Pairs Completed

Godville, Jan 08 2017

Finally, another cause to celebrate. Let’s meet and greet the first god who managed to squeeze in one thousand pairs of every kind into a gopher wood ark. What does it all mean?

First of all (and important for many) this fixes the god’s position in the pantheon of Catch, so nobody can outrun him.

Second, the god gets a honorable title of a Creature Master and a shiny new medal with a laurel wreath, expandable by a single tap. (Btw, other medals can also be magically explained by tapping on them.)

Third, the Third Eye of the Creature Master can keep track of twice more heroic events.

More cool things are coming, but let’s give some time to few more gods to finish their gathering first.

In the meantime, congratulations to KingDada!

Comments (48)
Emthegod Feb 12 2017 05:59

All Hail…
Ummm, All Hale
Ummm, 3 Cheers?

Coltus Feb 15 2017 20:16

Nice job sire

Aljian Feb 17 2017 05:46


The Rising Ray Feb 19 2017 14:19


Fried crackers Feb 19 2017 22:30

Wouldn’t surprise me if the ark was a tavern

Annaskamndi Mar 05 2017 23:21

Awesome-sauce! Can’t wait until my ark is finished! Wow what a feat!

Corynthia Apr 08 2017 08:55

Well done!!!

Miyabiii May 11 2017 10:07

Nice one!

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