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Godville, Apr 24 2018

It’s known that heroes can only go there …and back again. Still, it will be interesting to see this unidimensional route from a side. The long-awaited has finally happened – welcome The Map!

The heroes, towns nearby and their features are neatly visible on the bird’s view spiral. Some towns are good for trading, praying or something else. Tap on the town’s badge to know what this town is good for.

There are new towns too! Cartographers already marked 9 new settlements on the map and are eager to draw few more. Voice your suggestion via Ideabox, idea, using this template: “new town suggestion: Х”.

Here is another mind-blowing thing – routes between towns change every day, making some towns swap on the map. You can notice these towns by the gray color badge.

Don’t forget to update Godville mobile app to get the new goodies. A tap on the milestone icon in the Earthly News will show you the map. Android and iOS updates are already in the stores, Window Phone app will join them few days later.

In other news:

  • Now you can change your mind while in a duel/boss fight/dungeon/sail. Just send your updated godvoice or new influence until turn is over. Don’t wait for the last second though, as your updated influence may roll over to the next turn.
  • Heroes of level 100 and higher will deal higher damage on Arena, which should prevent some overly long duels (regular rules for opponent equalization still apply, so there is no real advantage for any hero).
  • Using Auto-Discharge feature? Last holdouts in the Remote – Spar, Duel, Dungeon and Sail options – are finally Auto-Discharge compatible.
Comments (52)
Hairplug4men 6 Apr 24 2018 13:36

Awesome update developers! The graphics in this game keep getting better with every update. You’ve really made a lot more for us players to explore. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Gallus 6 Apr 24 2018 13:40

Great idea about the map! Next up, 3d graphics?

AgWolf 5 Apr 24 2018 13:41

“If there’s a place you got to go / I’m the one you need to know / I’m the map / I’m the map / I’m the map.” Nice to have some new travel options. Happy exploring everyone. Vamanose!

Soepsas 4 Apr 24 2018 13:43


Melandre Apr 24 2018 13:48

This is awesome! Thank You!

Alice A 4 Apr 24 2018 13:51

Awesome! Thanks!

Kiasaria Apr 24 2018 13:52

Wait on mobile (Android) where do I click to open up the map?

Babana Apr 24 2018 13:57

Earthly news, right above the spot where your hero fights momsters

Babana Apr 24 2018 13:59

Is the map editable? There are some towns not listed…, Deville for example

Jenaje 6 Apr 24 2018 14:00

Great update, love the map and NEW TOWNS!

Jimbob64 6 Apr 24 2018 14:03

WOW! What a massive update. Thanks for …all of it. It’s like Godville is fresh and ready to explore again. So many small quality-of-life features and improvements plus a massive content update makes a happy Jimbob.

Keleios 6 Apr 24 2018 14:06

Looks fantastic!! its great how you keep us all interested!

Kelthuzzad Apr 24 2018 14:06

Cool! Thanks Godville!

S624 6 Apr 24 2018 14:06

Looking forward to updating the app later on & thanks for the ability to change commands in dungeons.

Chinese Wolf 6 Apr 24 2018 14:10

Great update! I like to have route change everyday and more towns, more RNG in travel means more fun.

Hiroko Ai Apr 24 2018 14:16

I may be blind but i can’t find the map (either clicking on eartly news or anywhere) i’m on Android phone if anyone can help. I feel a lot like a stupid hero now.

CCCC4 6 Apr 24 2018 14:26

On android, you need to update the app then click on the signpost icon on the top right (under inventory and gold count)

Hiroko Ai Apr 24 2018 14:26

There It was. I didn’t allowed auto-updates in my phone! Awesome job developers!

Dogess 6 Apr 24 2018 14:31

Awesome update as always!! Sincerely looking forward to utilizing the map AND being more indecisive in arena. (It’s a girl thing.) ;)

Shadowgun8 5 Apr 24 2018 14:58

Well I do like the freshness of this update but when are we going to update the wiki with the new towns and the new map?

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