet again!

The Mighty Stang 4 Aug 31 2018 00:51

Three cheers for Three Things!!!

Wahyu- Aug 31 2018 00:58

Wahyu was here

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