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Godville, Apr 24 2018

It’s known that heroes can only go there …and back again. Still, it will be interesting to see this unidimensional route from a side. The long-awaited has finally happened – welcome The Map!

The heroes, towns nearby and their features are neatly visible on the bird’s view spiral. Some towns are good for trading, praying or something else. Tap on the town’s badge to know what this town is good for.

There are new towns too! Cartographers already marked 9 new settlements on the map and are eager to draw few more. Voice your suggestion via Ideabox, idea, using this template: “new town suggestion: Х”.

Here is another mind-blowing thing – routes between towns change every day, making some towns swap on the map. You can notice these towns by the gray color badge.

Don’t forget to update Godville mobile app to get the new goodies. A tap on the milestone icon in the Earthly News will show you the map. Android and iOS updates are already in the stores, Window Phone app will join them few days later.

In other news:

  • Now you can change your mind while in a duel/boss fight/dungeon/sail. Just send your updated godvoice or new influence until turn is over. Don’t wait for the last second though, as your updated influence may roll over to the next turn.
  • Heroes of level 100 and higher will deal higher damage on Arena, which should prevent some overly long duels (regular rules for opponent equalization still apply, so there is no real advantage for any hero).
  • Using Auto-Discharge feature? Last holdouts in the Remote – Spar, Duel, Dungeon and Sail options – are finally Auto-Discharge compatible.
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Sushimustwrite 4 Apr 25 2018 12:43

I’ve had a lot of fun watching my hero go on her adventures between towns so far. The best part: I’m currently on an epic quest, so it’ll be really fun to see what the map looks like as the hero goes further away from Godville. Thank you!

Balance keeper Apr 25 2018 15:01

Who wants to make a new, constantly changing map for godville?

Heiyin Apr 25 2018 16:46

Thanks for windows store support ^^

EvilFcb 4 Apr 25 2018 17:06


But where is dogville? It’s been a while since I last saw it.

Dremon 5 Apr 25 2018 22:18

Nah. Doesn’t do me at all. Sorry.

Big Fluffy Foxx Apr 26 2018 16:49

Where’s Bumchester? I can’t spot it anywhere! :<

Aldinn Kunnandi Apr 27 2018 00:32

I was reading these comments about missing towns, it seems the map only goes out to somewhere near milestone 250 (the near Outer Limits), whereas Godwiki includes towns up to milestone 1000+
As I haven’t seen what happens to the map in the Outer Limits, I don’t know if it changes, but still, this may solve the mystery…
Or we can just blame the Great Random and move on.

Hershey Almighty 6 Apr 27 2018 06:43

Great update devs! Enjoying it so far :)
It’s not too clear how I can submit a town suggestion though. I don’t see a new option in the ideabox items and not sure to where exactly I’m supposed to apply the template that was mentioned???
@Aldinn Kunnandi the map does change the further out your hero gets from Godville!

Hershey Almighty 6 Apr 27 2018 06:46

Oh and I also had a workaround for updating a voice command but not on mobile so it’s still appreciated! But a way to cancel an accidental vc would be just wonderful!!! Thanks for all the great work on the game!

Bishnuroy May 07 2018 19:39

Lovely keep it up

Queen Of War May 11 2018 21:01

Love the map! I use it all the time now. Those hints are really helpful too!!!

Brithmark 4 Jun 06 2018 15:33

The map is very nice

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