Pairs Completed

Godville, Jan 08 2017

Finally, another cause to celebrate. Let’s meet and greet the first god who managed to squeeze in one thousand pairs of every kind into a gopher wood ark. What does it all mean?

First of all (and important for many) this fixes the god’s position in the pantheon of Catch, so nobody can outrun him.

Second, the god gets a honorable title of a Creature Master and a shiny new medal with a laurel wreath, expandable by a single tap. (Btw, other medals can also be magically explained by tapping on them.)

Third, the Third Eye of the Creature Master can keep track of twice more heroic events.

More cool things are coming, but let’s give some time to few more gods to finish their gathering first.

In the meantime, congratulations to KingDada!

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Ethir Jan 08 2017 16:12
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Cryolook Jan 08 2017 16:19
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Oh, cool~ Good luck to the dev team! You’re doing great!

Wreck Jan 08 2017 16:20
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The one, the only: KingDada !!!! Congrats buddy !! :-D always a fan

Aieie Jan 08 2017 16:45
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Divine Mdm Pancakes Jan 08 2017 17:06
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Very cool! Congrats to KingDada! \o/

Jimbob64 Jan 08 2017 17:07
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Congratulations again- hail to the King!

Crystal Mercy Jan 08 2017 17:47
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Awesome, congratulations!

Brinjal Jan 08 2017 18:06
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Congratulations to you, Kingdada! Now I just need my hero to get around to filling his ark. Slightly over halfway…

Bust It Baby Jan 08 2017 19:47
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Congrats KingDada!!

Naun Jan 08 2017 20:08
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All hail the king! Kingdada Grats! Nice update Devs

Nice Hat Jan 08 2017 20:15
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Nice job KingDada! Congratulations on your first place. (And there you will stay.)

Lyme Jan 08 2017 20:45
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Wow, I am only a little over halfway done, dang. I can’t wait to get there and see what more perks there will be when I make it (in, like, a year or more from now…haha)

Azzageddi Jan 08 2017 21:46
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Congratulations again to King Dada! First again!

TheEndIsNigh Jan 08 2017 22:27
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Well done! Congratulations :D

Chinese Wolf Jan 08 2017 23:50
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Hail to Da king!

Okidokidoc Jan 09 2017 00:10
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Wow! Idol! •̀.̫•́✧

SiTheSuperior Jan 09 2017 00:13
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KingDada nails it again. Nice one.

Holy Spirit of Hell Jan 09 2017 03:19
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Can’t wait to see what next arduous task that the devs will set upon us :P Congratulations on being the first to complete this one, King.

All Mighty Joyce Jan 09 2017 03:24
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Congratulations my friend, I am halfway there.???

God of all Peter Jan 09 2017 04:31
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Congrats on your hard work!

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