Three Things

Godville, Aug 30 2018

Hello there, dear gods! We have three interesting things to share today.

Special Town
Do you remember recent episodes of mass town building and map making? Here is the cherry on that cake – the town of Heisenburg. A town with such a name just has to be special. Indeed, it moves around every day, and changes its properties as well.

Death Offerings
Sometimes heroes die. That’s the law of Godville nature and nothing can be done about it. However, some after-death presents could brighten up the long wait for resurrection. From now on, after resurrection the hero will keep whatever the mourners have left on his grave while he was lying lifeless. The longer hero has waited, the more sweet things he will have once he comes alive.

Godpowerful Items
There is never too much godpower, right? We agree, so here is the last new thing – a new activatable artifact that replenishes your godpower. Best of all – it can be used for free. Free godpower, yay!

Comments (65)
Glorious Deity 4 Sep 04 2018 08:30

To death and free Godpower!! Here, here!!

Hairplug4men 6 Sep 04 2018 15:34

Great job devs

Marie Le Mains802 Sep 06 2018 04:24


Mytheaus Jan 08 2019 00:49

Kindda confuse here

Bbekaah Jan 19 2019 03:42

Its very dark in here…. Came to say good show but can’t see anybody?

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