Three Things

Godville, Aug 30 2018

Hello there, dear gods! We have three interesting things to share today.

Special Town
Do you remember recent episodes of mass town building and map making? Here is the cherry on that cake – the town of Heisenburg. A town with such a name just has to be special. Indeed, it moves around every day, and changes its properties as well.

Death Offerings
Sometimes heroes die. That’s the law of Godville nature and nothing can be done about it. However, some after-death presents could brighten up the long wait for resurrection. From now on, after resurrection the hero will keep whatever the mourners have left on his grave while he was lying lifeless. The longer hero has waited, the more sweet things he will have once he comes alive.

Godpowerful Items
There is never too much godpower, right? We agree, so here is the last new thing – a new activatable artifact that replenishes your godpower. Best of all – it can be used for free. Free godpower, yay!

Comments (66)
Chrono Lord Aug 31 2018 07:33

updates are always good

Rob Almighty 314 Aug 31 2018 07:33

And there was much rejoicing!

Gent Dirkly Aug 31 2018 09:00

Updates are awesome as usual. Thank you!

Gamugamongbukid Aug 31 2018 10:16

you got me at the free godpowerful items. yeaaah infinite poweeeer!!!

Agunvus Aug 31 2018 10:54

Ha, thanks guys. I’m ‘plaing’ the game for relatively short time, and there’s always something new to check out and look out foor. Thank you for your good work, and for making Godville what it is. Cheers!

KamiNappa 4 Aug 31 2018 11:11

Sweet! Keep at it! :)

Andrele Aug 31 2018 11:31

Finally, a reason for my hero to die!

TheWicked Aug 31 2018 14:27

My hero’s constant deaths will finally serve a purpose because he certainly doesn’t learn from his mistakes!

Ellenaj Aug 31 2018 17:09

Great!! Now I have a reason to let my hero die and replenish my godpower.

Alyssa13 Aug 31 2018 17:18


Leinad The Wise Aug 31 2018 18:09

General Kenobi

Morphless Aug 31 2018 18:53

Finally my hero can be useful

Cowabungallow Aug 31 2018 20:15

Y’all are awesome! Thanks!

Weise Socke Aug 31 2018 23:20

Theater are great News. Looking foreward the sweet goods . And the new Power refill ??

Aljian Sep 01 2018 03:29


Elantien Sep 01 2018 10:23


FeRDNYC Sep 01 2018 18:43

As a fourth thing, it looks like the Godwiki mobile skin has been modified? Assuming that was intentional.

Is there somewhere we can get more information on the changes (both the what and the why)? In some ways it’s better (you can reach Talk pages easily now, even on Main Page; the rendering is less FOOOOKINYUUUGE which is great), but there are other areas where it’s maybe not-so-great.

FeRDNYC Sep 01 2018 19:12

(Re: Previous comment)

Especially since the loss of the Minerva mobile skin seems to break the sizing of some elements (images, infoboxes) to the display. Admittedly that may be partly my fault, because I was abusing image-formatting features in ways they weren’t intended in order to correctly format the infoboxes. But the fact remains that now e.g the Arena Ticket article has an infobox that’s hanging off the left edge of the page on a small [phone] screen (in the built-in Android app browser, anyway; in Chrome on my phone it’s actually fine) — whereas before, the Minerva skin ensured that it wouldn’t do that.

Aieie Sep 01 2018 22:56

20:38 A humming sound came my backpack and everything started to glow blue. Almighty?

It is work sheep o metter

Zeussify Sep 03 2018 05:00

Now that is a good news since my hero always die

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